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■■ SWANSEA. As the Laurina," Wenlock, master, was on the passage from Watchet to Swansea last week, the crew were not a little astonished at an object of very unusual appearance, swimming in the sea, upwards of a mile from the Foreland. On a nearer approach they found it to be a stag, which, after some trouble, they succeeded in capturing. It is a fine specimen of the red deer species, apparently about two years of age, and which had probably escaped from some park on the Devonshire coast. The animal wa's purchased by Mr. Edward Thomas, shipbroker, and is now in the Gloucester Arms stables. I. SINGULAR OCCURRENCE ON BOARD THE RHODERIC DHU.— On Friday last, as the pilot was about leaving this vessel, as she was weighing anchor, it was discovered that some person had secreted himself in the forecastle of the vessel, where the spars, old ropes, &c., are kept. The man-for man it was- was soon hoisted upon deck, and on examination it was found that he had been an inmate of the ship for several days, although to that time undiscovered by any one. He was im- mediately supplied with wholesome provision, to which he did ample justice, and having cleaned himself a little, was sent by -Capt. Jobson to shore in the pilot boat. We have heard that he is a deserter from some regiment stationed either in or near Swansea, and for whom a party- has been on the search for several days. SWANSEA. HARBOUR.—The usual monthly meeting of the Swansea Harbour Trustees was held at the town-hall on Mon- day last. A long conversation took place in reference to the arrears due to the trustees by several traders on account of dues, some portion of which appeared to be disputed. No re- solution was agreed to on the subject. The chairman directed the attention of the trust to the large expense annually incur- red in employing a professional man in drawing up the bonds entered into between the trustees and the lessee of the harbour dues. This expense was saved by all the public companies with which he ever had anything to do, as the clerks usually transacted the whole of the business. As the contract entered into each year was precisely similar in form, the more expe- dient plan would be to keep printed forms, which the clerks could fill up. The expense of stamps would likewise be save d, as the bonds might be drawn up on plain paper, and in case it would be necessary to use them in any legal proceedings, they might be stamped on payment of a small fine.—A resolution concurring in this suggestion was agreed to. The Chairman read a letter from the Admiralty acknowledging the receipt of the memorial forwarded some time since by the trustees, direct- ing the attefiltionof the board to the injurious effect to the Mumbles roadstead, resulting from the quarrying operations carried on between the sounds. This official document inti- mated that the subje t should receive due consideration by the authorities at the Admiralty.^ A conversation ensued in refer- ence to this subject. It appeared that Sir E. Belcher, accom- panied by Mr. Hall and Capt. Edwards, visited the spot in the course of the .association week, and although Sir E. Belcher had njt been sent down officially, yet it seemed that the Admiralty had requested that gentleman to visit the spot, as he was al- ready attending the meeting of the British Association at Swansea. From the conversation which took place between various members of the trust, it would appear that Sir E. Belcher did not entertain the same opinion as to the injurious effects of the quarrying operations as some of the trustees ap- peared to hold; at the same, time he thought it would prove injurious to the roadstra 1 provided the quarrying was not con- fined within certain limit-i—After thJ transaction of some routine business, the consideration of Mr. Hall's report in ri ference to clearing the river before Mr. Dillwvn's wharf at the Pottery, with various other matters, the meeting separated.— Swansea Ilerald. MISCONDUCT oil A POLICEMAN.—On Friday last, Benjamin Lloyd, who was appointed a policeman of this borough about a month since, was charged before the police committee, with being in a state of inebriety while on duty on the previous Tuesday night. It appeared that the officer conducted himself in a highly indecorous manner towards the landlady of a public- house on the Strand. The husband on interfering was taken into custody by him, on a charge of drunkenness, wherea.s the sergeant on duty said that Lloyd was in that state himself. The latter was therefore suspended by Dr. Bird and Mr. Aubrey, the magistrates who presided on Wednesday, and he was dismissed tap force by the police committee on Friday. -7 Herald. 1