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ITadett£s. II To be born a king is a matter of chance never forget that you are man;" said the late great King of Prussia tc his nephew in his will. A sentiment that did him more honour than all his victories. IT is a curious fact," says the Medical Times, "that the In most carnivorous quadrupeds are more averse to devouring women than men.Yet women are described as the tender sex. THE SCHOOLMASTER ABROAD.— In a conspicuous part of the town not one hundred miles from Meithyr, is the following announcement for the benefit and instruction of readers.— ".NLotis-all dogs or any other, kind of foul found Trespasing on these Premises, will be killed by order of Cecil Morris." -COINOXDENEES.—-Mr. Smith O'Brien was tried in Dublin on the 15th. of May, the anniversary of O'Connell's death; was arrested on the 5th of August, the anniversary of his burial; and committed to prison on the 6th of August, the anniversary of his bir th, WIIAT the estimate for Ireland will be next year," says the Times, Heaven only knows. There will be the lawyer's bill for going to law with her; and the soldier's bill for accepting her challenge to fight her; and thenlast and largest of all the bill for feeding her in the hour of famine! Strange heterogeneous mixture of accounts THE Nonconformist says of Lord J. Russell and theRegium Donum: He gives—not much it is true -but just enough to enable him to tax the three denominations with living on State charity—just enough to give. him. a plausible justification' for exclaiming with Ti.,iioii- There pack there's gold, ye came for gold, ye slaves A FACT WORTHY/OF RECOLLECTION.—Our annual taxation amounts to more than one half of allthewages of labour- whilst we squander on our naval and military forces a sum more than equivalent to the value of one-third of all our exportable products.. No. wonder that wretchedness peoples our streets, and throngs our workhouses.—-Manchester Times. -•AMERICAN OPINION OF THE WHIGS.—For the life of me I cannot divine what the British ministry are doing, and I have met with nobody who knows. Any other men but the Whigs would ha.ve died of contempt long ago, but the-Whigs seem to z, live upon it. There is no more prospect of their going out through that, than of beetles being slain by bad smells.—■Cor- respondent of the- New, York Harbinger, MUTTON HAMS.—An importation of 92 barrels of mutton hams has taken place by a-vessel arrived from New York, in addition to nearly 20,000 bushels of corn, and a large general cargo of provisions, the production of the United States of America. These, mutton ha-oiis are, as maybe gathered from the term, the ham of the sheep, dried and preserved in a mode similar to that adopted with respect to hams of pork, and are a recently intro* duced article of importation from the United States. MARRIAGES AT CHURCH Am CHAPEL.—The eighth report of the Registrar-General that, in the year 1845, of 143,743 mar- riages, 129,515 were performed according to the rites of the Es- tablished Church, and 14,-228 not according to those rites; showing that a great number of the Dissenters still marry at church. Of the latter number there were 9,997 marriages in registered places of worship, 3,977 in superintendent registrars' offices,180 -marriages of Jews, and 74 of Quakers, year of the reports of the Registrar-General (1838) the number of marriages celebrated otherwise than at church was only 4,280 in the fifth year (.1841), it was 8,125 in the ninth year (18,15 j, it had increased to 12,228. THE ..MISTAKE OF A. NIGHT,—-A rural tailor, having visited Newcastle, and got tipsy, wandered about the Westgate at night, until he thought he must have reached home; so, putting off his clothes, he go into bed In the morning his garments were found, and taken to the police-station, where- they created, of course, a "little" sensation, the-officers of justice smelling a murder! But while they were in search of the '-body" in all quarters but the right One, it was found by a worthy woman by accident. She, hearing a, woful moaning in a pigstye, looked over the and saw among the pigs (oh! horror!) an all- bat nJved man.! The poor tailor, when he went to-bed drunk, for his bedfellows the sWine.—G.ates- t>t ul O' » ver. Fiois WORTH- KNOWIKG.—In, the raign of Edward I., gold v/ < iirs.t. coined, cannon used, turnpikes and-clocks introduced, ana the woollen manufacture first established;; Windsor Castle built, Trinity Sunday first observed, the first Speaker of the louse of Commons chosen, and the title (if Esqure. given to people of fortune. In the reign of Henry IV., the Azores ry and Cape de Verde Islands were discovered, the. Vatican li- brary founded, caps and jewels were first worn, and pumps invented, In Elizabeth's reign, stops were introduced in writ- ing, coaches and watches first cornmon in England, and criminals first sentenced to transportation. The reign of Charles II. produced fire-engines, buckles, gazettes, and a penny post. — Trades Weekly Messenger, < OFFICIAL RETURN RELATIVE, TO RAILWAY ACCIDENTS.—By an analysis of the returns made to the Commissioners of Rail- wijs, Jf 'ppp thit of the 90 persons killed and'99 injured, on all the rail ways openfor public traffic in Great Britain and Ire- the L L "j ear ending the 30th June, 1848, there were -6 passengers killed and 60 injured from causes beyond their own condut;5 passengers kilted, and 2 injured, owing to their own Inbcondut or want of caution 7 servants of companies or of contract -1 lie 1; and 14 injured, from causes beyond their own control; 52 servants of companies or of contractors killed, and 18 injured, owing to their own misconduct or want of caution; 18 trespassers and other persons, neither passengers nor ser- vanls, killed, and 5 injured, by improperly crossing Or standing on the railway; 1 person run over and killed at a crossing, through misconduct of an engine-driver 1 suicide-totnl 90. killed and 99 injured and for the same period the number- of passengers amounted to 28,330,492, THE PUBLIC TASTE CONSULTED.—In the use of many articles, traders are utterly careless as. to the quality of goods sent out. It is a fact which cannot be denied, that really good coffee, was not to be obtained by the people pf Great. Britain, while it was, a* noto- rious fact that the inhabitants of the continent could obtain1 it in its perfection. JOHN CASSELL, of Abchurch-laae,, London, how- ever, ii now sending o-ut coffees of the world's finest growths at moderate prices; and tils agents afford- eygry facility, for residents, i.n jwviucial cowus to obtain, them.


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