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To the Municipal ElectorBorough of Cardiff. GENTLEMEN, THERE will shortly be a vacancy in the Town Council which J. you will be called upon to fill. Several gentlemen have solicited me to put myself in nomina- tion for the office. I comply; and thus publicly announce it, in order that those who desire to give me a seat at the Council board may reserve their votes for me until the day of election. I cannot but remember with pleasure the earnestness and the -extent of the support you accorded to me when I was last induced to solicit your suffrages. Had we been earlier in the field, not- withstanding the combination of influences arrayed against us, there is no doubt we should have then been successful. In which ward the vacancy will occur is not yet known it will depend upon who is appointed to fill the seat vacated by Mr. Alderman Evans; but in whichever itoccurs, I shall be a candidate. I profess nothing: profess ons of polirical and municipal opi- nions are for hi most part idle things,—the twaddle of the vain, and the triflings of the empty. Had you, for the past ten years, men at your Council board who professed less and did more, your corporation property would in value have been doubly en- hanced, and your municipal revenues have been applied to im- provements of the town, instead of relieving the great properties from the cost of their protection, I am, gentlemen, Yours most respectfully, JOHN BATCHELOR. Cardiff, Sept. 7th, 1848. TIMBER TRADE. J. AND J. GRANT AND CO. BEG to announce, that they have commenced business as TIM- BER MERCHANTS in CARDIFF and from their long ■experience in that department (having establishments in North America, for the last twenty years) areconfidellt they can supply the trade on equally advantageous terms with others. J. and J. Grant and Co. are also prepared to treat with con- tractors for th3 delivery of any quantity of timber; for railway purposes'or otherwise. 73, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. 6th September, 1848. MUSICAL INSTRUCTION. MR.$MRS. TILLEY T) EG respectfully to inform the nobility and gentry of Cardiff -13 aU(l its vicinity, that it is their intention to give instruction four days per week, viz., Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, in the following branches of music:—Piano Forte, English and Italian Singing, Harmony, Thorough Bass, Counterpoint, and Composition. Mr. and Mrs. Tilley have received their musical education from Sir George Smart, Signor Ziliani, and other eminent professors, whose mode of instruction they adopt; and those ladies and gen- tlemen who may honour them by taking lessons, either in vocal or instrumental music, may rely on the zealous and uniform exertions of Mr. and Mrs. T. for their efficient instruction and advancement, ■and that it shall be their anxious care to merit the patronage of the public. They likewise beg to inform the inhabitants of Car dill', for i the better improvement of Church and sacred music in general, of their intention to form ladies' and gentlemen's singing classes, where a number can be taught the art of singing at sight with fluency-& very gioat acquisition to the choirs of Churches and Chapels. Mr, Tilley's system of teaching singing classes is his own compiling; selecting the greatest beauties from the German, Italian, d English authors, enabling- his pupils to learn this pleasing art very little study. No books are required for class singing, as he composes lessons according to the capacity of his pupils. The numbers of classes to pay one quarter in advance, according to the rules of class teaching. The following are their terms per quarter:- PRIVATE TEACHING. £ s. Piano Forte I 10 English Singing I 10 Italian SingiEg 2 2 Thorough Bass, Counterpoint, and Composition 3 3 Class Singing, per quarter, each pupil 0 5 Mr. and Mrs. Tilley's testimonials from their pupils at Newport, &c., can be seen by application to them at Miss Lewis's, grocer, Wharton-street. Mr. T. begs to inform the public that he is agent for Novello's Clleap Oratorios, Handel's "Messiah," Jullas Maccabseus," liettingeii To Deum," and Haydn's Creation; in numbers, sixpence each. The" Mesiah." nd" Creation" are completed, and can be had bound; "Messiah," 6s. 6d.; "Creation," 58. IMMENSE SACRIFICE. ALBION HOUSE, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. W. FOSTER, TN returning his sincere thanks for the very liberal support he has I received since commencing business in the above establishment, oegs to inform ths nobility, gentry, and inhabitants of Cardiff and neighbourhood, that he has a large stock of SUMMER GOODS hand, which he is determined to clear off as soon as possible. I"he stock consists of plain and fancy silks, Cashmere, Paisley, Gre- nadine, and other shawls and dresses in great variety, "W. F. begs to call attention to his stock of GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHI sG. viz. woollen cloths, plain & fancy doeskins, tweeds, *«d vestings iu great variety; HATS and CAPS of the newest f 8tyU: and shape, and unexceptionable durability. W. F. rests satisfied, should he be favoured with a call, they will ittieet with entire satisfaction, as the whole of his stock will be beared off, without reserve, iu order to make room for a new assort- ment of WINTER GOODS, N.B.—The remaining lot of Dunstable, Luton, and Rustic •BONNETS will be cleared off at half the value, August 19th, 1848. DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. T • W- THOMAS O ETURNS his sincere thanks for the support he has hitherto ,5 \> experienced since his removal to Duke-street, and begs to say lat from repeated solicitations he has been induced, for the accom- modation of his customers and the inhabitants of the town generally, to engage an experienced and competent person from one of the Dlf)St einioient and fashionable houses in GROSVENOR-SQUARE, LONDON, to superintend the various branches of MILLINERY, also the VISITE, MANTLE, and CLOAK DEPARTMENT, the whole of which will be made up in his establishment, on the Inost improved and economical principles. V T. also takes this opportunity of announcing that he has just eceived from the markets a very cheap and fashionable assortment vquite new designs) in I PLAIDS, FRENCH MERINOS, various other materials for the approaching season, which he be ablo to render at such prices that will, he trusts, meet the Probation of all that will honour him with an early call. Mourning Orders executed on the shortest notice. Cardiff, Sep. I, 1848. „ PEMBROKESHIRE^ „ PEMBROKESHIRE. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY. MR. GEO. GO ODE Is structed to SELL BY PUBLIC AUCTION, on Thursday, the 14th day of September next, at the Rutzen Arms Inn, Nar- '-rth, at two o'clock in the afternoon, FtfE very valuable FREEHOLD FARM, with capital FARM HOUS"ES and PREMISES, called S,; MILTON, ■t^ate in the parish of Bletherstone, in the said county, now in the and occupation of Mr. Scale, and held by him under a lease t\vo lives, at the low annual rent of £ 4o. ^Q\v rery de^able farm contains 78a. Or. 22p. of excellent mea- tltjj' ai'able, and pasture land, in a high state of cultivation. The cen commuted on very advantageous terms, and the p ,\11d other rates are unusually low. ^'ther particulars may be obtained on application to Lewis solicitor, Carmarthen, and of Mr. Geo. Goode, land n ai*d auctioneer, at his offices, Guildhall-square, Carmarthen; l'»iartheu, June oth, 1813. PEMBROKESHIRE. IMPORTANT SALE OF NEAT CATTLE, HORSES, SHEEP, PICS, &c. TO BE SOLD BY AUCT O, B Y ITIR. TV. ilf ,I L L.E At GREAT VAYNOR, near Narberth, on WEESDAY, the 13th of SEPTEMBER, 1848, all the valuableo, I well-selected STOCK, &c., of Mr. W. P. CURRIE, CONSISTING of twelve very superior cows, one fat cow, one superior three years old bull, one yearling ditto, one five years old spayed heifer, 50 head of young c tie of different ages, 50 sheep of the pure Southdown breed, :hree superior rams, one superior boar pig, one sow ditto, one sow with ) gs and several other pigs of the improved Berks! ;e J)reed; one, thorough-bred mare by Glaueus (dam of Alexander), with a filly at her foot by .St. Bennett, and slimed to Tormentor, one well-bred mare with a colt foal by Ballinkeel, and stinted to Rainbow, one well-bred mare seven years old. stinted to Rain- bow, one excellent harness horse seven years old, one hackney mare, goes well in harness, six good work horses, one excel- lent pony, with several colts. A very neat four-wheel phaeton, one very light gig, one spring waggon, carts, ploughs, &c., with several other articles too numerous to particularise. SEVERAL FIELDS WILL BE LET FOR GRAZIXG IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE SALE. The sale to commence precisely at one o'clock in the after- noon. Long credit on approved security. N .B.-The above stock are well worthy the attention of gen- tlemen, farmers, and others. Great Veynor, August 28th, 1848. TO DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, a respectable YOUNG MAN, whose character will bear investigation. Apply to Mr. Thos. Price, Merthyr. TO MILLERS. AN eligible opportunity of investing a small capital by any one engaged in this line of business, is offered in the "county of Pembroke, a very desirable situation for a mill adjoining the South Wales Railway and also the turnpike-road leading from Haverford- west to Fishguard, with land as may be required, and the exclusive grinding over about 4,000 acres of chiefly arable land. The tenants are engaged to grind at the owner's mill. Every assistance will be given in material by the owner, and a long lease granted. Apply to the editor of this paper. Sept. 4th, 1848. TO GROCERS, DRAPERS, § IRONMONGERS. TO BE LET, WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, THAT extensive SHOP and DWELLING-HOUSE, sitpate in the centre of Castle-square, Swansea, opposite the Castle Hotel. The tenant may have warehouses attached. Also, a capital GRIST MILL and WOOLLEN FACTORY, worked by steam-power, situate in Oxford-street, contiguous to the Market. For particulars, apply to Mr. John Beynon, Brunswick-place, Swansea. Swansea, August 22nd, 1848. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, ALL that valuable FREEHOLD PROPERTY, known as the OLD FOUNDRY, situated in Blue-street, in the town of Carmarthen, together with the LEASE of a commodious WARE- HOUSE, and the STOCK-IN-TRADE of the said foundry. The above is a rare opportunity for any party desirous of em. barking in a good and profitable business, which will become of commanding importance in a short time. The South Wales Rail- way will, in the course of a year or two, be opened to Carmarthen, which will enhance the value of this property, which for situation and capability for extension of business is not to be equalled in South Wales. Apply personally, or by letter (post-paid) to Mr. William Jones,' auctioneer, Carniartheii. Carmarthen August 24th, 1848. GENERAL UNDERTAKING ANDWUNMAL FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, (Established 1839,) LLANARTH- STREET, NEWPORT, MONMOUTH. J. PALMER BEGS to offer his grateful acknowledgments to his friends, and the public generally, for their generous patronage, and being solely engaged in the abo ve trade, his personal and prompt at- tention will be given to every order committed to his care. His stock consists of every article for furnishing funerals, on the most extensive scale, at the lowest charge. Silks, crapes, bands, cloths, flannel robes, cambric shrouds, cloaks, coats, velvet drapery, superb ostrich plumes, state trestles and palls, velvet palls, cloth hangings with new and elegant coffin furniture, of the newest designs, in silver, brass, metal, and tin, at prices to correspond, either wholesale or retail. Hearses, Carriages, and Horses engaged to any distance. GREAT DOCK STREET, NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. Unreserved Sale qf new and second-hand Carriages, Wheel Chair, crank axle Sugar Cart with ivinch, fyc. complete, Iron Work, Smith's Tools, Work Benches, Axletrees, Springs, cast iron Shoeing Plate, well-seasoned Ash Plank, Deal Boards, Spokes and Felloes, several pair, of Lamps, Office Desk, nearly new Bridle and Saddle, large Weigh- ing Machine, Forty Sachs, pair Sack Trucks, large Tim- ber Hope, §-c., fyc. MESSRS. GRAHAM Have the honour to announce that they are favoured with instruc- tions from Mr. J. A. Williams (who is leaving town) to SELL- BY AUCTION, without reserve, on the premises, as above on Wednesday, September 20th, 1848, the whole of his stock of neat and substantial NEW AND SECOND-HAND CARRIAGES, 'c., (' WHICH comprises a barouche for one or pair of horses a cab phaeton with head, driving seat, patent axles, pole, bars and shafts; a single-bodied cane back, head phicton a phreton with driving seat and shifting head a round panel phajton with turn- over hind seat; a cane back phwton two pony phaitons under duty single seat dog cart with apron, cushions, lamps, &c. • a very neat new Coburg with door behind, crank patent axle 'inside lining and cushions; a nearly new chaise cart; a wheel clikir with head and apron a chaise cart body with shafts a crank axle stigar cart with winch, &c., complete several pairs of second-hand wheels » a .quantity of iron work, pair of smith's bellows, two smith's vices sundry smith's tools, two work benches with iron screws, ten axle- trees, three pail's springs, cast-iron shoeing plate, well-seasoned ash planks, deal boards, and several hundred spokes and felloes lance- wood shafts, about ten pairs gig lamps, mahogany office desk cask of punlice stone, large sign board, nearly new bridle and saddle roller and head stall, large weighing machine, about forty sacks' pair sack trucks, large timber rope, &c., &c. The sale to commence punctually at twelve o'clock at noon. The whole to be on view three days prior to the sale, and cata- logues obtained on application to the auctioneers, at their offices. The premises to be let with immediate possession, apply to the auctioneers or to Mr. Edward Pritchard, auctioneer, Commercial- street, Newport.. The auctioneers respectfully invite the attention ofprivato fami- lies, innkeepers, and others, to an inspection of the carriages in the above sale, which are in every respect finished in a neat and sub- stantial manner, and is an opportunity persons desirous of purchas- iug rarely meet with. p 57, High-street, Newport, August 31st, 1848. Steam Communication between NEATII and BRISTOL. THE FINE NEW IRON SCREW STEAMER, NEATH ABBEY, 60 IIorse power, JOHN WILLIAMS, .COMMANDER, VI 5 WILL take in goods on the Back on Tues- days and Fridays, and is intended to sail as follows during the month of September, 1848, wind, weather, and water permitting, with liberty TO Low. FROM JTEATH. Monday, Sep. 4 9| morn Thursday, „ ]•> noon Monday, n 4j morn Thursday" 14 6kmorn Monday is 9 morn Thursday 21 12 itoon Monday "25. 5 mornj Thursday 28 SjlHorn FROI BATIIIMST BASIN, BRISTOL. Saturday, Sept. 2 8 morn Tuesday, 5 lOJnight Saturday, 9 2 morn Wednesday 13 6 morn Saturday ,,16 8 morn [ Tuesday „ li) 11 niglit Saturday „ 23 3 morn Tuesday ,,27 6 morn Saturday" 30 7morn Passengers taken on board at Briton-ferry, if near the Rock- hodse, fifteen minutes after the advertised time of leaving Neath. Passengers from Neath landed at Clevedon, and from Bristol at .the Mumbles (weather permitting), if required. FARES :-Best cabin, 7s. 6d.; second cabin, 4s.; children under twelve years of age, half fare. Horses, 12s. 6d.; cattle, 7s. 6d. dogs, 2s.; pigs, Is. 6d. sheep, Is. gigs, 12s. plwetons, 15s.; carriages, 2.5s. Live stock shipped and landed at risk of the owner. Passengers from Neath to Briton-ferry, 6d. each, landing included. No fees to steward or stewardess. Refreshments may be had on board at moderate charges. Agents—Thomas and Son, Back, Bristol; A. II. Buckett, Neath. September, 1848. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN BRISTOL, CARDIFF, SWANSEA, ILFRACOMBE, and TENBY. THE POWERFUL STEAMERS, PRINCE OF WALES, Matthew Jones, Commander, LORD BERESFORD, Rob. Davis, Commander, and BRISTOL, .Matthew Jones, Junior, Commander, A RE intended to sail as follows, during the J\ month of SEPTEMBER, 1848, wind and wea- ther permitting. PLTLNCB OF WALES.. FROSI THE BUTE SHIP DOCK, CARDIFF. Friday, Sept. 1 1.6 morn, Monday, 4 7^ morn. Wednes. 6 Si morn. Friday, ,,8. Hi morn Monday, „ 11 2,V after. 18 4 after. Friday, „ 15 54 morn. Monday, 7 morn. Wednes. 20. S.j morn. Friday, 22 11 Minora. Monday, 25 3i after. 'cdaesday, 27. 4" after. Friday, 5 morn. PRIXÚE OF WALES. FROM CUMBERLAND BASIN, BRISTOL. Saturday, Sept. 2 9 mora. Tuesday, „ 5 9 J morn. Thursday, 7 11 morn. Saturday, 9 21. afuer. Tuesday, „ 12 5 after. Thursday, H. 61 morn. Saturday, 16 7 mora. Tuesday, „ 19 9J morn. Thursday 21 I i I -.qicrn. Saturday „ 23 2 after. Tuesday,. 26 5 morn. Thursday 28 6 morn. Saturday, 29 8 morn, Fares-Cabiii, 5s. Decic, catwea fares-After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s.; Children, half-price. Further iv+iormation as to freight, &c., will be readily obtained by applying to A. Kingston, agent, at the Packet-office, Bute 41 1 0 Docks, Caruiff; or to E. T. Turner, agent, No. 12, Quay-street, Bristol. Goods will be hauled from both warehouses to the packets, at the expense-of the companies. FRor BRISTOL. FROM SWANSEA. Lord Beresford, Thursday and Satur- -Lord Tlprestbi rl. Tnesrtav and Fridav. day. Bristol, Wednesday. Saturday, Sept.,2 9 morn Wednes. „ Thursday, 7 1 mora Saturday, 9 Simorn Wednes. 13 3} morn qmorn Saturday, „ 16 8 morn Wednes. „ 20 10$morn Thursday, ,21 1 morn Saturday, „ 23 3 morn Wednes. 27 6..morn J'hursday, J8 6J morn Saturday, „ 30 9 morn Bristol, Monday. Friday, Sep;. 1 9.5 morn Monday, 4 lUA morn. Tuesday, 5 log morn Friday, li morn Monday, I I 5J morn Tuesday, 12 6^ morn Friday, ,,13 8 mom Monday, IS 10 morn Tuesday, „ 19 loj morn Friday, ,,22 lj morn J d ty, nioi-21 '1 uesJay, 26 64 morn Friday „ 29 s" morn Passengers from Swansea landed at Clevedon if required. REDUCED F AREShetwcen Bristol and Swansea.—Best cabin, 10s.— fore, cabin, 5s.—children under twelve years of age, half fare—sheep, ls-Iiinbs, 17s. Gd.—fat cattle, lOs.-stored.j.to, 8s.—cpw and calf, 10s.—dogs, 2s, 6(L-plg, Is. 6d.—fat pigsS, Is. 9d.-gigs, 21s. 6d.—carriages, 32s. Gd.—stew^'d's fee, best cabin, Is. SWANSEA TO\iLFRACOMBK. ILFRACOMBE TO SWANSEA. Lord Beresford, Monday. Bristol, Lord Beresford, Monday. Bristol, •••' Fridav. Fridav. Friday, Sept. 1. 7] morn Monday, 4 9 morn Friday, „ 3 12* after. Monday, „ I I 4 mom Friday, „ 15 morn Monday, IS 7* morn Friday, 22 i2| after .Monday, 25 'Uinorn Friday, 29 5.} morn Friday, Sept. 1 11 morn. Monday, 4 1 after. Friday, 8 4 after. Monday, 11 8 morn. Friday, „ 15 3A after. Monday, „ IS li morn. Friday, „ 22 4 after. Monday, 25 8A morn. Friday, „ 29, 34 after. REDUCED l"ARES between Swansea and Ilfracombe.—Best cabin, 8s. —deck, 5s. To and fro same day, cabin, 10s. fore cabin, 8s.—children under twelve years of age, half-fare car- riage, 30s.—phaeton, 25s.—gig, los.—horses, I7s. 6d. each- dogs; 2s. 6tl—pigs, Is. 0d.—sheep,' Is.—lambs, 9d.—fat cattle, Lis —store ditto, 8s.—cow and calf, 10s. Goods, packages, parcels, &c. forwarded to all parts-without delay. Steward's fees for ladies and gentlemen, Is. each—children and servants, 6d. FROM SWANSEA TO TEXUY. BRISTOL. ROM TENBY TO SWANSEA. kmstit. Thursday, Sep. 7 1,1 morn Thursday, 14 5* mora Thursday, 21 "j 11'Warn Thursday, „ 28 5.J morn Thursday, Sep. 1 3k after Thursday,. „ 14 ■ -3' after Thursday, „ 21 .31 after j Taursiiay. 2S 34 after. FARES :—After cabin, 8s.—fore cabin, 4'J-stew'ard's fee, ls. N.B. Parties wishing to group for an excursion to Tenby can obtain a ticket for twelve persons, by applying to the agents, or to Captain M. Jones, Jun., on board—after "cabin to and fro, £4: 16s. —fore cabin, to and fro, £ 3—steward's fee, Gs. N.B. The Bristol will discharge and take in goods every Tues- day on the Grove. Refreshments may be had on board at moderate charges. Agents—John Barber, 24, New King-street, Bath-J. W. Poekett, Swansea—J. Martin, Britannia "Hotel, Ilfracombe—'w" Cory, Fortescue Arms, Barnstaple—G. Morris, White Hart' Bishopsgate-street, London—and W. Bower, White Lion, Tenby,' All letters seeking information to be post-paid. All goods' parcels, &c., will be forwarded to all parts without delay. when addressed to E. T. Turner, agent, Steam Packet office, 12 Quay-street, Bristol. IN PACKETS THREEPENCE EACH. illATIIENVS PATENJ-l q I Lt "4%;>, w 6wa BAKING POWDER. EECOMMlSNPEi) by Medical Men as a. substitute for Barm makes Bread without fermentation., in one minute • lio-hv Pastry, Puddings, and Cakes, and saves expense, time, and labour. ImfOrtant to families, emigrants, and seamen. I or details read the Philosophy of Bread-making," price One Penny (20th thousand): Houlston and Stoneman, London ane all Booksellers. KH. MATHEWS, Patentee, 13, Upper Arcade, Bristol; and 5, Bsnet-place, Graeechurch-street London Sola wholesale in Bristol by T. and A* Warren, Rexlcliff-street: SI? Longmati, CoUnte™iip; Budget* ami Co.. Nelson! PafJntf T 1 Brothers Stephen-street. Retail- Agent for B- »j' Agents wanted in every town iii Wales. CHEAP STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN CARMARTHEN AND BRISTOL, IN TE_" HOURS, TOUCHING AT TEJv'BY. Et THE rapid and beautiful iron screw steam ship jL TALBOT, horse-power, Edward Lewis Morgan, eom- mander, is appointed to sail during the month of SEPTJiiM JJ i'jit, as follows :— FROM BATHURST BASIN, BRIST. FROM CARMARTHEN. Tuesday, Sept. 5..10 after Thursday, Sept. 7- .lLjinora Wednesday, IS.. 6 morn Friday, 15.. Giznoru Tuesday, 19..10.J after Thursday, 21..llimorri Wednesday, 27.. 6 morn Friday, 29.. 6 mora FROM TENBY.—Two hours after leaving Carmarthen. BRISTOL TO TENBY AND CARMARTHEN.—Fares—cabin, 12s. &toj children under twelve, 6s.; servants, 7s. 6d.; fore cabin, 6s.; children under twelve, 4s. CARMARTHEN TO AND FROM TENBY.-Fares-cabin, 3s. fore cabin, 2s. No fees to steward.—Refreshments may be obtained on board at moderate charges. Goods taken in at the warehouse, Grove, Bris- tol, to await the packet's arrival if required for Carmarthen, &-c. Further information may be had on application to the master ou board; Mr. James King, Packet office, Grove, Bristol; Mr. S. C. Dunn, Packet office, Carmarthen; or Nlr. NVm. Jenkins, Packet office, Taibach. Freight of goods to be paid for on delivery. TAFF VALE RAILWAY. THE directors are prepared to receive tenders for LOANS oa mortgage for terms of five, seven, or ten years, in sums of nut less than 1:200. Interest at the rate of £ 5 per cent. per annum, payable half- yearly. By order of the board, E. KEN WAY, Cardiff, Aug. 22,1848. Secretary. Oes y Bgd tY Ittitli Gymn CJ. ABERGAVENNY EISTEDDFOD. By permission of Her Majesty, under the patronage of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. THE Eisteddfod in celebration of the Fifteenth Anniversary the Cymreigyddion Society, will be held in the Cymreigydcfeu Hall, Abcrgavenny, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 11th smA 12th of October, 1848. President, Col. C. Keiiiys Tyiite, of CLi." Mably, M.P. j VINAIGRE DE BORDEAUX. WINE VINEGAR, well matured, is the finest and purest all. Dr. Ure, in his Chemical Dictionary (new ed. lS,, art., Acetic, Acid), speaking of Wine Vinegar, remarks w,, the Wines arc well-flavoured, it is pieferable to every other foy L-, use of the table." Sold throughout the kingdom, by chemists, grocers, and wia». merchants; whose names may be learnt from the importers W AND S. KENT AND SONS, T:P T O.Y- UP THE ORIGINAL HOWQUA'S MIXTURE OF 40 r, • BLACK TEAS AND MOWQUA'S SMALL LEAF GUN- POWDER. BY APPOINTMENT. rpiIE reputation of these teas is now so thoroughly establish, iT. that it is unnecessary to dilate upon their peculiar quality. They have acquired a celebrity in a comparatively short period, paralleled in the annals of trade. Brocksopp, How. and Co and 234, High-street. South wark, London, feel confident thai i supei-iority of their articles and their standing in the tea marks.. will suffice to distinguish them from the puffing adventurers of v. t day. The Ilowqua's Mixture of 40 rare black teas is now rcdueed go 6S. 80. PER POUND CATTY PACKAGE, and the Mowqua small-leaf Gunpowder, to 8S. OD. PER POUND CATTY PACKAGE, half and quarter catties may be had. To meet the requirements of families in Great Britain, the mana- gers of Howqua's and Mowqua's estates have commenced shiopii." a SECOND GROWTH called SEMI-HO'vVQuA and SEi»i/- MOWQUA, which, while partaking of all the distinguishing eig- lities of the originals, are, as being more economical, better aSan%'«, for ordinary consumption. Semi-Howqua per pound catty package Semi-Mowqua pearl leaf gunpowder, ditto diito° 7s.' CAUTION.—These teas are genuine only when contained in ori- ginal Chinese packages, secured with the seals uf" Howrqua a: d Mowqua." B. H. and Co. also continue to supply their original and known package teas at all prices. THE CHEAPEST AND BEST COFFEE. Brocksopp and Co. roast their codecs by powerful steam machinery and prepare them after the French manner. Great economy aiia improvement of flavour are the results. Coffees prepared by tiiis process being- 30 per Ctnt. stronger than those roasted in the onE; .iary way. *v Per lb.-s. d. Demerara 1 4 Fine Jamaica 1 8 j Per lb.—f. Fine strong Mocha. £$■ Finest rich oid ditto 2 4. Packed in lead to preserve the aroma. N. B.—In reply to numerous applications received from private families, to be supplied with the above teas and coffees, the Com- pany most respectfully re&r- them to their aoiK'iuted tl ■ being the only medium through which thev niav be retail. The trade can be supplied with the coffee in the berry, tities of not iess than one chest, roasted on the peculiar and patented principle. W An excellent living, if actively pursued, or a material addi- tiou to income, with moderate exertion, is derivable from the saVe- of the above articles. Brocksopp, How, and Co. are now prepared to appoint agents in every considerable town throughout the United Kingdom. Partis desirous of becoming agents must therefore apply immediately in order that their names may appear in the advertisement*. FuJi particulras of terms, with a price list, will be forwarded, by post <1 application to Brocksopp, How, and Co., tea importers, 233 aul 231, Borough, London, AOEXTS FOR THIS DISTRICT Cardiff—Agent wanted Aberayi-ou—W. Green, Pier-street Abeigaveimy—W. H. Hurst, chemist, Neville-street Beauiort & Vktoiialion, Works J.Jones, grocer tea Brynmawr— Davul Edwards, Stamp-office Brynmawr—John Jones, draper and grocer Rrecon-Philip Bright, chemist, Medlcal Hall Cardigan—Joseph Clougher chemist, Lammas-street Crickhowell-W m. Christopher, chemist, ILgh-street Dowlais—David Lewis; chemist, High-street Eglwyswrw—J D. Evans, draper and tea-dealer Ditto R Watkins, digper and tea-dealer IIaverfordwest-T. Williams, chemist, 17, Market-street •' Ditto—Gwyiine Harries, chemist, High-street Llaudilo—Thomas James, bookseller and stationer < Llandovery—Roes Bishop, tea establishment, et Milford Haven—J. D. Merritt, chemist Monmouth—J. Wightman, bookseller, Aginconrt-squaro Narberth—Jason Meyler, grocer and draper Newport—J. Grout, stationer, High-street Ditto—John Thomas, chemist, lo4, Commercial-street Now c,,tstio-E -,itis & Evans, grocers & tea- ealers Ditto—Samuel Janes, grocer, and tea-dealer Swansea—C. T. Wilson, Castle-square Tenby—Richard Mason, bookseller Tredegar—Isaac Edwards, hatter and tea -aealer.