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"j' FRANCE. The debate in the National Assembly on the report of the Commission of Inquiry into the affairs of May and June, lasted until six o'clock on Saturday morning. The Assembly, on the motion of General Cavaignac, passed to the order of the day immediately after the parties inculpated by the report of the Committee'had been heard in their defence. The political part of the discussion having been thus dis- posed of, the law officers of the Republic mttde formal appli- cation to the Chamber for permission toprosecnte Caussidiere and Louis Blanc as accomplices in the affair of the 15th of May. This permission was granted by an immense majority, and an order issued for their arrest. A demand for permis- sion to prosecute Caussidiere for his connexion with the in- surrection of June, which would have the effect of delivering him over to the Council of War, was refused by a majority of 88. The following was the result of the division For the demand of urgency 493 Against it 292 -,LINItjorit,Y 201 The President: In consequence, the discussion is to take place forthwith. The President: A formal division has been applied for on the demand for the authorisation of pursuits in the case of M. Louis Blanc for the affair of May 15th only. The following: was the result For granting the authorisation 504 Against it 252 Alajr,rity 252 The President: In consequence, the Assembly accords the authorisation to take judicial proceedings against M. Louis Blanc for the affair of May 15th. The President: The Assembly will now vote on the ques- tion of authorising a judicial pursuit against M. Caussidiere t, for the affair of May 15th. The following was the result of the division:- For the authorisation 477 Against it 268 Majority 209 The President: In consequence, the authorisation is ac- corded. The Assembly will now vote on the question of granting the authorisation to allow proceedings to be insti- tuted against M. Caussidiere for being implicated in the in- surrection of June, which will have the effect of delivering him over to the Council of War.—(Great outcry, cries of Iso no!" "Yes! yes! ") The following was -resu]t 0f the division;— For the authorisation 370 Against it; 458 Maiority against it 88 The President: In consequence, the authorisation relative to the insurrection of June id not accorded against the citizen Caussidiere. Immediately after the Chamber had decided that it would at once take into consideration the demand of the liv,- offi- cers to prosecute Louis Blanc and Caussidiere, the two ac- cused left the Assembly. There are various rumours current as to their adventures.' According to one account they were arrested before leaving the Assembly, and shortly Itker six o'clock were taken to the Conciergerie, from whence, in the course of the day, they were transferred to Vincennes. Ano- ther account states that they have not yet been arrested. The following extract from a letter written by Louis Blanc, which appears in some of the journals, seems to confirm the truth of the report that he, at least, is still at large :— Struck Aftt isw gwitty-na.t is imposskible-but as an enemy, by moi-t in whom political JKISSIOUS have 1<;1]"rI""r! ovory ootlUH:J.H uf equity, I go out of the way (je m'eloigne) in order to protest more effectually against the consequences of the state of siege and govern- ment of force, I cannot believe that France will patiently suffer the regular course of justice to remain suspended much longer. When the day for discussion comes T shall be there. LOUIS BLANC. Aug. 26th, 1848." rfhe accounts from Paris of Sunday evening state that neither Caussidiere nor Louis Blanc have been yet arrested; indeed it is supposed generally that they have 8uccceded in escaping into Belgium, The club of the Salle Montesquieu and that of the National Guards haying complied with the requisitions of the sew law, resumed Ihpir sitting on Friday. The second report of the committee on the consiitrstion is to he presented to the Assembly by M. Marrast in the course of the' present week. The clauses with respect to the de- claration of duties and rights," and the chapter on the "sove- reignty of the people," are suppressed; and the clauses which guarantee to all citizens the light to work and to receive m- siruptioi),. are greatly modified. In the chapter relative to the election of a President of the Republic, it is declared that np one can be President who has lost his rights as a French citizen, The effect of this latter clause, if carried, will be to exclude Prince Louis Napoleon.




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