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CARDIGAN. The following letter appeared in the Welshman of last week. We reprint it in the hope that it may induce Mr. Davies to offer some explanation of the course he has thought proper topursue. We feel assured that the present is not the time for Dissenting ministers to fraternise with the selfish and sectarian" National Society." We trust the rev. gentleman has been misrepresented, and that he will 'set matters right:— TO THE EDITOR OF THE WELSHMAN. Dear Sir,—X observe in your paper of last week, under the head Education in Wales," a statement to the effect that a school house on. the principle of the, British, and. Foreign School Society" had been recently established at Capel Drindod among other places in Cardiganshire. Now this is anything but the fact. It is true that the Dissenters tried to get up a school,at this place, but were unable to do so. A school, howevfer, has been erected in the village of Aber (where Capel Drindod is situate) under the auspices of Mr. Lloyd, of Bronwydd, and in connexion with The National Society," which was opened on the 3rd inst., when divine service was performed at eleven o'clock A.M., in the parish church of Henllan, within which parish Aber is situated, and an excel- lent sermon preached by the Rev. Mr. Griffiths, vicar of Llan- geler, the service having been read by the Rev. Mr. Davies, rector of Llangunllo. The children and friends of the school, preceded by the Bronwydd band, afterwards went in procession to the school-house, where a public meeting was held. Mr. Lloyd, of Bronwydd, took the chair, and the meeting was addressed by himself, Capt. Lloyd, of Dolhaidd, Mr. Goring Thomas, of Llysnewydd, Rev. Mr. Griffiths, of Llangeler, and other clergymen, and also by Mr. Davies, the Dissenting minis- ter of Cardigan, who throughout the lohole of the arrangements in connexion with this school has shown a spirit and temper which his Dissenting brethren would do well to imitate. After the meeting the procession went up to Bronwydd, where nearly 500 persons, including all the poor children of the neighbour- hood with their families, were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd. You will thus see, sir, that Churchme'n and not Dissenters are to have credit for this school, and I am sure you will make this fact known. I am, sir, yours truly, 14th August, 1848. ALIQUIS.