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CARDIFF, SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. BUTE DócK, AUG. 20. ARRIVED.—Odin, Breckwaldt Mar- grret, Stephen; Emeline, Tuck; Favourite, Seick; Dolphin, Fry; Castle, Fryer; Mary Ann, Murray; Deiiance, Griffiths Hero, Griffiths; Sir W. Scott, Brewer; James and Anne, Brend; George Fourth, Llewellyn; Jim, Doyle; Royal Ade- laide, Makam; Mary Anne, Peters Sarah Ann, Kavarah William, Cox Thomas and Maria, Watkiiis Hope, Morgan John, Wesley; Ranger, Gybson. SAILED, AUG. 20.Sunderland, Bideford; Dove, Banno Miner, Towey Ranger, Waterford; Friends, Ross; Lucinda Jane, Gwendraeth; Thomas and Nancy, Penzance; Betsy, Towey; Temperance, Dunbar; David, Cork Charles Hanbury, Whitehaven. OLD CANAL, ARRIVED AUG. 20.-Primrose, Harries Pride, Ashman; Ann, Davies; Galley, Storey; Lark., Mayo; Nelly, Mendus Fly, Evans Thamas and Mary, Edy. SAILED, AUG. 20.—-Lily, Cork; Elizabeth, Penzance; Mar- tha, Saint Ives Venus, Bristol; Thomas, Waterford Jane Clotilde, Swansea. I., I'll, AUG. 23.-Sylph, Neath; Alfred James, Bristol; William, Cork; Laddie, Bristol; Providence, Hayle; Defiance, Bridge- water; Villiam, Cork; Ant,.Liverpool; President, Sciliy. AUG. 24.—Prudence, Bristol; Thomas and Mary, Bridge- water; William, Bristol; Thomas and Maria, Bristol; Ark, Bristol; and George, Gloucester. TAFF VALE RAILWAY.—The traffic for the week ending Au- gust 19th, 1848, was f,1,607 3s. 4d. POLICE COURT, MONDAY, AUG. 21.—(Before the Mayor, James Lewis, Esq., and the Rev. JamesJEvans.) —Martha Cole, who had a summons against Mr. Bickerton, of the King's Arms, St. Mary-street, made an application to the bench for the post- ponement of the hearing of her case until Thursday next, in consequence of the illness of her witness. John Lewis, landlord of the Cardiff Boat, charged by Mr. Stockdale with allowing-card-playing in his house at a late hour, was fined 10s. and costs. James Taughton, master of the Haven, an iron boat, belong- ing to Mr. Coffin, appeared to make a charge against John Ellis, a sailor, on board the Albion, of Whitehaven, for an assault. The witnesses on both sides, when being first examined, sup- pressed a great deal of the material evidence in the matter at issue, and their statements being at total variance, their wor- ships dismissed the case. Patrick Field appeared to charge William George, a lad, who had thrown a stone at him on the canal bank, and cut his fore- head. Fined 5s. and costs, or 14 days' imprisonment. Ann Thomas appeared to answer the charge of Ann Davies, for an assault. The complainant lodged with the defendant, in a house belonging to Mr. Bird. She had given her notice to quit months ago, and repeatedly, but could not prevail upon her to quit; consequently she set about ejecting her by force and arms. Mr. Bird, being present, was asked by the Bench to go to the adjoining room, and conciliate the parties. John Leary, John Welsh, Cornelius Cokely, Michael Macarthy, Michael Murray, Thomas Cokely, and Ellen Rigan, all natives of Ireland, were charged with creating disturbances of a riotous character, in London-court, St. Mary-street, between the hours of 12 and 1 last Sunday morning. Mr. Stockdale said the crowd amounted to nearly 100 people, most of whom were drunk. The doors were burst open, and the windows smashed; the whole of the police were summoned from their respective beats, and as soon as they entered the court, the mob commenced pelting them through the windows with stones, which the female prisoner, Ellen Rigan,, and others, supplied them with. The officers were unable to identify more than these seven, two of whom, John Welsh, and Michael Macarthy, were fined 10s. each and costs, and in default of payment to be imprisoned one month; and the others were bound over to keep the peace towards all her Majesty's subjects for six months, themselves in E 10 each, and their sureties in the same amount, or be imprispnedii.? i Jm vv William Nahana, charged with being drunk and disorderly, was fined 5s. and costs, or go to the stocks for six hours. Mrs. Baekway, of St. Alary-street, charged with being drunk and disorderly, on Saturday night last, was reprimanded and dis- charged, it being the first complaint against her. Ann Thomas, charged with being drunk and disorderly in Whitmore-lane, about half-past four o'clock on Sunday morning, was committed for one month to the house of.correction. Sophia Alathew, an old Irishwoman, charged with being drunk and disorderly, was discharged. Francis Saunders, hobbler, of Whitmore-lane, charged with being drunk and creating a disturbance in the Market-place, last Saturday evening, was discharged upon paying 2s. to the charity box. Ann Davies appeared to answer the charge of Abraham Ward, living in Canal-street, for an assault. She was fined 10s. and costS, and in default of payment to be committed to the house of correction for one month. WiUiam Jonei, a lad, charged by Samuel Slugg with throwing colat him while passing him in a boat, was fined 10s, and costs, or one month's imprisonment. David Williams appeared to answer the charge of his wife for hot maintaining her. The wife hot having appeared, the hearing of'the case was postponed. POLICE COURT, THURSDAY, AUGuwr Mayor, the Rev, James Evans, and James lie wis, Esr.) John Edwards, son., John Edwards, jun., and their, wives, who had been summoned to appear and answer the. charge of Ann James, for an assault, did not come forward, and were ordered t9 be apprehended by the next day. Edmund Davies applied for a power from the bench to eject John Harlan, who rented a house of his father in Hill's terrace, at 18. 6d. per week. It appeared that ir; Davies, as agent for his father; had received rant from the tenant, which had oc- curred after he had given the notice to quit, which of course made the notice null and void. He was advised by their wor- ships to issue another notice, and if the tenant, would not obey then to apply to them again. William Aubrey, butcher, who had been brought to thp cus- tody of Mr. Stockdale last nigh,t, by a file of soldiers, charged with violently beating the keeper of the Cardiff" Eitst |ui't\pikeT gate, who was too Al to attend to prosecute the charge, was bailed out to appear again this day week. William Bickerton, of the King's Head, St. Mary-street, ap- peared to answer the charge of Martha Cole, wife of Thomas Cole, noticed in our report of Monday, who on oath said, that she went to the King's Head on the evening of the 14th of this month for her husband, who was then drinking in the singing room. When she waS talking to her husband, Mr. B. came behind her, and took hold of her arm to lead her out of the room, and tore her:,boiinct, cap, and cloak; and after he had brought her to the door, he knocked her several times. The complainant: was examined by Mr. Bird, who appeared for Mr. Bickerton, and in reply to a question from the bench, said that most of them in the room were quite lads. After hearing the evidence on both sides, their worships retired for a few minutes, and on their return, the Mayor called up Mr. Bicker- ton, and said We have taken your case into consideration you are fined os., and costs and when you want to put peo- ple out of your house, do not use your own physical force, but call in the assistance of the police. Edward Yorath aiid Thomas Hopkins were ordered to pay 2s. 6d. each, to the.police superannuation fund box, for fight- ing in the puhi3 streets. Thomas IVilliams and Thomas Llewellyn, charged with break- ing the door and windows of Jeremiah Crowley, of Vachell's- court, upon paying the amount of damage and cost of sum- mons, were discharged. John Williams, of Whitmore-lane, charged with being drunk and disorderly, was fined 4s. and costs. PUBLIC NUISANCES.—Several.complaints have reached us rela- tive to the inattention paid by the authorities to the proper clean- liness and drainage of the town. We must confess our astonish- ment at the shameful manner in which the Street Commissioners perform their duty., Among the many Communications received is the folIovving To THE EDITOR I,,O.P THE PP.INCIPALITY.-I perceive by the last report of the Caiidiff Street Commissioners, several complaints against the town surveyor, Mr. Clinton. I am pleased with the manly and straightforward conduct of the greater portion of that body inbringirig forward the conduct of a public servant, one who is so well paid for doing so little, one who finds it too much trouble to parade the streets once a day in the execution of his duty. I beg to call the attention of the Street Commissioners to the nuisance and filth which has been allowed to stand and accumulate for the last fortnight, at the Pine End of the weighing machine, Crockherb- town; I have also seen the Inspector of Nuisances pass this place, unnoticed, day after day, although he receives £ 10 per annum, for merely reporting to the proper authorities when such nuisances exist. Surely if he was faithful in the discharge of his duty, he would not allow such things to exist in so conspisuously and respectable a part of the town. I trust you will investigate into this matter and find out with whom the fault lies. I AM, SIR, A RATEPAYER. August 22, 1848. The cholera is progressing in the direction of this country it therefore behoves the authorities to be on the alert, and see that nothing is allowed to exist that has a tendency to invite its appear- ance amongst, us. A disease of a similar character, but of a milder form, has already made its appearance, and has, in a few instances, we regret to find, proved fatal. Prevention is better than cure." THE CONVICT MAUTIN.—The sentence of this unhappy man has baen commuted to transportation for ten years. It is gratify ing to the feelings of those benevolent and humane individuals who exerted themselves to save the life of the culprit, to find their exertions crowned with success. WE omitted to mention in our last, relative to the proposal made by the proprietors of the Hero" coach, that letters posted at Cardiff in the morning would reach Hereford the same evening. THE TAFF VALE RAILWAY.—We perceive by an advertisement elsewhere that only three trains a day will run during the winter months between Cardiff and Merthyr. This arrangement will, undoubtedly, be inconvenient to many parties; but the change, we understand, is necessitated by the very small number of pas- sengers who travel by the early morning trains; the receipts sometimes are not sufficient to compensate for the mere waste of materials. The trains will therefore leave half-au-liour earlier than the usual time o" s ar i ig. WE understand that the Rhondda, belonging to the Messrs. Batchelor Brothers, while on her outward bound voyage to Quebec, was encountered on the Irish coast on Friday by a very heavy gale, and was partially damaged. She put into Cork, and will remain ain there until she is repaired. THE WEATHER.,AND THE CROPS.—It is to be feared that the continuance of the wet weather has materially damaged the crops in this neighbourhood- A few days ago we were told that, even should a favourlble.change take place in the weather (which from present appearance is not likely), one-half of the usual produce will be either partially or entirely lost. It is gratifying, however, to find that the weather has proved more favourable in England, and that the greater portion of the wheat is secured. ST. FAGAN's.A IlousE ON FIRE.-About three o'clock in the morning of Tuesday last, the house of Mrs. Evans, widow, known as Cae'r Watt, was discovered on fire. It was first observed by Mrs, Evans herself, who was the only inmate of the house, being waked, is supposed, by the rattling of the flames. The poor old dame, who is near her eightieth year of age, endeavoured to scramble some of her apparel, bed. clothes, &c., out with her but she was obliged to leave them a sacrifice, to the insatiable element, herself alone narrowly escaping. Thus, in the depth of night, was the poor old woman exposed to the rain and storm, deprived of her little all, and left entirely on the charity of the world. Not a fragment could be saved, though the villagers exerted themselves most va- liantly. The liberality of the venerable Dr. Lisle has been most timely. We have not been requested to lay her claims to the sympathy of the public but we believe she deserves it. BRISTOL AND SotitH WALES JUNCTION. RAILWAY.—This unt dertakitlgis. to be wound up. The directors are behaving moss judiciously, and a unanimous feeling prevails amongst all partie interested. The balance, in hand is now 9,3.8 1.3s. 3d, Nearly three-fourths of the proprietary declined to comply with the last call. At the half-yearly meeting, held at Bristol on Monday week, Mr. G. Jones wished to know the motives which had in- duced the directors to purchase the Aust Ferry, and also whether they could get out of completing the purchase, which had, he con- sidered, been prematurely made? The chairman (Mr. J. Gibbs) explained that the ferry had been purchased for X20,000, by the company's engineer, the object being to prevent opposition ot the ferry owners, and to prevent any other company from getting possession of that ferry and working it in competition. The ques- tion as to the legal point was under the consideration of couusel, A special meeting will soon be called to formally agree on a dis- solution.







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