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-¡:("r"UI<Lo6Ð! CHEAP STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN CARMARTHEN AND BRISTOL, IN TEN HOURS, TOUCHING AT TENBY. —— THE rapid and beautiful iron screw steam SILIJO TALBOT, 140 horse-power, Edward Lewis Morgan, com- mander, is appointed to sail during the month of AUGUfVf follows :— }.w{ BATHDKT BASIN, BITLST. PEOM CARMARTHEN. Wednesday, Aug. 2.. 7 morn Friday, August.. 4..81 morn Tuesday, 8.. 11 morn Thursday, 10..2 after Wednesday, 1 6moril Friday, 18..8 morn Tuesday, 22..11 after Thursday, „ 24..2 after Wednesday, 30.. 6 morn TROM TENISY.—Two hours after leaving Carmarthen. BRISTOL TO TEnny AND CARMARTHEN-;—Fares—cabin, 12s. 6d.; children under twelve, 6s. servants, 7s. 6d.; fore cabin, 6s. children under twelve, 4s. CARMARTHEN TO AND TROM TENBY.—Fares—cabin, 3s. fore cabin, 2s. No fees to steward.—Refreshments may be obtained on board at moderate charges. Goods taken in at the warehouse, Grove, Bris- tol, to await bus p k-L. fc's arrival if required for Carmarthen, &c. Further information inay be had on application to the master on board Mr. J'lufes King, Packet office, Grove, Bristol; Mr. S. C. Dunn, Packet otqco, Carniartlien; or Mr. Wm. Jenkins, Packet ofiice, Taibach. Freight of goods to be paid for on delivery. PILLG-WENLLY, NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. PRITCHARD, (By order of the mortgagee, under a power of sale,) at the West- gate Hotel, Newport, on- Wednesday, the 30fch day of August instant, at tix o'clock in the afternoon, in three lots, unless pre- viously disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given, the following VALUABLE LEASEHOLD ESTATE:— LOT I comprises a piece of ground, fronting towards the Sir- how y tram-road, containing by admeasurement (exclusive of sucn-part thereof as is hereafter stated to be held under the same lease with lot 2), 985 square yards, or thereabouts; together with seven dwelling houses erected thereon, and the offices and buildings at the back, terminating northwards with a boundary wall, which extends from Speedwell-street, to the garden and yard of tli,- dwell- ing house next hereafter mentioned. Also, the dwelling house occupied by Mr. John Hughes, the proprietor of the iron-foundry there, or so much thereof as may be built upon the above piece of ground. b Four of the above sovea dwelling houses are now in the respective occupations of Dadd Davics, Morgan Evans, Robert Mogford, and William Mogford, as weekly tenants, at the rent of 3s. 6d. a week each. The remaining three are used as beer-houses, by the names of the Harbour," The Royal Ann," and The Speed- well," and are now in the respective occupations of Thomas Turk, Evan Jones, and Isaac Jones, at the yearly rents of £ 40, jE18, and £ 24 (the whole thus producing an improved rental equal to £ 124 per annum.) All the above property (except a small part of the ground occu- p'e.1 by the said beer-house, called the Seama.i's Ha hour," ) is held for the residue of a term of 70 years, commencing the 24th day of June, 1824, under a lease from the late Sir C. Morgan, Bart., and others (as representing the Tredegar Wharf Company), to the late Mr. Philip Edmunds, deceased, dated the 30th day of Septem- ber, 1824, at the yearly rent of £ 7 14s. The small part above ex- cepted is held under the same lease as lot 2. Tiie proprietor's house, or such part as is now to be sold, is held by an under lease, granted by Mary Edmunds (the widow and ad- .iaini;tratrix of the said Philip Edmunds), to William Evans, dated the 30th day of December, 1828, for the residue of the said term of 70 years, created by the before-mentioned lease of the 30th day of September, 1824, wanting the last day of the said term, at the yearly rent of £1 10s., and partly by the same lease as lot 2. Mr. Hughes holds the house, and the other property hereafter stated to be in his occupation, under a memorandum of agreement, dated the 19th day of May, 1848, between the said William Evans, of the one part, and the said John Hughes, of the other part, being an agreement for a lease, to be granted to him by the said William E vans, the mortgagor of the whole of the property now offered for sa'.e (except the seven dwelling houses first described as a part of lot 1), together with a small piece of ground, not included in this sale, for the term of 21 years from that day,, at the yearly rent of £ 120- T LOT 2.—All that plot of ground, situate adjoining lot I on the eastward side thereof, containing by admeasurement (including the parts of lot I, held by the same lease herewith), 460 square yards, more or less, and being in width from north to south, 46 feet, or thereabouts and in depth, from east to west, 90 feet, or there- abouts; together with the two several dwelling houses, smiths' shops, andother buildings, erected by William Evans thereon, and the whole of which are now in the occupation of the said Mr. John Hughes. The above premises (together with those parts of lot I before stated to be held under the same lease with this lot), are held for the residue of a term of 70 years, commencing on the 29th day of September, 1827, under a lease from the said Sir C. Morgan and oilurs, to the said William Evans, dated the 1st day of December, 1827, at the yearly rent of £ 3 16s. 8d. LJT 3.—All that triangular piece of ground, containing, by ad- measurement, 2,119 sq. yds., or thereabouts, bounded on the r.orih- east by Castle-s'. and extending there in length 238 ft. (and on the no-th-west by Speedwell-st., and extending in length 240 feet), and on the south by ground and buildings, or parts of buildings, in the occupation of the said John Hughes, and extending there in length 163 feet; together with the iron-foundry, workshops, and fur naces, or such other buildings as are now standing thereon. The whole of the premises comprising this lot are held, for the residue of a term of-59 years', commencing on the 25th day of March, 1844, under a lease trim the said Sir C. Morgan and others, to the said William E vans, dated the 31st day of January, 1845, at the yearly rent of £ 18 14s. To'view the premises, apply to the respective tenants and for farther- particulars, and conditions of sale, and a plan of the pro- perty, apply to Messrs. Whittington and Gribble, solicitors, 44, High-street, Bristol; or to Messrs. Birch and Davis, solicitors, Newport; or to the auctioneer. GLAMORGANSHIltE. THE WHOLE OF THE VALUABLE CONTENTS OF DTEFRYN HOUSE, NEAR NEATH, INCLUSIVE OF THE Household Furniture, fine old China, Glass, Linen, Sideboard of Plate, excellent Plated Articles, the Cellar of rare Wines, Library of Books, five Carriages, two ditto Horses, Ponies, four- in-hand and other Harness, 10 valuable Sporting Dogs, together with the Live and Dead Farming Stock, growing Crops, &e., in Lots. "ftTH. PRICE begs to announce that he has been favoured with 1VX instructions to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Mansion known as Dyffryn House (situate about two miles from Neath aud eight from S va-isca), on MONDAY, AUGUST 21, 1818, aid Four Following Days, at 11 for 12 each day, The valuable MELANGE of PROPERTY; comprehending the entire suites of furniture, in rosewood, mahogany, &c., and including sofas, tete-a-tete couches, ottomans, sets of chairs6 ociave Parisian table pianoforte, noble chimney glasses, pedestal sideboard, Turkey and Brussels carpets, window curtains in blue llgul'ce18l\.tin (1u.\nask, a variety of China elegancies and f'ut-glo,ss, the appropriate fittings for fifteen bed chambers, a sideboard of plate, excellent plated articles in venison dishes, &c. a cellar of choice old WINES, about 200 dozen and a Butt of Sherry library tables and book-cases, and the necessary requisites for the domestic offices and cul nai-y apartments. The equipages consist of a travel- ling carriage, pony phaeton, britska, Coburgh, and a new mail britska, sets of four-in-hand, pair, and single horse-harness and horse-clothing; ten valuable sporting dogs, including a splendid black retriever, two well-trained setters, and a pointer several hundred feet of iron park-fencing, garden implements, &c. Also, the live and dead FARMING STOCK and the growing CROPS comprising five draught horses, seven milch cows, a waggon, three carts, two sows, ten pigs, seventeen acres of oats, seven acres of WheLt; potatoes, mangold wurtzel, carrots, &o., and aaoi&rous effects. The property may viewed on Friday and Saturday preceding the sale, and catalogues obtained (at 6d. each, returnable to pur- c111sors) at the Castle Ian, Neath; MaekworthArrus, Swansea Castle Inn, Merthyr-Tydvil; Cardiff Arms, Cardiff; Wyndham Arms. Bridgend; White Lion, Bristol; the principal inns in the vicinity; of E. P. Richards, Esq., solicitor, Cardiff; in London— S. Abrahams, Esq., 4, Lincoln's Inn Fields; D. Keano, Esq., solicitor. Lincoln's Inn Fields; Messrs. Rolands, Thi-eaci- needle-street, City; C. B. Wilson, Esq, solicitor, Furnival's Inn :t)f Messrs. Gregory and Son, solicitors, Clement's Inn; and at Mr. .f.i.çc'¡¡ Offices, 43, Chancery-lane, London, EAI I GP, AT I ON. FOR NEW YORK FROM TIIE BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. FOR NEW YORK FROllfTIIE BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. TO SAIL on or about the 20th of August, 1848, the fine, fast-sailing, first-class, coppered and copper-fastened, British-built barque, ELLEN, > 600 tons burthen, George Pettingill, commander, has very superior accommodation for passengers, naving at xeet between 'decks; and parties about to emigrate may place every reliance on the skill of the master, who has had considerable ex- peri2nce in the trade. Applications to be made to Messrs. R. Cory and Son, Cardiff or to Mr. James Knapp, Newport. Steam Communication between NEATEI and BRISTOL. THE FINE NEW IRON SCREW STEAMER, NEATH ABBEY, 60 Horse power, JOHN WILLIAMS, COMMANDER, WILL take in goods on the Back on Tues- V days and Fridays, and is intended to sail as follows during the month of August, 1848, wind, weather, and water permitting, with liberty to tow. FKOM NEATH. PROS! BATITURST BASIK, BRISTOt. T'iursclav,Aug-.3 8 morn Wednesday, Aug.2 S morn T'iursclav,Aug-.3 8 morn Wednesday, Aug.2 8 morn FKOM NEATH. PROS! BATITURST BASIK, BRISTOt. T'iursclav,Aug-.3 8 morn Wednesday, Aug.2 S morn Monday," „ 1 lOimorn Saturday, 5 9J mom Thursday 17 7-morn Wednesday 16 7 mora Monday „ 21 10 morn Saturday 19 9 morn Thursday 24 2 after Tuesday ~3 lljmght Monday „ 28 6 morn Saturday" 26 4 morn Thursday 31 7, niorn Tuesday" 30 7 morn N. B. To accommodate parties attending the meeting of the Bri- tish Association, at Swansea, the Neath Abbey will be at the dis- posal of the committee, from the 7th to the I6th of the month but in all probability, she will be leaving Bristol every other day during lhat period. Passengers taken on board at Briton-ferry, if near the Rock- house, fifteen minutes after the advertised time of leaving Neath. Passengers from Neath landed at Clevedon, and from Bristol at the Mumbles (weather permitting), if required. FARES —Best cabin, 7s. 6d. second cabin, 4s. children under twelve years of age, half fare. Horses, 12s. 6d. cattle, 7s. 6d. dogs, 2s. pigs, Is. 6d.; sheep, Is. gigs, 12s.; phaetons, 15s. carriages, 25s. Live stock shipped and landed at risk of the owner. Passengers from Neath to Briton-ferry, 6d. each, landing included. No fees to steward or stewardess. Refreshments may be had on board at moderate charges. Agents—Thomas and Son, Back, Bristol; A. H. Buckett, Neath. August, 1848. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN BRISTOL, CARDIFF, SWANSEA, ILFRACOMBE, and TENBY. THE POWERFUL STEAMERS, PRINCE OF WALES, Matthew Jones, Commander, LORD BERESFORD, Rob. Davis, Commander, and BRISTOL, Matthew Jones, Junior, Commander, iiiu ARE intended to sail as follows, during the month of AUGUST 1848, wind and weather 'permitting. PRINCE OF WAIES. PRINCE OF WALES. FROM THE BtJTE SHIP DOCIC, CARDIFF. | FBOM CUMBERLAND JiASIN, BRISTOL. Wednes. Aug. 2 6 morn. Tuesday, Aug. 1 6| morn. Friday, 4 7 morn. Thursday, „ 3 8 morn. I 1 Saturday, 5 9 morn. Friday, 4 7 morn. Thursday, „ 3 8 morn. I 1 Saturday, 5 9 morn. Monday, „ 7 8$morn. Wednes. 9 10J morn. Tuesday, 8 11 morn. Friday, 11 1 after. Thursday, 10 If after. Saturday, 12 3-i after. Monday, „ 14 3t after. Wednes. ,,16. 5 after. Tuesday, I. 6 after. Friday IS 6 morn. Thursday, 17 7 morn- Saturday, „ 19 8J morn. Monday, ,21 morn. Wednes 23 101 morn. Tuesday, 22 10 £ morn. Friday 25. V after. Thursday „ 24 after. Friday, 5. Iafter. Thursday „ 24 after. L_ Saturday 26 3| after. Monday, 28 3} morn. Wednesday, 30 5 after. Tuesday 29 6 'morn. Friday, Sep. 1 6 morn. Thursday „ 31 morn. Saturday, Sepr,. 2 8 morn. Fares—Cabin, 5s. Deck, 3s. Reduced fares—After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s.; Children, half-price. Further information as to freight, &c., will be readily obtained by applying to A. Hingston, agent, at the Packet-office, Bute Docks, Cardiff; or to E. T. Turner, agent, No. 12, Quay-street, Bristol. Goods will be hauled from both warehouses to the packets, at the expense of the companies. FROM BRISTOL. FROI SWANSEA. Lord Beresford, Thursday and Satur- Lord Beresford, Tuesday and Friday. day. Bristol, Wednesday. Bristol, Monday. Wednes. Aug 2 8 morn Tuesday, Aug 1 8 morn Thursday 3 SJ morn Friday, 4 9j morn Saturday, 5 10{-morn Monday, 7 1H morn Wednes. „ 9 12| after Tuesday, S 12 morn Thursday, 10 2 morn Friday, 11 3J morn Siturday, „ 12 4 morn Monday, ,,14 7 morn Wednes. 16 CJ morn Tuesday, ,,15 1$morn Thursday, 17 8 morn Friday, 18 9 mora Saturday, „ 19 9 morn Monday, „ 21 11 morn Wednes. 23. 12 noon Tuesday, ,,22 IU morn Thursday, 24. 2 morn Friday, „ 25 3 morn q-itimlav 26 4' morn Monday, 28 morn Wedn-r 30 7 morn Tuesday, „ 29 74 morn Thursday, 31 7.}morn Friday Sep- 1 9 morn Saturday, Sep.2 9 morn Passengers from Swansea landed at Clevedon if required. 9 e REDUCED FARES between Bristol and Swansea.—Best c-,tbiii 10s.-fore cabin, 5s.-cliildreli under twelve years of age, half fare sheep, Is —lambs, 9d.—horses, 17s. 6d.—fat cattle, los.-store ditto, 8s.—cow and calf, IOS.-dogs, 2s. 6d.~pigs, gel. fat pigs, Is.. 9cl.-gigs, 16s.—phaeton, 21s. 6d.-carriages, 32s. 6d.—steward's fee, best cabin, Is. SVVISK-V TO IIÆRAcmrnE. ILFRACOMBT: TO SWANSEA. Lord Beresford, Monday. Bristol, Lord Beresford, Monday. Bristol, Friday. Friday. Monday, July 31 H morn Monday, July 31 34 after Friday, Aug. 4 7* morn Friday, Aug. 4. 5 after Monday 7 11 morn Monday, 7 3 after Friday, 11. 3 morn Friday, „ 11 7 morn Monday 14. 4 morn Monday, It 3 after Friday,' 18. 6 morn Friday, IS. 4i after Monday, 21.. 10$morn Monday, 21. after Friday, 25. 4 morn Friday, 25 morn Monclay, ,,28. 2!¡morn j}lonchy, ,,28. 3 after REDUCED KATIES between Swansea and. Ilfracomhe.-Best cabin, 8s.—deck, os. To and fro same day, cabin, 10s.—fore cabin', 8s.—children under twelve years of age, half-fare—car- riage, 30s.-plittoii, 25s.-gig, 15s.-horses, 17s. 6d, each- dogs, 2s. 6cl.-pigs, Is. 9d.—sheep, Is.—lambs, 9d.—fat cattle, 10s. —store ditto, 8s.—cow and calf, 10s. Goods, packages, parcels, &c. forwarded to all parts without delay. Steward's' fees for ladies and gentlemen, Is. each—children and servants, 6d. FROM SWANSEA TO TENBY. BRISTOL. PROM TENBY TO SWANSEA. BRISTOI.. Thursday, Aug 3 64 morn I Thursday, Al1f 3 4t after Thursday, ,,1° • • • • 14 morn Thursdaj', ,,10 .lOj after Thursday, „ 17 5| morn Thursday, 17 3| after Thursday, 21 1" morn Thursday. 24 .10| mor. Thursday „ 31 • • 5' morn Thursday, „ 31 Si after V FAUES •.—After cabin, 8s.—fore cabin, 4s.—steward's fee, Is. N.B. Parties wishing to group for an excursion to Tenby can obtain a ticket for twelve persons, by applying to the agents, or to Captain M. Jones, Jun., on board—after cabin to and fro, E4 16S. —fore cabin, to and fro, £ 3—steward's fee, Gs. N.B. The Bristol will discharge and take in goods every Tues- day on the Grove. t "W Refreshments may be had on board at moderate charges. Agents-John Barber, 24, New King-street, Bath—J. W. Pockett, Swansea—J. Martin, Britannia Hotel, Ilfracombc- W. Cory, Fortoacue Arms, Barnstaple—G. Morris, White Hart, Bishopsgate-street, London—and W. Bower, White Lion, Tenby. All letters seeking information to be post-paid. All goods, packages, parcels, &c., will be forwarded to all parts without delay, when "addressed to E. T. Turner, agent, Steam Packet office, 12, Quay-street, Bristol. MONEY. ™ — PARTIES wishing to enter in a speculation which may realise large sums of money at a very small outlay, are requested to 6 large sums of money at a very small outlay, are requested to apply to Messrs. H. R. Gocbel and Co., General Agents, 80, King William-street, City, London, where prospectus and full particulars may be liati gratis. &r" 'i-Jif"i¡¡¡. L-u¡, -;¡'L.'A'i?1!t'r. ÙiI!¡¡; ",J.oi.:¡'¡'6. "J" "o,V': HEALTH AND COMFORT. KENWAY'S WATERPROOF FOR BOOTS SlIOES. THIS COMPOSITION is the very best WATERPROOF ever brought before* the public; and is particularly recommended to sportsmen, farmers; gardeners, &c., as the boots and shoes, when prepared with it, will resist all wet, even snow, and will last three times as long as any others Sold in Bottles, at Is. 6d. each, by all agents throughout the United Kingdom. Pull directions for use will be found on each bottle. N.B. Boots and shoes, when thus prepared, will take as good, if not a better polish than before. J. B. HOPKINS, Sole Agent for Cardiff. A SUPPLY OF PRIME AMERICAN HAMS, At Id. per pound. BRIDGEND. THE REV T TIE SMITH, D-D., F.R.S., F.G.S., Presi- dent of Homertoii College, London, will preach at the Taber- nacle Independent Chapel, Bridgend, next Lord's day, morning aud evening. Bridgend, August 17, 1848. MUSICAL INSTRUCTION. Mil. MRS. TILLEY BEG respectfully to inform the nobility and gentry of Cardiff and its vicinity, that it is their intention to give instruction tour clays per week, viz., Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, in the following branches of music :—Piano Forte, English and. Italian Singing, Harmony, Thorough Bass, Counterpoint, and Composition. Mr. and Mrs. Tilley have received their musical education from Sir George Smart, Signor Ziliani, and other eminent professors, whose mode of instruction they adopt; and those ladies and gen- tlemen who may honour them by taking lessons, either in vocal or instrumental music, may rely on the zealous and uniform exertions of Mr. and Mrs. T. for their efficient instruction and advancement, and that it shall be their anxious care to merit the patronage of the public. They likewise beg to inform the inhabitants of Cardiff, for the better improvement of Church and sacred music in general, of their intention to form ladies' and gentlemen's singing classes, where a number can be taught the art of singing at sight with fluency-a very gieat acquisition to the choirs of Churches and Chapels. Mr. Tilley's system of teaching singing classes is his own compiling; selecting the greatest beauties from the German, Italian, and English authors, enabling his pupils to learn this pleasing art with very little study. No books are required for class singing, as he composes lessoi%, according to the capacity of his pupils. The members of classes-to pay bite quarter in advance, according to the rules of class teaching. The following are their terms per quarter:— PRIVATE TEACHING. £ s. Piano Forte. I 10 English Singing I 10 Italian Singing 2 2 Thorough 13as; Counterpoint, and Composition 3 3 Class Singing,^ier quarter, each pupil. 0 5 Mr. and Mrs. Tiliey's testimonials from their pupils at Newport, &c., can be seen by application to them at Miss Lewis's, grocer, W barton-street. Mr. T. begs to inform the public that he is agent for Novello's Cheap Oratorios, Handel's Messiah," "J uclas Maccabams, Dettingen. Te Deuin," and Haydn's Creation; in numbers, sixpence each. The "Messiah" and "Creation" are completed, and can be had bound Messiah," 6s. 6d.; Creation," 5s. THE ORIGINAL HOWQUA'S MIXTURE OF 40 RARE BLACK TEAS AND MOWQUA'S SMALL LEAF GUN- POWDER. BY APPOINTMENT. I nnilE1 reputation of these teas is now so thoroughly established, £ that it is unnecessary to dilate upon their peculiar qualities. They have acquired a celebrity in a comparatively short period, un- paralleled in the annals of trade. Brocksopp, How, and Co., 233 aad 234, High-street, Southwark, London, feel confident that the superiority of their articles and their standing in the tea market, will suffice to distinguish them from the puffing adventurers of the day. The Howqua's Mixture of 40 rare black teas is now reduced to bS. 8D. PER POUND CATTY PACKAGE, a id the Mowqua small-leaf Gunpowder, to 85. OD. PER POUND CATTY PACKAGE, half and quarter catties may be had. To meet the requirements of families in Great Britain, the mana- gers of Howqua's and Mowqua's estates have commenced shipping a SECOND GROWTH called SEMI-HOWQUA and SEMI- MOWQUA, which, while partaking of all the distinguishing qua- lities of the originals, are, as being more economical, better adapted for ordinary consumption. Semi-Howqua per pound catty package 5s. Semi-Mowqua pearl leaf gunpowder, ditto ditto /s. CAUTION.-These teas are genuine only when contained in ori- ginal Chinese packages, secured with the seals of Howqua and "Mowqua." f B. H. and Co,'also continue to supply their original and well- known package teas at all prices. THE CHEAPEST AND,BEST COFFEE. B. o and Co. roast their coffees by powerful steam machinery, and prepare them after the French manner. Great economy and i mprovement of flavour are the results. Coffees prepared by this process being 30 per cent. stronger than those roasted in the ordi- nary way. Per lb.—s. d. Per lb.—s. d. D merara. 1 4 Fine strong Mocha. 2 0 Fine Jamaica 1 8 Finest rich old ditto 2 .4 D merara. 1 4 Fine strong Mocha. 2 0 Fine Jamaica 1 8 Finest rich old ditto 2 .4 Packed in lead to preserve the aroma. N. B.-In reply to numerous applications received from priva e families, to be supplied with the above teas and coffees, the Com- 's pany most respectfully refer them to their appointed agents, this being the only medium through which they may be purchased retail. The trade can be supplied with the coffee in the berry, in quan- tities of not less than one chest, roasted on the peculiar and patented principle. An excellent living, if actively pursued, or a material addi- tion to income, with moderate exertion, is derivable from the sale of the above articles, Brocksopp, How, and Co. are now prepared to appoint agents in every considerable town throughout the United Kingdom. Parties desirous of becoming agents must therefore apply immediately, in order that their names may appear in the advertisements. Full particulras of terms; with a price list, will be forwarded, by post, on application to Brocksopp, How, and Co., tea importers, 233 and 234, Borough, London. AGENTS FOR THIS DISTRICT:- Cardiff—Agent wanted Aberayron—W. Green, Pier-street Abergavenny—W. H, Hurst, chemist, Neville-street Beaufort & Victoria Iron Works- -J. Jones, grocer & tea dealer BryiiiiiaNvr- David Edwards, Stamp-office Bryiimawr-Johii Jones, draper anclgrocer Brecon—Philip Bright, chemist, Medical Hall Cardigan—Joseph Clougher Carmarthen—Wm. Morgan, chemist, Lammas-street Crickhowell—-Wm. Christopher, chemist, High-street Dowlais-David Lewis,-chemist, High-street Eghvyswrw-J; D. Evans, draper and tea-dealer Ditto-It. Watkins, draper and tea-dealer- lLtverfordwest-T. Williams, chemist, 17, Market-street Ditto-Gwynne Harries, chemist, High-street Llandiio—Thomas James, bookseller and stationer Llandovery—Rees Bishop, tea establishment, Stone-street Milfonl Ht\even-J. D. Merritt, chemist Monmouth—J. Wightman, bookseller, Agincourt-square Narbcrth-Jasori Mcyler, grocer and draper Newport—J. Grout, stationer, High-street Ditto—John Thomas, chemist, 154, Commercial-street Newcastle-Einlyn-Thomas & Evans, grocers & tea-dealer3 Ditto—Samuel Jones, grocer and tea-dealer Ditto-W. Laen, chemist, 1, Meyrick-street Swansea—C. T. Wilson, Castle-square Tenby—Richard Mason, bookseller Tre,dogar-Is,tac, Edwards, hat-ter and tea-dealer. :O.Ldo'' .¥ "1t' r- -I-'I'iio- ,.t.1':=r TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. MR. WALTER WATKINS, GROCER AND TEA-DEALER, MERTHYR-TYDFIL, IS in immediate want of a respectable YOUTH as an APPREN- TICE. All letters of application'must be prepaid. Merthyr-Tydfil, August 15,1848. MAERIAGrE CERTIFICATE. To Parish Clerks, and Others. IVE Pounds reward will be given to any person procuring the Certificate of the Marriage of JOHN HOBDAY LAD E, of Boughton, in the county of Kent, Esq., with Miss ELIZA EVORS, of Tenby, South Wales. The Marriage is supposed to have been solemnised in South Wales, on or about the 2nd March, 1791. Apply to Messrs. Wright and Ringsferd, Solicitors, 23. Essex- street, Strand, Londot., Messrs. Kiugsford, Son, and Wight.w-iek' Solicitors, Canterbury or W. H. Owen, Esq., Solicitor, Nar- berth, South Wales. Second Edition, greatly enlarged, with Maps and Cuts, Price 6s. 6d. THE BOOK OF SOUTH WALES, the BRISTOL CHAN- j_ NEL, MONMOUTHSHIRE and the WYE. BY CHARLES FUEDEIUCK CLIFFE. "Mr. Cliffe deserves well of the principality for this Book oJ South Wales. It makes one long to be there.. It approaches to a complete topographical account, and anti- quarian description of SotAth Wales. Cambremis. Loudon Hamilton and Co. Bristol, H. Oldlaad. Oes y Byd i'r Iaith Gymraeg. abeegavennTeisteddfor By permission of Her Majesty, under the patronage of his R)yal Highness the Prince of Wales. THE Eisteddfod in celebration of the Fifteenth Anniversary of j_ the Cymrcigyddion Society, will be held in the Cymreigydoioii liall, Abergavenny, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 11th and nth of October, nHS. President, Col. C. Kemys Tynte, of Co/fA Mably, M.P. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE CONTRACT. A MESSUAGE.or DWELLING-HOUSE, with outbuildings, j\_ court, and garden attached, with a commodious spirituous liquor shop and very extensive cellars, now used in the wine and spirit trade, situate in St. Mary-street, Cardiff, exactly opposite the site of the new town and county hall. The premises are in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Davies. Application to be made to Mrs. Hy. Morgan, Crockherbtowa. Cardiff. TO THE LEGAL PROFESSION, JIerclwnts, Bankers, and all who are desirous of obtaining a good Pen, that ivill write freely. MESSRS. B. F. LLOYD AND CO. "QEG to recommend their THTPLE POINTED ELECTRO PLATED |3 STEKL PENS, which combine all the freedo.-n and elasticity of the best quills, with the regularity and equality of steel; the massive coating of sterling silver gives these pens a very elegant appearance, preserves them from corrosion in any cliiiwte, and causes the ink to flow more freely than from any pen that has been yet offered to the public a single trial will prove their superiority over all others, and one pea is warranted to last as long as twelve of the best steel pens now in use. Sold, wholesale only, by B. F. LLOYD AND Co., Wholesale Manufacturing Stationers, Edinburgh, and may be had from all booksellers and stationers in the kingdom. Price Is. per dozen. SOUTH WALES RAILWAY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next Iialf-Yearly General or Ordinary Meeting of the Proprietors of this Com- pany will be held pursuant to the Act of Parliament, at the Pad- dington Station, London, on Wednesday, the 23rd day of August next, at one for two o'clock, for the general purposes of business. The chair will be taken at two o'clock precisely. C. RUSSELL, Chairman. The transfer books will be closed on the 9th of August, and will not be opened until after the said Half-Yearly General Meeting on the 23rd of August. N. ARMSTRONG, Secretary. South Wales Railway Office, 449, West Strand, Loudon, July 26, 1848. In the matter of the petition of William Evans, formerly of Num- ber 54, Wind-street, in the town of Swansea, in the county cf Glamorgan, grocer, tea-dealer, and stationer, trading under the name or style of The Branch of the London Genuine Tea Company," and now residing in furnished lodgings, at Porthy- green, near St. Quintin's Castle, otherwise Llanblethian Castle, in the parish of Llanblethian, in the said county of Glamorgan, out of business; NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the County Court of Glamorganshire, liolden at Bridgend, acting in the matter of this petition, will proceed to make a final order thereon, at the said court, on the 28th day of August instant, at ten o'clock in the forenoon precisely, unless cause be then and there shown to the contrary. MR. J. HAYMAN RIGHTON RESPECTFULLY informs the nobility and gentry of Cardiff and its neighbourhood, that having been recently appointed ORGANIST of St. John's Church, in that town, he will be happy to commence giving lessons on the PIANO-FORTE, VIOLIN, and VIOLONCELLO also -in SINGING, HARMONY, and COMPOSITION. SGGG* PIANO-FORTES LET ON HIRE, TUNED, AND RENOVATED. No. 1, Charles-street, Crockherbtown, July 25th, 1818. MONEY MARKET.