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ANGLESEY ASSIZES. The assizes for cminty of Anglesey' were held, in the Shire-hall, Beaumaris, on the morning of Tuesday, the 3rd instant. Grace Roberts pleaded Not Guilty to stealing, in the parish of Trcfdraeth, on the 12th of July last, a quantity of timber and iron, with other articles, the property of Mr. Edward Ladd Betts, of the Chester and Holvhead railway works. Mr. Townsend conducted the prosecution, and stated the nature of the robbery, which was a simple and clear case of abstraction, of railway property, necessarily 3ying exposed in the open air, adjacent to that part of the works wlietcoii: they were to be made use of. The prisoner was defended by Mr. Morgan Lloyd. The jury after a short interval found their verdict Guilty, linked with a strong recommendation to mercy, on the ground of her previous good charater.. To be imprisoned for three months. John 'Thomas pleaded Not Guilty to a charge of obtaining ftom William Thomas, in the parish of Llanflewin, in Decem- ber last, the sum of E5 and three sovereigns under false pre- tences. Mr. Townsend conducted the prosecution, and stated that tne money was obtained by a letter falsely signed; so that had it not been for a defect in the statute, the prisoner would have been convicted of forgery; but, owing to the fact that the paper was only a forged request for money, that indictment could not be sustained, and he was now on trial for misdemea- nour only. Prisoner said, in his defence, that his handwriting might be four.d somewhere or other in Beaumaris, and that if found, it could be compared; but unluckily he forgot to state where in Beaumaris, except the court itself, his handwriting could be seen. The jury found the prisoner Guilty. The court inquired minutely as to the character and condi- tion of the party; and it appeared that he is a married man and the father of four children. To be kept for twelve months to hard labour. John Thomas pleaded Not Guilty to a charge of rape on the person of Grace Rowlands, an aged woman, in the parish of Oerrigceinwen, on the 13th of June last. From the statement of Mr. Townsend, who conducted the prosecution, and the evidence of the prosecutrix and witnesses, t appears that this was a gross case. The woman, an elderly ■widow, living by herself in a cottage about three hundred yards' from any other dwelling, was iawakened by a noise, found tfrat her house had been broken open by the prisoner, rushed out in order to escape him, and was dragged back. and brutally forced; she complained to her neighbours instantly, and both her face and that of the man bore marks of recent struggle and violence. The jury, having retired for a short time, returned a verdict of Guilty. Sir Thomas Wilde, in his most impressive manner, reminded the prisoner, that as he had been before tried for the same of- fence and acquitted, it was to be presumed that he had been then innocent; but the fact of his having been so tried and ac- quitted ought to have been a strong warning to him not to commit the offence of which he had now been found guilty- an offence committed without temptation, as his victim was a lonely and aged woman, and his wife resided within a short space of that dwelling, into which he had broken in order to commit the crime. To be transported beyond the seas for the term of his natu- ral life. This closed the business of the assize.


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