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forward to hike farewell—the women in their grief setting up a low waiL and the men looking on with anxious faces, n whidl fear, anger, and sorrow were curiously blended. The ci\ j nidi 3 wove an air of dogged determination. A few besought the gentlemen of the neighbourhood to interest themselves on their behalf, and declared their innocence. One was a wounded man, and was placed on. a car. Their inqiusit friends were told they would be conveyed to Dublin and kept there until tried: they appeared to give them npùs lost for ever. They followed them for some distant (tnd when they parted, one fellow shouted out as his fare Die like men, boys." Yesterday many more arre ts nid Nearly all the local magistrates have kept ale afraid of being assassinated for bringing rebels to .justice. V John Going, of Ballyphilip, Mr. Purefoy Poc, of l-Lli'wy-pal'k, and Mr. Hampden Lane, of Willmount have ex.- themselves fearlessly. Mr. Going has already had his cxm-rions rewarded. All the hands employed by him, to tt e nntber of 150, waited on him and expressed their gratitude for the timely advice he had given them not to join in the rebellious movement. While General Macdonald was moving upon Thurles strong bodies of police were con- centrated on the Keeper Mountain, from Limerick, Nenagh, Thurles, and Templemore on Thursday they swept every part of the mountain, and their search was entirely fruit- less. Four persons, three of them law clerk s, the fourth a printer, wero arrested at a late hour on Friday night, and were committed to Newgate. The printers of the Nation have, with three exceptions, been admitted to bail. An ac- count had reached Dublin announcing the arrest, in Loughrea, of Meany and Mr. Joseph Brennan, the former a writer in the Tribune newspaper, and the latter sub-editor -and contributor of the Irish Felon. Among the latest ar- rests was that of Dr. West, a thriving apothecary on Sum- mer-hill, and a prominent member of the Confede- ration. Documents and correspondence of a- most trea- sonable nature were found in West's possession, besides a warrant of his appointment to a post of high command in the army of Slievenamon. THE COMMISSION.—Charles Gavan Duffy, late proprietor of the Nation, and John Martin, late proprietor of the Felon, together with several prisoners of minor note, will be put upon their trial at the ensuing Commission, which opens on Tuesday, the 8th instaiit. The summonses have already been served upon the jury. It is stated that Mr. Hoban, the registered printer of the Tribune, means to plead guilty, r, relying, under his peculiar circumstances, upon the clemency of the Crown. It is stated that Mr. Butt, Q.C., has been retained on behalf of Mr. Duffy.Freeman. Twenty of the rebels engaged in the recent conflict at Ballingarry were arrested by the police and brought to town by railway under a strong escort, and lodged in the Royal Barracks. It is conjectured by be authorities, that Mr. Meagher has succeeded in effecting his escape from New Ross to Bristol, in female apparel.-Dublin Evening Herald. Mr. John O'Connell spent Thursday in Cork; he visited the Chamber of Commerce, but was not noticed by any of the members. He left on Friday morning for Killarney by the coach. It is said that the honourable gentleman is about to fix his residence in London, in consequence of his recently formed connexion with the National Bank. THE REBELLION DENOUNCED.—The altars of Carriek-on- Suir, Cahir, Cionmel, and Cashel rung with denunciations against the physical force movement on Sunday morning last-all the priests, with a few exceptions, are for peace. THE CAMPS.—Looking into a tent are seen the arms clustered round the tent-pole; rolled in their blankets on straw lie the men, or in the day they are engaged about the camp in games of leap-frog. The officers are in pairs; their tents the same as the men's, but on the poles within hang their schakos, swords, and cloaks. Their mattrasses are straw, or (as in the case of the gay artilleryman and his mare, the more thoughtful engineer at Littleton) they are lodging on the cold, cold ground" in blankets, as the men —gay and happy nevertheless. Under the hedge-row the camp-kettles, and near the sentinel groups of gazers and villagers with small market wares. A REBEL CHIEF.—Mahoney, the guerilla chief of Bally- iieal, near the slate quarries, drills a thousand men every ;«vening-at si^olclock j he is a man of powerful stature his arms are a blunderbuss slung over his shoulder, a pike two feet and a half long, containing three pounds weight of steel, with a pair of pistols slung in a belt of untanned leather. J There is a warrant out for his arrest. In the Hue and Cry, the following is the description given of the parties named:— William Smith O'Brien—Has a sneering smile constantly on his face; full whiskers, sandy, a little grey; well set man, walks erect, dresses well. "Thomas Francis Meagher—High cheek bones; peculiar -expression about the eyes, rather cocked nose, no whiskers, well dressed. John B. Dillon-Rather thin, black whiskers, dressed respectable, has a bilious look, Michael Dilieny-High cheek bones; wants several of his teeth, very vulgar appearance, peculiar coarse unpleasant 6 voice dress respectable small short red whiskers. "Richard O'Gorman, jun.—Large dark whiskers, well made and active, walks upright; black frock coat, Tweed • trowsers." Twenty of the rebels implicated in the affray near Ballin- garry were arrested on Thursday by the police. Four arrests were made in Dublin late on Thursday night. Three are law clerks, the fourth a painter. Smeany and Joseph Brennan, writers in the Felon, were arrested in Loughrea on Thursday. A letter from Ballingarry on Thursday night says, about fifty arrests had been made there; and a larg .assorctnea of wearing apparel, belonging to Smith O'Brien^ found at the widow Lakin's cabin on the common.