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LOMBARDY AND VENICE. The Italian correspondent of the Journal Des Debats gives the following account of the relative position and forces of the Austrian and Sardinian armies :— We learn by letters ftom Milan ol' the 1st instant, that the city ol" Cremona, on the Po, has been occupied by the Austrian*, aind that the Piedmontese army has retired to Codogno, a small toSvn two leagues from Rizzighetone, a fortress situate on the Lower Adda, sixteen leagues from Milan. From Codogno, the Pied- montese army may direct its movements cither on Lodi, on the road to Milan, or on Pavia, on the north of the Po, or, lastly, on Plaeentia, on the south bank, in the direction of Tortona and Alexandria. As :11 T '1_- -L.1_- .] this last movement ivouia leave ljomoaruy cumpjciciy e.vuseu, we may be certain beforehand that Charles Albert will maintain him- self With energy on the line of the Adda. Marshal Radetzky has at his command not fifty to sixty thousand men, as was first stated, but eighty thousand. It is positively asserted that he has ten thou- sand Bavarian volunteers who have joined him from the Tyrol. Since the 22nd ult., he has been every day receiving strong rein- forcements. The troops sent from Austria and Illyria: aci oss the c Venetian provinces perform two and three stages a day on waggons, which are hired and regularly paid for. It is by this means that the force of the Marshal on the Adige has been doubled. The Piedmontese commanders appear to have befen Completely ignorant of the strength and the preparations' made by the enemy. The veteran Marshal has taken every advantage of his success and of the superiority of his forces. Let us hope that under the protec- tion of the fortress of izzighetonc, the Piedmontese army, reduced at this moment to forty-five thousand men, may be able to receive the reinforcements which will be directed from Piedmont, and arrest the alarming progress of the enemy." A letter from Milati says—" The proclamation of King Charles Albert has produced a great effect at Milan, and drawn to the King all hearts. The Republicans, lately so troublesome, have ceased for the moment all opposition. Adversity enli^htfens them they are forced to adpiit that the King and his army are the true defence of the couutry."