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=>I' "¡ J ,;ao:'¡z¡: LATEST CURRENT PRICES OF METAL. £ s. d. £ s. d. laox—Bar a ..Wales ton 5 15 0 to 6 0 0 ..London „ — 6 15 0 Nail rods ——— 7 15 0 Hoop (Staf.) „ ——— 8 lo 0 Sheet „ — 9 *«> 0 Bars ? r a Welsh cold-blast foundry pig 3 10 0 4 5 0 Scotch pig b, Clyde r n n Rails, average H n Chairs — ± .0 0 Russian, CCND — 17 0 0 PSI. ———- — -———— Gourieff -i Archangel J* Jr Swedish d, on the spot ;i „ » Steele, fagt. — 15 0 0 „ kegsc 13 10 0 CafPER—Tile/. 78 10 0 Tough cake i A A Best selected 82 10 0 Ordinary sheets, lb ———— 0 0 9 11 bottoms. 0 010 YELLOW METAI,; SHEATHING — 0 0 71 Tix Common blocks g cict. ———— — 3 15 0 bars. 3 16 0 Refined — 3 18 0 StraitsA. ——— — 3 14 0 Banca ———— — 4 IC i, box I 8 0 1 10 0 ix 1 14 0 116 0 Coke, IC 1 5 0 1 6 0 IX 1 110 112 0 Lr,-kD-Shf-,ct k toit. ——— -17 0 0 Pisr, refined 18 0 0 common 16 0 0 1G 10 0 Spanish, in bond. ———— 16 100 Red 18 10 0 Dry White 23 0 0 Shot (Patent) ———— 19 100 SPELTER—{Cake) I on spot. 13 5 0 IS 15 0 for arrival ZINC—(Sheet) m export. 20 0 0 21 00 ect) QUICKSILVER lb 0 3 6 a Discount 2j percent, b Net cash. c Discount 2 per cent. ,] Ditto in bond. i Discount 3 per Cqnt. k Ditto 2 J per cent. j Net cash. In kegs J and J-inch. f Discount 3 per cent. g Ditto 2! per cent. Net cash. m Discount 14 per cent. n Discount li »«r cent. P MONTHLY REPORT. Ino-There was a slightly improved demand for Welsh and Staffordshire in July, but not sufficient to support the opening prices of that month, and we now quote a shade low er. Scotch pig advanced 28. to 3s. per ton in the early part of July, but the rise was not maintained. A few sales of foreign iron and steel have lately been made at current rates. COPPER ion the 11th ult. was reduced jE9 per ton on unmanufac- tured, and Id. per lb. on manufactured;'this reduction has greatly improved the demand, which was for a long time previously very heavy. About 200 tons of South American slabs were imported at Liverpool in July. rp YELLOW METAL SHEATHING was reduced on the Ilth nlt. itd. per lb. TIN.-Thc sales, both of English and foreign, have lately been very limited the former, and also Straits, maintain the prices of the'lst. ult., but Banca is a little lower. Except one ten in April, we have had no importation of foreign since March. The stock of Banca and Straits on the 1st ult. was Tons 361 Exported in July, 8 tons; cleared for home use, 6 14 Stock this day 347 LEAD.—The demand is improved for this metal; in last month a fair amount of business was done in it, and the prices, which were barely maintained on the 1st ult., are now decidedly firm. About 200 tons of Spanish were imported last month, but the major part was hard, and contained silver. SPELTElt.-The apprehension of a protracted and more strict blockade of the Elbe by the Danes, accompanied by a small demand for exportation, brought forward buyers in the home trade unriug the last fortnight, and the price consequently advanced, it being now 30s per ton higher than on the 1st ult. The imports last month were 625 tons. On the 1st of August, 1847, the stock was 2430 tonf,-it is now 2924 tois. CURRENT PRICE OF GOLD AND SILVER. Foreign gold in bars £ 3 17 9 New dollars £ 0 4 10 „ Portugal pieces J Silver bars (standard) 0 4 11 § OF WELSH MINING SHARES. S'aares. Company. Paid. Price. 1000 Abergwessin •• 10000 Banwom Iron Co 6 • • 8000 •• 10000 British Iron, New regis. 10 13 Do. do. scrip 10 10 1000 Cwm Erfin 3 31 I 3000 Dyfngwm 10 I-4 &100 Gadair 2 £ 100 Grogwynion. 5 — 1000 Llwyn Malys 5 •• 3600 Llynvi Iron 50 0(J 5000 Merionethshire Slate and Slate Slab Co. 11 2 40(0 Pennant H •• 1 •' TOO Penrhiw 30 bo 10000 Rhymney Iron 50 13 10000 Ditto New 7 6 2500 lthoswliil(lol Mine 10 GUTTA PERCHA.-The importation of this newly-introduced: article of merchandise continues to take place in large quantities. A vessel arrived in the docks from Singapore has brought 10,902 blocks of gutta percha as a portion of her cargo. The importa- tion of the article taking place in blocks renders it applicable for the manufacture of constables' staves, or any other purposes to wliieh it can be applied. I-, the Mining Journal of Oct. 23, 1847, was inserted returns of the produce of lead in the United Kingdom, for 1845 aotl 1846, by Mr. R. Hunt, of the Museum of Economic Geology, and which he has now followed up by a return for 1847; and, from his kindly favouring us with the particulars, we are enabled to give it in another column from this it will be seen, that the Junoisnt of lead prodllced in England has increased from 35,721 tons in 1846, to 39,482 in 1847 in Wales it has decreased from 10,027 to 10.019; in Ireland it increased from 811 to ] 38J; in Scotland it decreased from 942 to 822 and in the Isle of Man it increased fvin 942 to 1699, being a total increase of lead pro- duced in the United Kingdom from 49,164 tons to 53,410 tons, or 4246 tons. These returns are the more valuable, as, previous to last year, it was impossible to obtain any certain returns, and it Could only be got at by mere approximation.—Mining Journal. THE I nON TRADE OF SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE.—(From our correspondent.)—BIRMINGHAM, SATURDAY, I am gratified in being able to state that within the last fortnight there has been a dedded improvement in the iron trade of these districts. OrdPrs for air kinds of iron are abundant, but although an advance of, -prices has been seriously discussed, none has yet taken place upon those fixed at the late quarterly meeting. Another highly pleas- iiig feature of the present time is the good understanding which at present exists between the masters and the men. An equi able adaptation of wages to the fluctuating price of iron is now occu- pying the earnest attention of some of the more influential mas- ters of South Staffordshire, with a view to prevent those disagree- ments which of late years have so frequently been a source of great injury to the general trade of the district, and caused an immensity of suffering to thousands of families. Most of the mill and forgemen have resumed work at the late reduction, and the colliers and miners are generally employed; a portion of the pudlers, however, still hold out, but it is expected that they also will corns in on the same terms as their fellow-workmen. Pend- ing the negotiations now on foot for a fair adjustment of the ques- tion of wages, it is to be hoped that nothing will occur to disturb the friendly feeling which still exists between the masters and the workmen, more particularly from the disposition evinced by tho former to recognise, in a fair and liberal spirit, the claims of the labourer to a participation in his property .-Morning Post. Or, 'J'I'f"i'c,¡, Just Published, Price Is., or by postfi-ee, Is. 6d., A GUIDE to MERTIIYR-TYDFIL, and the TRAVELLER'S 4 COMPANION, in visiting the Iron Works, and the various Interesting localities of the surrounding neighbourhood contain- ing a concise history of the rise and progress of Merthyr-Tydfal,. with brief notices of Glamorgan, and its antiquities. By 1.1- ^Morthyr-Tydfil: Printed and published by H. W. White, book- -seljcr and stationer. 1848. A MARE STRAYED. FOUND, a DARK BAY MARE, three years old, and pounded at Roath Pound, near Cardiff; to be had by paying the expenses. ANGEL INN AND POSTING HOUSE, CARDIFF. jamrTciioss BEGS to inform his friends, commercial gentlemen, and the public in general, that he has taken the above old-established house, which he has entirely renovated and hopes by civility and attention to their comforts to merit a share of their patronage. Superior wines and spirits; the stabling is new and complete, secure coach-houses and careful postboys. An omnibus to and from the packets and railway station on each arrival and departure. Coaches from all parts stop at the above hotel, where refresh- ments are always provided at moderate charges. 24th July, 1848. HEALTH AND COMFORT. KENWAY'S WATERPROOF FOR BOOTS SlIDES. rjnHIS COMPOSITION is the very best WATERPROOF ever g brought before the public, and is particularly recommended to sportsmen, farmers, gardeners, &c., as the boots and shoes, when prepared with it, will resist all wet, even snow, and will last three times as long as any others! Sold in Bottles, at Is. 6d. each, by all agents throughout the United Kingdom. sggf3 Full directions for use will be found on each bottle. N.B. Boots and shoes, when thus prepared, will take as good, if not a better polish than before. J. B, HOPKINS, Sole Agent for Cardiff. A SUPPLY OF PRIME AMERICAN HAMS, At 7 d. per pound. BAPTIST MISSION-CARDIFF DISTRICT. nnilE ANNUAL SERMONS, on behalf of the above Society, | will be preached on SUNDAY, the I3th of August instant, by ne REV, JOHN JOUDAN DAVIES, of Boottle, near Liverpool, at the English Baptist Chapel, at eleven o'clock, in the forenoon, and at half-past six in the evening; -,tiidIZEV. B. EVANS, of Hirwaen, at the Tabernacle, in the Hayes, at eleven o'clock, in the forenoon, and six in the evening. TIIE PUBLIC MEETING Will be held on Monday evening, the I4th, at the English Bap- tist Chapel, when the deputation from the Parent Society and others will advocate the cause of Christian Missions. The chair will be taken at half-past six o'clock. Ð" Collections will be made, in aid of the above Missions, at the close of each of the meetings. JUST OPENED, THE LONDON HAT EMPORIUM, 22, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF, FOR THE SALE OF EVERY DESCRIPTION OF HATS AND CAPS OF THE MODERN STYLES, COMBINED WITH THE VERY BEST QUALITY JOSH wzuxAxns' %NO-INPP- T) ESPECTFULLY calls the atten- XVmon of the inhabitants of Cardiff aud the surrounding country to his ex. tensive and well selected stock of HATS, CAPS, &c., having purchased the same in the first London houses under very advantageous circumstances, 'wing to the very depressed state of .rade in the manufacturing districts, he is enabled to offer goods of the first style and quality at astonishing low prices. Ventilating Hats of various prices highly recommended for warm Weather. An Extensive Stock of Cloth Caps, Leather Sat Cases, and Carpet Bags J. W. begs to inform the public generally that it will be his study to keep such qualities only as may ensure their patronage and support. THE LOWEST PRICE ASKED FOR BVERY ARTICLE. OBSERVE!—East Side of the Towii-IIall. HENRY CRANT, WATCII CLOCK MAKER, OPTICIAN, JEWELLER, SILVERSMITH, c., BEGS most respectfully to return his sincere thanks to the inha- bitants of Cardiff'and its vicinity,-for the very kind and liberal patronage with which they have favoured him since his commence- ment in business and to announce to them that he has removed from the premises lately occupied by him in Angel-street, to a more commodious and central residence, at No. 24, Duke-street (imme- diately opposite the office of the Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian newspaper), where he has spared no expense in fitting up the place, and rendering it perfectly suitable-for carrying on the various de- partments of his business in a most efficient manner. In soliciting a continuance of public favour, he begs to state that he has kid in an entirely ne.w and elegant stock of WATCHES, CLOCK S. and JEWELLERY of every description. Watches, clocks, astronomical, nautical, optical, and other in- struments supplied of the best and most modern construction. Wedding, mourning, and other rings made to order. Jewellery from the first houses in London and Birmingham. II. G. is also desirous of stating that he has purchased a very superior Transit Instrument, which was used by the late Admiral sheriffs, at the Royal Observatory, Malta, for seventeen years, which instrument is second to none out of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. He has also added to his stock a most excellent astro- nomical timekeeper. Chronometers rated; clocks, watches, jenvollery, &c., cleaned and repaired on the premises, by experienced workmen, and on the shortest notice. TAKE YALE RAILWAY. GENERAL HALF-YEARLY MEETING. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next General Half- Yearly Meeting of the proprietors of this company will be held, pursuant to act of Parliament, at the White Lion Hotel, Broad-street, Bristol, on Wednesday, the 16th of August, next. The chair will be taken at one o'cloek precisely. WALTER COFFIN, Chairman. Notice is also hereby given, that the books kept for the registra- tion of transfers will be closed from Tuesday, the 8th of August next, until after the holding of the said General Half-Yearly Meeting. By order, E. KENWAY, Secretary. Railway office, Cardiff, August 1, 1848. SOUTH WALES RAILWAY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next Half-Yearly General or Ordinary Meeting of the Proprietors of this Com- rtanv will be held pursuant to the Act of Parliament, at the Pad- dington Station, London, on Wednesday, the 23rd day of August next at one for two o'clock, for the general purposes of business. Thn 'plvair will be taken at two o'clock precisely. CU C. RUSSELL, Chairman. The transfer books will be closed on the 9th of August, and will not be opened until after the said Half- Yearly General Meeting on the 23rd of August. N. ARJ\ISTRONG,Secretarv. South Wales Railway Office, 449, West Strand, London, July 26, 1848. WP* 2" -•ftritrryrMTi ■ '.n-frfr7r ifnr« ifoillrill-ATSIS IMPROVED BAKING POWDER. OBSERVE THE DIFFERENCE. XT has the advantage, in every respect, over all others yet intro- 1 duced, and, at!the same time, the necessity of haste in baking is avoided, as dough baked with this Powder can remain any rea- sonable time before baking, or be baked immediately it is made up. To be had,- wholesale and retail, of the proprietor, and retail by WM. GLANVILLE, Pembroke Dock, and others. Agents loanted. Cardiff, 18, Angel-street. IN PACKETS THREEPENCE EACH. MATHEWS'S PATENT BAKING POWDER. I) ECOMMENDED'by Medical Men as a ,substitute for Barm 1/makes Bread without fermentation,- in one minute light lJ isti'v Puddings, and Cakes, and saves expense, time, and labour. Important to families, emigrants, and seamen. For details read the Philosophy of Bread-making," price One Pepiny (20th thousand): Houlston and Stoneman, London and all Booksellers. E. H. MATHEWS, Patentee, 13, Upper Arcade, Bristol and 5, Benct-place, Gracechurch-street, London. Sold wholesale in Bristol by T. and A. Warren, Redcliff-street; Birtill aud Longman, Counterslip; Budgetts and Co., Nelson- street; and Tanner Brothers, Stephen-street. Retail Agent for Cardiff, J. 'T.o Barry Carmarthen, C. B. Warren, Chemist; and bJ all Chemists, Grocers, and Stationers. Agents wanted in every town in Wales. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. EDWARD PKITCIIARD, At the Carpenters' Arms, Newport, on Tuesday, the 15th day of August, 1848, at twelve o'clock at noon (by order of the Assignee of Edward Rees, a bankrupt), ALL that the undivided one-sixth part or share of the bankrupt, now aged 38, for his life, of and in certain FREEHOLD MESSUAGES, PASTURE and ARABLE LAND, Containing about 24 acres, situate at Risea, in the county of Mon- mouth, and let to Mr. William Davies, the Rev. D. Edwards, Mr. Wm. Matthews, Messrs. Price and Brain, and Mr. Edward Mat- thews, afrents amounting together to £65 per annum. A portion of the rent is reserved upon leases of which long terms are unex- pired. For further particulars, apply to the assignee, Air W. B. Wil- liams, Commercial-road, Newport, to the official assignee, Alfred John Acraman, Esq., Bristol; to the auctioneer, Newport; or to Mr. Charles Hassell, solicitor, Bristol. FREEHOLD FARMS, IN THE COUNTIES OF CARMARTHEN & PEMBROKE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY 3111. D. PHILLIPS, At the Rutzcn Hotel, in the town of NARTIERTH, on THURSDAY, the 17th day of AUGUST next, at three o'clock in the afternoon, in three lots ALL those desirable and productive farms with the public-house, called the BUSH INN and FARM, Glencoch, and Pompren- (ictit, aii(I Cnocell, situated in the parish ot Llandissilio, in the counties of Carmarthen and Pembroke, and in the occupation of resxiectable tenants. LOT I. All that well-frequeitsd public-house and tavern, called the BUSH INN and FARM, containing 82a. lr. 3p. (more or less) of very productive arable, meadow, and pasture land. This farm is situated adjoining the highway leading from Nart-erth to Cardigan, over which there is considerable traffic, and now in the occupation of Mrs. Mary Owen. The rent-charge apportioned on this farm is £ -5I2s.9d. LOT II. All that desirable and highly-improveable farm, called GLEN-1 COCH,. containing 73a. Or. Hp. (more or less) of arable, pasture, and meadow land, and now in the occupation of Daniel Owen. This farm is bounded on the west by lot I. Rent-charge £3 12s. 6d. LOT III. All that productive farm, called POMPRENDDU and CNOC- ELL, containing 15a. 3r. Ip. (more or less) of arable, meadow, and pasture land, and in the occupation of William James. This farm, is bounded on the east, north, and west by lots I and 2. Rent- charge JE1 Os. 3d. These farms lie at an easy distance from lime and coal; within o miles of the market town of Narberth; II from Haverfordwest, and I from the place where the South Wales Railway crosses the highway, leading to Narberth, at which point there will be a highly important station, which must render these farms a very desirable object for investment. The tenants will show the land, and for further particulars, apply to the auctioneer; Mr. W. H. Owen, solicitor, Narberth; or Mr. Alfred Thomas, Welfield, Carmarthen. June 30th, 1848. PONTYPOOL. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BYE. P RITCIIARD, On Thursday, August 17th, 1848, at four o'clock precisely, at the Greyhound Inn, Pontypool, ALL that leasehold messuage or dwelling-house, known as the GREYHOUND INN, situate in Commercial-street, in the town of Pontypool; now in the occupation of Mr. Henry Jakeways together with the good-will, &c. The above premises are eligibly situated in the main street of Pontypool, adjoining the market house, and are held under lease, of which 54 years are unexpired, at an annual rental of E40. The said inn, from its well-accustomed and old-established trade, is well worthy the attention of any person about to embark in that busiufØss. And on the following day, the whole of the strong and useful Household ruruiture, Stock-in-trade, Fixtures, &c., the sale of which will take place at eleven o'clock, unless taken to at a valua- tion by the purchaser of the lease. For further particulars, &c., apply to the auctioneer, Newport. SUMMER TRAVELLING BETWEEN N0BTH_ASD SOUTH "WALES- THE PUBLIC are respectfully informed that the first-rate ap- pointed four-liorse Post coach THE TOURIST, will in future commence running from Carnarvon to Aberystwyth, on Tuesday, the 13th June next. The Tourist will leave the Sportsman Hotel, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturd ty mornings, at half-past seven o'clock, pass- ing through Beddgelert, Tre' Madoc, Tanybwlch, Dolgeilcy, and Machynlleth, and will arrive at the Belle vue Royal Hotel, Aber- ystwyth, by eight o'clock the same evening returning from Aber- ystwyth every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at six o'clock, arriving at the Sportsman Hotel. Carnarvon, at .seven o'clock in the evening, from whence there are conveyances the fol- lowing morning to the Liverpool steamers at the Menai Bridge, and the Chester and Holyhead Railway Station, Bangor, in time for all the trains to Chester, Birmingham, and London. THE COLLEGIAN, Four-rnM-se coach, leaves the Belle Vue Roval Hotel, Aberyst- wyth, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fnclay mornings, at seven o'clock, passing through Aberayron, Lampeter, Llandoverv, Tre- castle, to the Castle Hotel, Brecon from whence coaches proceed nextmomiüg to Bristol, Swansea, Mil-ford, Abergavenny, Ross, Hereford, and Chepstow, thus affording to tourists an opportunity of enjoying the most magnificent, romantic, and beautiful scenery of NOITH and S mth Wales. Performed by the public's most obedient servants, JOHN RAE and CO, Sportsman Hotel, Carnarvon, June 9th, 1848. ")!t:: -(.a:M"¡';¡'[ -I:n.MIIIt.-IIf.1- TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. WANTEI) a respectable and well-educated YOUTH, not un- lV der 15 years of age, as an APPRENTICE in the DRUG BUSINESS; premium required. Apply to Mr. J as. Mc'Lean, Druggist, &c., Pembroke-Dock. -—-■■■ o To Drapers' Assistants, and Parents and Guardians. WANTED, a YOUNG MAN of steady habits, and conversant in the Welsh language apply as below, stating age, mun'ikr of years in the business, reference, and salary. Also, a YOUTH, who can write a good hand, as an APPREN- TICE a premium required. Apply to A. B., Post-office, Newport, Monmouthshire. — MONEY. PARTIES wishing to enter in a speculation which may realise large sums of money at a very small outlay, are requested to apply to Messrs. H. R. Goebel aii(I Co., General Agents, 80, King William-street, City, London, where prospectus and full particuWs may be had gratis. MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE. To Parish Clerks, and Others. F IVE Pounds reward will be given to any person procuring the Certificate of the Marriage of JOHN HOBDAY LADE, of Boughton, in the county of Kent, Esq., with l-li"8 EVORS, of Tenby, South Wales. The Marriage is supposed to have been solemnised in Somh Wales, on or about the 2nd March, 1791. Apply to Messrs. Wright and RingféJrd, Solicitors, 23, Esses- street, Strand, London Messrs. Kingsford, Son, and AV, iglitw,,ckl Solicitors, Canterbury; or W. H. Owen, Esq., Solicitor, Nar- berth, South Wales. ANOTHER ARREST JN DUBLFN. Monday morning, Francis Hanlev, of 6, North Earl-street, a student of Trinity College, and a native of Tipperary, wus arrested. He had been in correspondence with Smith O'Brien's party. FLY VAN. CONVEYANCE BETWEEN CARMARTHEN AND HAVERFORDWEST. WILLIAM JAMES, CARRIER, T) EGS to announce to the public that his VAN leaves Carmnr- I) thcu at nine o'clock in the morning, every Monday, \VeÜnes- day, and 1< nday, returning alternate days; leaving Haverfordwest at half-past eleven in the morning. THOMAS ARMS HOTEL, LLANELLY. MRS. THOMAS T) EGS leave to inform the public, and commercial gentlemen iu |3 particular, that she has transferred the business of the above house to her daughter, ELIZABETH MORRIS, by whom th same will in future be conducted, Mrs. Thomas, in retiring from the above business, begs leave to return her most sincere thanks to her numerous friends for their long-continued patronage aud support; solicits a continuance thest- of to her daughter and begs to state that she will continue to re- side at the Thomas Arms, and that all the arrangements tr- tile house shall be superintended by herself as usual. It is requested that all claims may be forwarded to Mrs. '-Thomas as early as convenient. ELIZABETH MORRIS, In entering upon the above business, respectfully solicits a con- tinuance of the patronage and support so long enjoyed by her nwi- ther, and begs to state that every exertion shall be made ou her part to merit the same. Llanelly, 1st August, 18-18. TO THE LEGAL PEOEESSIOX, Merchants, Bunkers, and all who are desirous of obtaining a good Pen, that will write freely. MESSRS. B. P. LLOYD AND CO. BEG to recommend their TUIPLF, POINTED ELECTRO PLATER STEEL PENS, which combine all the freedom and elasticity of the best quills, with the regularity and equality of steel; "th," massive coating of sterling silver gives these pens a very elegant appearance, preserves them from corrosion in any climate, anct causes the ink to flow more freely than from any pen that has been yet offered to the public a single trial will prove their superiorii over all others, and one pen is warranted to last as long as twelve of the best steel pens now in use. Sold, wholesale only, by B. F. LLOYD AND Co., Wholesale Manufacturing Stationers, Edinburgh, and may be had from aU booksellers and stationers in the kingdom. Price Is. per dozen. NORMAL COLLcGE FOR WALES. Aaron Crosfield, Esq., Treasurer. Rev. David Evans and J. M. Buckland, Esq., Swansea, lioll Secretaries. Evan Davies, Esj., A.M., Principal. Mr. Edward Roberts, Agent. THIS institution is intended for training and preparing schools _jj_ masters and mistresses for Wales, and is to be established aud supported by exclusively voluntary effort. Its character will be altogether unsectarian, and its discipline will combine religious and secular training upon the principles of the British and Foreign School Society. The estimated sum required for the laud, college, model school, furniture, library, and scientific apparatus, adapted for 100 students, is about £ 6,000; but £ 2,000 more would be neces- sary to extend its advantages for a corresponding number of female teachers—an object greatly to be desired, if adequate funds be sup- plied for both purposes. The agent (Mr. Edward Roberts) is authorised to solicit and re- ceive donations and subscriptions, or tile intended sum may be communicated to the honorary secretaries, and paid through either of the following Banking Companies to the credit of the Trea- surer, A. Crosfield, Esq., Swansea, viz. The Glamorganshire Banking Company, Swansea, The West of England and South Wales District Banking Com- pany, Bristol, o Sir R. C. Glyn and Co., bankers, London. Contributions have been commenced, and the under-mentioned sums reported up to the present time, by the respective secretaries of the local committees, viz. Brecon. £ s. d. Glamorgan. £ s. d. Oalhvyn 5 0 0 Bridgend 10 4 <) Cardigan. Cardiff 4 71 0ft Aberayron 7 7 0 Cefii Ci-it-)wr, &-c. old 0 Aberystwith 71 14 0 Llanharran 0 7 I) Biaenanerch 5 7 3 Morriston 4130 Cardigan 25 0 0 Swansea 677 19 0 Capelwig 7 14 10 Monmouth. Glynartlien 25 0 0 Monmouth 10 0 0 Hawen 10 17 6 Newport OQ Q Q Lampeter 8 12 1 Ponthir "4 j 6 Llanbadarnfawr 118 4 Pontvnool 39 14 £ Llangeitho 3 bj 9 P*nbroke. Llanilar 5 18 10 Brynberian 5 0 (I Llechryd 18 18 6 Haverfordwest 47 lo 0 Maenygroes 8 16 0 Llangloffan 16 0 0 Neuaddlwyd 0 3 6 Miiford 10 10 0 NewcasthvEmlyu 10 4 6 Narberth 16 2 <3 Peullvvyn 132 3 Newport 6 19 0 Taliesyn. 3 8 0 Pembroke. 5 0 0 Talybont 3 2 0 Pembroke-Dock II 5 0 Tregaron 7 3 2 Penygroes. 3 -0 Trcwen 14 14 g golYa 6 6 u Carmarthen. St David's 1 () 0 Llanelly—William Tenby 50. jo Chambers, Esq. 100 0 0 England. Mvddfai 5 0 0 Sundry sums prc-:1 "t. Clears. 5 0 0 scuicu IS i £