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THE REV. D. CHARLES, B.A., AND THE TAL- GARTH SCHOOL. TO THE EDITOR OF THE PRINCIPALITY. Six,—Presuming the Rev. D. Charles, Trevecca College, would'not condescend to answer your anonymous correspon- dent, who styles himself Bvodor of Gcr Mynydd IWd, in your pwv of last week, andbemgmy self well-acquainted with the locality of Talgarth and the British school in mat place, from the circumstance of my being a real Brodor of Ger MynYttd Troed, which I greatly doubt your correspondent t,) bo, I therefore beg to offer a few short answers to the queries which k- has thought proper to propose. Query 1st What was the whole amount of expense for erecting the British sehool-roem at Talgarth? See the fifth pasre of the first report of the Talgarth British School corn- mittee. If you do not possess a copy, apply to the secretary, for one. 2nd. Was there a worthy and efficient effort made at all to have the school-room free of debt by local subscription ?, Yc= neighbour. \>a, there more than £ 90 debt remaining on the buii'S'at the time the application was made for Govern- ment aid ? Yes, there was more than twice £ 90. 4th How often did the committee meet to arrange how to clear off this trifling sum, but were obliged to leave with- out doing anything, owing to the non-attendance of a cer- tain member of the emmnittee? rn If by a certain member is meant the Rev. D. Charles, I can venture to state that no member has attended more tmr.ciuallv than he. o^h Did +he committee not offer to pledge tnemseh es to find some-means to clear it off, providing their worthy leader shoald'operate, and. give up all thoughts ot Government n- ] » 1 The Rev. I). Charles never declined co-operating with in any plan likely to be for the good oi fith' vi'U it not with tsttch difficulty yon prevailed with the committee to join you in this beggarly excuse ? No, in(leccl, lieM-bour. The Rev. D. Charles made no eftort at all*to prevail upon the ether members of the committee to rec?ive Government aid, as they all equaLy felt the need °*io\lu Would you wish to see the Austrian catechism in- trodrced info the Talgarth British School, or any of the schools that have originated in the exertions of your wortny and immortal ancestor, the Rev. Ilios. Gaaues, Jala Ai e you an advocate of the fine for non-attendance from 20 to 500 fi ancs as in France ? If not, what is your guarantee to V'lies that these things shall not accompany the intor- ference of the English Government with the education of tliy^™re'5pondent might have learnt before this that the council make no inquiry, as to the teaching of ^vP'Hous catechisms whatever, and that it is quite a n^rem-ls-mtation of the minutes of council to state beiore th,' country that Government makes any attempt at mter- ffcrencO'With religious education, and it is a greatpity. that any effort should be made to biinci tne people of A *ks as to t;'aS Sfren, I«f T'™ to ,««• !hat i Mis+pad of being; civil and religious Ov'i Qiiu uupiiS, iijbitdu ui 0 bondsmen/' they find themselves as untetterea as ever with resneet to civil and religious liberty, and I be a ey. the lol- «*arth British School committee would be the last to advo- -te any plan that would at all be lifcely to interfere with the best interests of their countrymen, and your corre- spondent may set himself at ease that continental restrictions will never be adopted in British Schools. Your says that "the fricnds at Talgarth v-il! <nve the Rev. D. Charles the credit of having been the t mover of the British school in that town." That is quite rHht li» was the first mover of the Talgarth British scnool; buV if I am not mistaken, the friends at lalgarthwiil give hhn ered't for more than being the first mover of it, lie nas been also as firm a suppor;er of it as any gentleman in the Fditor be pleased to allow me to state, that it would 1 n'nl'-c b-rer for paries to meet the real merits of iheqnes- tio-! than to'seek for subjects of accusation agamst persons who have proved themselves to be true and faithiul friends to their fellow-countrymen. I remain, on-, ANOTHER BRODOR OF G- Ll, MYNYDD TROED. August Is', :8:18.









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