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CARMARTHEN. GEXERAL NO-,T'g are glad, to find that there is at length a prosp ct of a speedy em t ion of this monu- ment. Oil Monday w -ek a boarding was erected on tha site of the 614 Cross, so as to liable the committee, to judge of. the effect of tho monum- n. in th s particular spot. The model of the Statu:; will be r. a.d/ n about six weeks and w .11 th >nf witil-el, despatch, be cast, ;;lt is not yefccJuitG definitivol set- tled where the same will be erecte ), lx it."public opiniqnu stroi^gly in favour f the vacant space in front of the Tow.i-- hall, ai being a m eh more e gible situation than i ear the Cros THK ISTIIIMARY FUNDS.—We have much pleasure in stating that a Chilton, E-sq., Q.C., leader < f the South Wales cir- cuit, hw presented the munificent su n of 26 guineas to the func!s,O- t'ic CarmartVonsHire Irtfir nary. We undtrsfnd this is a jJcruon of the £ 500 received by the learnei counsel as d i- magos f eta tie Croyd n ftiilw y Comp tny, ibrh vingtalsjiy ioaprisoi ed hii4i, tu« whole of which we believe Mr. Chiltm has diviied Hftwagst Various «h.ir, a Ie institrtion Mr. Adamq, of Middleton Hall, In this county, has also, in the same spirit of liberality, contributed £ 25, as a donation, for the same benevolent institution, in addition to an annual subscription of JE5. We hope we may have the pleasure of recording many si- milar acts of munificence in behalf of this most excellent of charitable institutions,^Carmarthen Journal.— An extraordi- nary and general effort was made during the past week in aid of the funds. Every available means were resorted to,a bazaar,—a ball,—a concert,—and a sermoil,-varietic.. of ob- jects to interest all classes from the gay soldier to the devoted saint. The bazaar was well supported, and realized, we under- stand, nearly £ 400. The ball was so well sustained as to call forth from a very classical contemporary the following piece of eloquence" The poesy of motion met willing aids on this oc- casion, and the votaries of Terpsichore had a rich treat; for excellent music, brilliant lights, flashing uniforms, magnificent dresses, and above all bright eyes and cheerful conversation, all contributed to enhance the general harmony and joy." The concert was well attended; but the performances (judging from the criticism of the local press) did not give general satis- faction. The sermon by. the Bishop of St. David's was, as all the productions of the right rev. prelate are, most excellent; the collection at the close exceeded E40. SOUTH WALES RAILWAY.—A Special County Court was held at the Blue Boar Inn, St. Clears, on the 26th ult., before G. Prytherch Price, Esq., Deputy-sheriff, to assess the compensa- tion to be paid by the South Wales Railway Company, in lieu of a quantity of land belonging to five different proprietors, re- quired for the purposes of the line. The parties whose land was about to be taken were John Thomas Beynon, Esq., of Trewern the Rev. John Kvans, Nantyreglwys; Mrs. Eliza- beth Morgans, and others; G. Bowen, Esq., of Llwyngwair and Miss West. The case of John Thomas Beynon, Esq., v. The South Wales Railway Company, was first proceeded with. Mr. Sergeant Allen appeared for the claimant, and Mr. Lloyd for the Company. After the examination of several witnesses, the learned under-sheriff summed up, and the jury returned as the amount of compensation to be given-For the land, £ 45; severance, £ 24 general damage and inconvenience to the es- tate, 160 total, E 149. Upon the delivery of this verdict, the four other cases were settled without the intervention of a jury. CARMARTHENSHIRE ADJOURNED QUARTER SESSIONS.—The first adjournment of the June quarter sessions for this county was held on the 21st ult. The treasurer's account was audited and passed, by which it appeared that the disbursements amounted to jE2,947 4s. 4d. -v.iile the receipts were C2,526 lis. 9d., leaving a balance of £ 420 12s. 7d. due to the trea- surer. The Rural Police-rate accounts having also been au- dited, it was ascertained that the receipts amounted to jEl,232 10s. 4 jd., while the disbursements were £ 561 9s. 5d., leav- ing a balance of E671 Os. lljd.in the treasurer's hands. Some other unimportant matters were transacted, and the Court ad- journed.