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P0NTYP00L- We are glad to learn from good authority that E. Miall, Esq., the talented editor of the Nonconformist and Dr. Price, are expected shortly to visit this and other towns in Monmouthshire, as a deputation from the British Anti-State Church Association. We have no doubt they will meet with a hearty reception, and will be the means of convincing many of our neighbours that the evils arising from the union of the Church with the State are neither few nor small. We understand the amount collected at the recent anni- versary of the English Baptist chapel was upwards of £ 100, a considerable su n, considering the depressed state of trade in this neighbourhood. ABEKSYCHAN Iao,,< WORKS.—The anniversary of the Loyal Rhosyn-Glaa-Ffrwd Lodge of Independent Odd-fellows took place on Saturday last, at i he British Lion Inn, at these works, when after having formed a procession which was headed by a band of music from Bristol they proceeded tothe new Baptist chapel, Crane-street, Pontypool, where a very eloquent and appropriate, sermon was preached to them by the Rev. — Evans at the close, the procession again formed, and paraded through the principal street3 of the town, the villages of Pontnewynydd, and Abersychan, to their lodge-room, to discuss the good and substantial things of this life provided for them by the worthy host and hostess of the establishment, Mr and Mrs Bro lghall, and tj'whichamp)e justice was done. The tinner, which was considered first rate both as regards quantity and quality, gave very general satisfaction. The cloth being removed sind the chair taken, the usual loyal and other toasts were drunk among the rest, Mr. Mitchell proposed the health of Mr. Wiliiam Thomas, C. E. ( he Welsh Brunei), and expatiated at some length on his superior mechanical abilities, and his ingenious mo-e of constructing and erecting the var.ous branches of machinery connected with these extensive works. SMALL DEBTS COUNT.—RICHARD BUDGIN, lEON FOUNDER, V. HENR y ADCOCK, C.E. --Ti is w s an actu n on a b'll of exchange for £ 19 odd, for castings and machinery, supplied for the recent t.iai of defendant's patent spray pump, at Mr. Blewitt's, M.P.. pit, at Llanhilleth. Affidavit was put in of service of notice of trial at the defendant's re Northumberland-street, Strand. His honour decided this to be not sufficient service, but allowed a frash summons to bj issued for the next court day. VALUE OF MINERAL PROPERTY.—Mr. Cliffe says-" Aline-al proper y on the hi it, which, when the Monmouthshire canal and its traniroads weie eoi s'.ructed, was only worth 5s. all a re sur- face rent, soon increased in value '0 £ l,5C0 ID acre, or more, underground. The area of the Monmouthshire coal field exceeds 89,000 acrei, and the various seams of coal that can be profitably worked aie said to average about 50 feet, which produce a gross yield per a?re of nearly 73,0.00 tons. The total quantity now. worked annually is estimated at about 2,200,000 tons, at which rate there is a sufficient supply left for the next 1,500 yean. The net quantity available for. export has been estimated at about 3,000,000,000 tons. Gieat Britain now annually consumes from all her collieries about 21,000,000 tona." REMOVAL or TROOPS TO IRELAND.—On Saturday evening last, about eight o'clock, information was received at the barracks at this place, that all the soldiers were immediately to leave Ponty- pool for Ireland; accordingly on the morrow, about noon, they were marched off in true rnilitary style. It being in soÎope re- spects a teisure day, crowds of persons presented themselves to witness their departure. THfc ODDTPELLOWS OF ABEHSYCHAN celebrated their anniver- sary on Monday last. About 12 o'clock-they;formed themselves into a procession, and proc eded to Trevethin church, where they listened to an appropriate address from the lier. Thomas Davies. The procession was headed by an excellent brass band, ivhich played a variety of ple::s;ng airs in a manner highly creditable to the performers.