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IMPORTANT MEETING, RI,OATJSU HARBOUR, An influential meeting of gentlemen interested in the Dock Company, members of the Harbour Trust, and others con- nected with the trade of the pari was held in the Town-hall on Friday last. The purposes GtlÎJ\g will be best seen by a perusal of the proceedings. The Mayer took the chair, and, in opening the business, st tted that he was of opinion, that floating accommodation in the port hadbecöme a necessity. He had summoned the meeting with the view of reconciling conflicting opinions, in order to secure thia object. They certainly ought to provide a float to meet the requirements of the several railways now in course of formation. The South Wales tiilway was now ill. n very forward state, and he had been informed that extra exer- tioiis were about being made for completing the line from New port to Swansea. One of the directors was present, and could give the meeting more information. Mr. Vivian, M.P., begged to state as one of the directors of the South Wales railway, that he believed the company would- forward the line to Swansea with all possible dispatch. The Mayor proceeded to remark that this determination of the Directors of the South Wales railway made it still more imperative on the people of Swansea to provide floating ac- commodation for vessels of large bunhen frequenting the port. Provided Swansea had a float he thought the port would stand a better chance. After some further conversation Mr. C. R. Jones proposect., and Mr. Wm. Stroud seconded the follo wing resolution, Thai, it is desirable to obtain floating accommodation at Swansea at. the earliest possible period." The resolution was carried unanimously. Mr. C. James proposed, and Mr. D. Francis seconded "That as difficulties have hitherto presented themselves to all plans suggested for floating accommodation, it is highly neces- sary to ascertain what scheme presents the fewest ciiiiiculties and the greatest advantages, at the least expenditure of capi- tal, and consequent taxation." Some further conversation then took place, in which Mr. Benson, the Mayor, and Mr. Eaton took part, as to the point -whether it was competent in the meeting to discuss the merits of the various schemes for providing floating accommo- z, dation, or that the matter should be referred to a committee. Capt. E. Morgan, Mr. Benson, Mr. C. James, and Mr. Vivian took part in the discussion, and were followed by Mr. J. P. Budd, who considered that there were too many conflict- ing interests for an undertaking like the one proposed to suc- ceed; and suggested that they might perhaps make the Cor- poration property available by way of security for money bor- rowed for the improvement of the port. Mr. W. Stroud -(Glamorgan Bank) recommended that a sum should be borrowed to pay off the present 5 per cent, bond holders, which he had no doubt they could do by offering landed security in addition to that of the harbour. Mr. Aubrey inquired what were the present intentions of the Dock company ? Capt. Morgan said that if the town or corporation aided th'3 company with money they would go on at once, otherwise the project must be delayed for a time. The Rev. Calvert R. Jones urged the necessity for floating accommodation, and said that the ruinous effects of delay had already appeared. Mr. Benson then moved a resolution, of which the following is a copy, as carried by the meeting That as floating the old river or town reach is the plan which on some accounts seems likely to be executed most speedily, and at the smallest cost, comprehending the advantages of a railway and a canal communication with the embracement of the facilities to the shipping trade already existing on both sides of the river Tawe; that a committee be appointed to ascertain if the town reach can be floated under the sanction of the Admiralty, and at what cost, such committee to consist of the following gen- tlemen ;—Messrs. Vivian, C. James, S. "Henson, Budd, Bath, E, Morgan, L. L. Dillwyn, H. K. Eaton, P. S. L. Orenfell, W. Stroud, and W. Walters and that the committee be re- quested to call together this meeting as soon as they are in a position to make any communications." After some further remarks a vote o: thanks was passed u the Mayor, and the meeting separated.





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