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MONEY, PARTIES wishing to enter.in a speculation whteh may realise liirge:'sums of mo,noy at a very small outlay, are requested to apply to Messrs. H. 1't Goebel and Co., General Agents, 80, King William-street, City, London, where prospectus and full particulars may be h$d gratis. M.UtUIAgE CKimnCATK. y To Parish Clerks, and Others. Jm-VE^Pound* reward will be given to any person procuring the ^"Certiffcaie uf tUo Marriage of JO^N HQBPAY LJ\DE, Of Boughton, in the county of Kent, Esq., with Miss RL1.ZA E-VORS, 9f Tenby, South Wales. ■ The Marriage is supposed to have been solemnised in South Wales, on or about the 2nd March, 1791. Apply to Messrs. Wright and Riogsfcrd, Solicitors, 23, Essex- street, Strand, London; Messrs. K.ngs ord, 86,i, and Wightwick, Solicitors, X'anterb.uiy j uf'W-H. Esq., Solicitor, Nar- ber.h, South Wa|es. TO THE LEGAL PROFESSION, Merchants, Bankers, and all who are desirous of obtaining a good Pen, that will write freely. MESSRS. B. F. LLOYD AND CO. TPEG to recommend their TRIPLE POINTED ELECTRO PLATED JL) STEEL PENS, which combine all the freedom aad elasticity of the best quills, with the regularity and equality of steel; the massive coating of sterling silver gives these pens a very elegant appearance, preserves them from corrosion in any climate, and causes the ink to flow more freely than from any pen that has been yet offered to the public; a single trial will prove their superiority over all others, and one pen is warranted to last as long as twelve of the best steel pens now in use. Sold, wholesale only, by B. F. LLOYD AND Co., Wholesale Manufacturing Stationers, Edinburgh, and may be had from all booksellers and stationers in the kingdom. Price Is. per dozen. 3 I L MUSICAL INSTRUCTION. Mil. JIRS. TILLEY BEG respectfully to inform the nobility and gentry of Cardiff and its vicinity, that it is their intention to give instruction four days per week, viz., Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, in the following branches of musicPiano Forte, English and Italian Singing, Harmony, Thorough Bass, Counterpoint, and Composition. Mr. and Mrs. Tilley have received their musical education from. Sir George Smart, Signor Ziliani, and other eminent professors, whose mode of instruction they adopt; and those ladies and gen- tlemen who may honour them by taking lessons, either in vocal or instrumental music, may rely on the zealous and uniform exertionrs of Mr. and Mrs. T. for their efficient instruction and advancement,, and that it shall be their anxious care to merit the patronage of the. public. They likewise beg to inform the inhabitants of Cardiff, for the better improvement of Church and sacred music iri general, of their intention to form ladies' and gentlemen's singiiig classes," where a number can be tau-ht" the' -art of singing at sight with, fluency—a very gleat acquisition to the choirs of Churches and' Chapels. Mr. Tilley's system of teaching singing classes is his own; compiling; selecting the greatest beauties from the German, Italian, and English authors, enabling his pupils' to learn this pleasing art with very little study. No books ave required for class singing, as he composes lessons according to the capacity of his pupils. The members of classes to pay one quarter in advance, according to th«,- rules of class teaching. The following are their terms per quarter:— PRIVATE TEACHING. £ Piano Forte. 110 English -Singing J. I 10 Italian Singing. 2 2 Thorough Bass, Counterpoint, and Composition 3 3- Class Singing, per quarter, each pupil 0 {j, Mr. and Mrs. Tilley's testimonials from their pupils at Newport,, &c., can be seen by application to them at Miss Lewis's, grocer, Wharton-strcct. lvlr. T. begs to inform the public that he is agent, for Novello's. Cheap Oratorios, Handel's "Messiah," Judas Maccabmus," Dettingcn Te Deum," and Haydn's Creation in numbers, sixpence each. The "Messiah" and" Creation" are cqlllplvted,, and can be had bound Messiah," 6s. 6d.; Creation," Õs. TO THE MAGISTRATES OF THE COUNTY OF GLAMORGAN. MY LORDS AND GENTLEMEN, A VACANCY having occurred through the resignation of Mr. Whittington as COUNTY SURVEYOR, I beg most respect- fully to announce myself a Candidate for the Situation. As the great desideratum is to have a sound practical man, one no way connected with Tradesmen who may be competitors for work to be done, as such I offer myself, having been brought up as a Builder under eminent masters, with a thorough knowledge of Architectural Drawings, Specifications, the Letting of Work, and. the various customs of Measuring. Having had the superintendence of some of the best works in the building line, and trust I shall have an opportunity of showing my Testimonials from Noblemen, Gentlemen, and Architects, under whom I have been engaged I trust my experience will en- able me duly to appreciate Workmanship and Material of every description. Should I have the honour of being appointed, I pledge myself that no exertion on my part should be wanting in the due discharge of the duties devolving upon me. I have the honour to be, My Lords and Gentlemen, Your most obedient Servant, PAUL SHARPjL Merthyr. July 13,1848. C W M B R A: N E, ^EAR NEWPORT; MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MESSRS. GRAHAM, On Saturday, the 12th day ofAugnst,1848, at three o'clock in the-, afternoon, at the King's Head Inn, Newport, subject to such conditions of sale as shall be then produced, ALL that Messuage or Tenement, known by. the sign of the, "BUSH INN,with tlie stable, pigscot, garden, and appur- tenances thereunto belonging, situate at Cwmbrane, in the parish of Llanvrechva, in, the county of Munmouth, and now in the occu- pation of John Thomas, licensed victualler. The above premises are held for the residue of a term of 21 years, commencing on the 1st day of January, 1840, under the yearly rent of 19, 19s., apd, will be sold with the benefit of a co- venant for renewal for the further term of 21 years, and also of a, covenant by the lessor (in case such renewal is not applied for) to pay a moiety of the cost price of any erection or buildings which, since the commencement of the term, had been or might thereafter be erected or built by way of improvement to the original premise included in the lease. For further particulars apply to Messrs. HALL & JENKINS, Solicitors, Newport, Monmotithsbire.





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