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AUSTRIA. OPENING OF THE AUSTRIAN DIET BY ARCIIDTJKE JOSN.—- The Austrian Assembly was opened on the 22nd by Arch- duke John. At mid-day, a salvo of twenty-one guns an- nounced the solemn opening of the Austrian Constituent Assembly. The Archduke made the following speech Gentlemen Deputies,—Mi? Majesty, our gracious constitutional Emperor, having commissioned me to opea the Constituent As- sembly, I fulfil this pleasant duty, and greet you, gentlemen,' w{io have been called to complete the grand task of the regeneration of our fatherland. The confirmation of our freedom, both present and future, requires your open and independent co-operation for the firm establishment of the constitution. All nationalities of the Austrian monarchy are equally near to his Majesty s heart, and in their free fraternization, in the full equality of all, as wel as in our close connexion with Germany, all interests find their firm foundation. It was painful to his Majesty that the fulness of those blessings which the wise use of free institutions secures to nations, eould not be established at once. His Majesty feels for the grievances of his people. With reference to Hungary and its dependencies, we may expect, from the high sentiment of justice of its noble population, a satisfactory arrangement of the questions not yet settled. The war in Italy is not directed against the free- dom of the Italian people; its task is, whilst acknowledging na- tionality, to defend the honour, of the Austrian arms, and the highest interests of the State. Our well-meaning intentions to arrange peaceably this unhappy dispute have been without suc- cess, and it will be the task of our gallant army to obtain an ho- nourable peace. The amicable relations existing with all the great powers. have not been interrupted. The relations with Spalp ate re-established. In consequence of former financial operations, and the occurrence of extraordinary events, extiraoidiinary mea- sures will be required, and the executive will, as soon as possible, lay before you projects for meeting. all demands. The calling of the representatives of the people to consult about the common inter- ests, is the fullest guarantee of the intellectual and material de- velopment of Austria. His Majesty sends to you, gentlemen,. and to the whole nation, Ms imperial salute, and the assurance of his hearty, kind disposition towards you. The Constitutional Parliament is opened.