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EMIGRATION- FOR NEW FROM THE B UTE D OCKS, CARDIFF. m. TO SAIL on or about the 20th of August, 1848, the fine, fast-sailing, first-class, coppered and copper-fastened, British- built barque, ELLEN, 11 600 tons burthen, George Pettingill, commander, hastery superior accommodation for passengers, naving ofr teet batwoou "declts; and parties about to emigrate may place every reliance on the Skill of the master, who has had considerable ex- perience in the trade. „ Applications to be made to Messrs. R. Cory and Son, Cardiff; r to Mr. James Knapp, Newport. Steam Conimunicalisn between NEATH, and BRISTOL. THE FINE NEW IRON SCREW STEAMER, NEATH ABBEY, 60 Horse jxnmr, JOHN WILLIAMS, COMMANDER, Will take in goods on the Back on Tuesdays and Fridays, and is intended to sail as follows during the month of August, 1848, wind, weather, and water permitting, with liberty to tow. PR Oil NEATH. Thursday, Au:j.3 8 morn "Monday, 1 » 104 mora Thursday „ 17 7 morn Monday „ 21 10 morn Thursday 24 2 after Monday 28 6 morn Thursday „ U timorn FROM BATHUKST BASIN, BRISTOL. Wednesday, Aug.2 S mar.i Saturday, 5 9J morn Wedneslay 16 7 morn Saturday 19 9 morn Tuesday 22 ll^night Saturday '28 4 morn Tuesday „ 30 7 morn ? N. B. To accommodate parties attending the meeting of the Bri- tish Association, at Swansea, the Neath Abbey will be at the dis- posal of the committee, from the 7th to the 16th of the month but in all probability, she will be leaving Bristol every other day during that period. Passengers taken on board at Briton-ferry, if near the Rock- house, fifteen minutes after the advertised time of leaving Neath. Passengers from Neath landed at Clevedon, and from Bristol at the Mumbles (weather permitting), if required. FARES :-Best cabin, 7s. 6d. second cabin, 4s. children under twelve years of age, half fare. Iiorses, 12s. 6d. cattle, 7s. 6d. dogs, 2s. pigs, Is. 6d. sheep, Is. gigs, 12s. plwetons, 15s. carriages, 25s. Live stock shipped and landed at risk of the owner. Passengers from Neath to Briton-ferry, 6d. each, landing included. No fees to steward or stewardess. Refreshments may be had on board at moderate charges. Agents—Thomas and Son, Back, Bristol; A. H. Buckett, Neath.. August, 1848. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN BRISTOL, CARDIF, FSIVANSEA, ILFRAC0MBE, and TENBY, THE POWERFUL STEAMERS, PRINCE OF WALES, Matthew Jones, Commander, LORD BERESFORD, Rob. Davis. Commander, and BRISTOL, -Matthew Jones, Junior, Commander, ARE intended to sail as follows, during the month of AUGUST 1848, wind and weather 'permitting. OF WKLES. FROM THE BUTE SHIP DOCK, CARDIFF, 1 Wednes. Aug. 2 6 'morn. Friday, „ 4 7 morn. .Monday, „ 7 8 morn. Wednes. „ 9 10J morn.. Friday, „ 11 i alter. Monday, ,,14 34 after. ■Wcdnea. „ 16 5 after. Friday, ts 6 morn. Monday, 21 H morn. Wednes. 23 10t Friday, 25, 1 after. Monday, „ 28 3] mom. H edacsdav, SO 5 after. Friday, Sep. 1 6 morn. I PRINCE OF WALKS. FROM CUMBERLAND BASIN, BRISTOL. Tuesday, Aug. 1 6; morn. Thursday, 3 S morn. Saturday, 5 9 morn. Tuesday, 8 .11 morn. Thursday,. 10 If after. Saturday, ,,12. 3j after. Tuesday, 15. 6 after. Thursday, 17 7 morn Saturday, 19 Si morn. Tuesday, 22 lOJ morn. Thursday" 24 11 after. Saturday" 26, 3i after. jTuesday 29 6 morn. 2Tiursclay 31 7 morn. Saturday, Sept. 2. 8 morn. Fares-Cabin, 5s. Deck, 3s. Reduced fares—After Cabin, 4s,; Fore Cabin, 2s. Children, IHllf-price, Further information as to freight, &c., will be readily obtained bv applying to A. Hingston, agent, at the Packct-office, Bute Docks, Cardiff or to E. T. Turner, agent, No. 12, Quay-street, Bristol. Goods will be hauled from both warehouses to the packets, at the expense of the companies. FROM BRISTOL.. FROM SWANSEA. I ord Beresford, Thursday and Satur- Lord Beresford, Tuesday and Friday, day. Bristol. Wednesday. Bristol, Monday. Weines. Aug 2 8 morn Thursday „ .3. 8i morn Saturday, „ 5 10[morn Wednes. „ 9 12^ after Thursday, 10. 2 m,orn Saturday, 1,2 4 morn Wednes. 16 61,inorn Thursday, 17 S morn Saturday, „ 1.9 9 I Wednes. „ 23. 12 noon Thursday, 240. 2 morn Saturday, „ 26 4 morn WV-dnes. „ 30 7 morn Thursday, „ 31 7morn Saturday, Sep.2 9 morn • Tuesday, Aug l a morn Friday, 4. 91 morn Monday, 7 .11t morn Tuesday, 8 12 morn Friday, ,,11 3t morn Monday, ,,14 7 morn Tuesday, 15 7i morn i Friday, 18.) morn Monday, „ 21 11 morn Tuesday, 22 ,114 morn Friday, ,,25 3 morn Monday, „ 28 7| mom 'uesday, ,,29 7i morn Friday Sep- 1 9 morn Passengers from Swansea landed at Clevedon if required. REDUCED FARES between Bristol and Swansea.—Best cabin, 10s.—fore cabin, 5s.—children under twelve years of age, half fare—sheep, Is —lambs, 9d.—horses, 17s. 6d.—fat cattle, lÜiJ.-storc ditto, 8s.—cow and calf, 10s.—dogs, 2s. 6d.—pigs, ]a; gd.—fat pigs, Is. 9d.—gigs, 16s.—phaeton, 21s. 6d.—carriages, 82s. 6cl.-steward's fee, best cabin, Is. SWANSEA TO ILFRACOMBE. II.FRACOMBE TO SWANSEA. Lord Beresford, Monday. Bristol, Lord Beresford, Monday. Bristol, Friday. Friday. Monday, July 31 4 i morn Monday, July 31 3* after Friday, Aug. 4 7 morn Friday, Aug. 4 5 after Mmiay, .7 11 morn Monday, 7 3 after Fridiyj 11 3 morn Friday, 11 7 morn Monday, 14 4" niorn Monday, 14 3 after Friday J 18 6 morn Friday, 18.. 4$after Mondav, 21 ,10} morn Monday, „ ,21 2J after Mondav, 21.JOk morn Monday, „ ,21 2J after Eridavj 25 4 morn Friday, 25 6| morn j^ojida'v, '28 2imorn Monday,7' 28 3 after REDUCED CARES between Swansea and Ilfracombe.—Best cabin, 8s.—deck, 5s. To and fro same day, cabin, 10s.—fore eabin, 8s.—children under twelve years of age, half-fare—car- riage, 3-,Is.-phmton, 25s.—gig, 1,5s.-horses, 17s. 6d. each- dogs, 2s. 6d,—pigs, Is. 91.sbeep, Is.—lambs, 9d.—fat cattle, 10s. -store ditto, 8S.-Cow and calf, lOs, Goods, packages, parcels, &- i. forwarded to all parts without delay. Steward's fees for ladies and gentlemen, Is. each—children and servants, 6d. PitON SWANSEA TO TENBY. BRISTOL. Thursday, Aug 3 6J niorn'' Tauis Uv, „ 10 1$morn Thursday, ,,17 • • niorn 21 J morn Thursday 31 5J morn FIlOM TENBY TO SWANSEA. BRISTOL. Thursday, Aug 3 4J after Thursday, j, 10 .10J after Thursday, „ 17 3| after Thursday. „ 24 ,lo| nior. Thursday, „ 31 3i after FARES :—After cabin, as.—tore cabin, 4s.—steward s tee, Is. N.B. Parties wishing to group for an excursion to Tenby can obtain a ticket for twelve persons, by applying to the agents, or to Captain M. Jones, Jun,, on board—after cabin to and fro, £ 4 16s. -fore cabin, to and fro, -E, -steward's fee, 6s. N.B. The Bristol will discharge and take in, goods every Tues- day on the Grove. tjggf Refreshments may be had on board at moderate charges. Agents—John Barber, 24, New King-street, Bath—J. W. 'Pockett, Swansea—J. Martin, Britannia Hotel, Ilfracomb:- vV. Cory, Fortescue Arms, Barnstaple—G. Morris, White Hart, Bishopsgate-street, Loil(loii-,incl W. Bower, White Lion, Teiiby. All letters seeking information to be post-paid. All goods, packages parcels, & will be forwarded to all parts without delay, when fldlrc,ed to E. T. Turner, agent, Steam Packet office, 12, Quay-street, Bristol. TO PARENTS ANI) GUARDIANS. 117 ANTED, a respectable and well-educated YOUTH, not un- W dor 15 years of age, as an APPRENTICE in the DRUG BUSINESS; premium required. Apply to Mr. JAS. Mc'Lsati, Peiubroke-Dpck, CHEAP STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN CARMARTHEN AND BRISTOL, IN TEN HOURS, TOUCHING AT TENBY. I THE rapid and beautiful iron screw steam ship TALBOT, .140 horse-power, Edward Lewis Morgan, com- mander, is appointed to sail during the month of AUGUST, as follows:- FROMBATlIURST BASIN, BRIST. FROM CARMARTHEN. Wednesday, Aug. 2.. 7 morn Friday, August.. 4..81 morn Tuesday, 8.. 11 morn Thursday, 10..2 after Wednesday, 16.. 6J morn Friday, 18..8 niorn Tuesday, 22.. 11 after Thursday, „ 24..2 after Wednesday, 30.. 6 morn FROM TENBY.—Two hours after leaving Carmarthen. BRISTOL TO TEjBY AND CARMARTHEN.—Fares—cabin, 12s. 6d.j children under twelve, 6s.; servants, 7s. 6d.; fore cabin, 6s. children under twelve, 4s. CARMARTHEN TO AND FROM TENBY.—Fares—cabin, 3s.; fore cabin, 2s. No fees to steward.—Refreshments may be obtained on board at moderate charges. Goods taken in at the warehouse, Grove, Bris- tol, to await the packet's arrival if requiredfor Carmarthen, &c. Further information may be had on application to the master on board Mr. James King, Packet office, Grove, Bristol; Mr. S. C. Dunn, Packet, office, Carmarthen or Mr. Win. Jenkins, Packet office, Taibach. Freight of goods to be paid for on delivery. TAFF VALE RAILWAY. GENERAL HALF-YEARLY MEETING. ÆOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the next General Half- Yearly Meeting of the proprietors of this company will be held, pursuant to act of Parliament, at the White Lion Hotel, Broad-street, Bristol, on Wednesday, the 16th of August next. The chair will be taken at one o'clock precisely. WALTER COFFIN, Chairman. Notice is also hereby given, that the books kept for the registra- tion of transfers will be closed from Tuesday, the 8th of August next, until after the holding of the said General Half-Yearly Meeting. By order, E. KENWAY, Secretary. Railway office, Cardiff, August 1, 1848. SOUTH WALES RAILWAY. Sixth Call, jE5 per share, making £ 28 paid. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that, pursuant to a resolution of the board of directors, the proprietors of shares in this company are required to pay the SEVENTH INSTALMENT of £5 per share, on or before the 16th of August next, to any of the uncler-mentioned bankers London—Messrs.'Glyn, Halifax, Mills, and Co. Liverpool-The Bank of Liverpool Manchester—Messrs. Jones Loyd and Co. Gloucester—The Gloucestershire Banking Company Bristol and Exeter-The West of England and South Wales Bank Cardiff-The National Provincial Bank of England Carmarthen—Messrs. David Morris and Sons Swansea—The Glamorganshire Banking Company All calls not paid on or before the 16th August next will be charged with interest, at the rate of 5 per cent. per annum and no interest Shall be payable to any proprietor upon any amounts which he may have paid up, or which may have been paid up on any shares, so long as any call shall remain unpaid upon any shares held by him. By order, N. ARMSTRONG, Secretary. South Wales Railway Office, 4-19, West Strand, London, July 12, 1848. NORMAL COLLEGE FOR WALES. A MEETING of the General Committee of the Normal College for Wales in conjunction with the Swansea Executive Com- mittee will be held at the vestry of Castle-street Chapel, Swansea, on Wednesday, the 9th of August next, at 6 p.m., for the purpose of taking into consideration the following amongst other matters The constitution of the institution; The mode and period of its removal from Brecon to Swansea • The deed of trust and nomination of trustees The power of enabling the Swansea Executive Committee to add to its, number. The importance of the subjects to be discussed and settled will, it is presumed, secure a full attendance. As the town at that time will necessarily be exceedingly crowded (being the week in which the British Association will commence holding its sittings), It would be highly desirable that those who purpose attending should inform the secretaries of the Executive Committee, the Rev. D. Evans, York-place, and J. M. Buckland, Esq., Adelaide-place, of their intention as soon as practicable, in' order that proper accommodations might be timely procured for them. D. REES, J. G. AVERY, E. DAYIES, (Secretaries.- D. EVANS, NORMAL COLLEGE FOR WALES. Aaron Crosfield, Esq., Treasurer. Rev. David Evans and J. M. Buckland, Esq., Swansea, Hon. Secretaries. Evan DMies, Esq., A.M., Principal. Mr. Edward Roberts, Agent. THIS institution is intended for training and preparing school- masters and mistresses for Wales, and is to be established and supported by exclusively voluntary effort. Its character will be altogether unsectarian, audits discipline will combine religious and secular training upon the principles of the British and Foreign School Society. The estimated sum required for the land, college, model school, furniture, library, and scientific apparatus, adapted for 100 students, is about £ 6,000; but E2,00,1 more would be neces- sary to extend its advantages for a corresponding number of female teaehers-an object greatly to be desired, if adequate funds be sup- plied for both purposes. The agent (Mr. Edward Roberts) is authorised to solicit and re- ceive donations and subscriptions, or the intended sum may be communicated to the honorary secretaries, and paid through either of the following Banking Companies to the credit of the Trea- surer, A. Crosfield, Esq., Swansea, viz. The Glamorganshire Banking Company, Swansea, The West'of England and South Wales District Banking Com- pany, Bristol, or Sir R. C. Glyn and Co., bankers, London. Contributions have been commenced, and the under-mentioned sums reported up to the present time, by the respective secretaries of the local committees, vi:¡;. Brecon. £ s. d. Glamorgan. s. Onllwyn, 5 0 0 Bridgend 10 4 0 Cardigan. Cardiff 71 0 0 Aberayron. 7 7 0 Cefii Crib,,NAr, &e. 519 0 Aberystwith 71 14 0 Llanharran 0 7 6 B.Iaenai-icreh 5 7 3 Morriston 413 0 Cardigan 26 0 0 Swansea 677 19 0 Capelwig .»•••• 7 14 10 Monmouth. Glynarthen 25 0 ol Monmouth 10 & 0 Hawen 10 17 6 Newport 29 9 0 Lampeter 8 12 1 Ponthir 4 5 6 Llanbadarnfawr 1 18 4 Pontypool.. 32 14 6 3 13 9 Pembroke. Llanilar. 5. 1,8 10 Brynberiari 5 0ft Llechryd 18 18 6 Havorfordwest. 47 10 0 Maenygroes 816 0 Llaiigloilari 16 0 0 Neuaddlwyd & 3 6 Milford 10 10 0 Newcastle-Emlyn 10 4 6 Navherth 16 2 6 No Penllwyn 13 2 3 Newport. 6 19 0 Taliesyn. 3 8 0 Pembroke. 5 0 0 Talybont 3 2 0 Pembroke,Dock. II 5 0 Tregaron 7 it 2 Penygroes, 3 0 0 Trewcn 14 H 6 Solva 6 6 0 Carmarthen. St David's 10 0 0 Llanelly-William Tenby 5 0 0 Chambers, Esq. 100 0 0 England. Myddfai. 5 0 0 Sundry sums pre- St. Clears § 0 Q sented. 19 4 0 BAPTIST MISSION—CARDIFF DISTRICT. THE ANNUAL SERMONS, Oil behalf of the above Society,: will be preached on SUNDAY, the I3th of August instantrby R«y.-JOHN JORDAN DAVIES, of Boottle, near Liverpool,, at the English Baptist Chapel, at eleven o'clock, in the forenoon, and at half-past six in the evening; and REV. B. EVANS, of Hirwaen, at the Tabernacle, in the Hayes, at eleven o'clock, in the forenoon, and six in the evening. TIlE PUBLIC JIEETING Will be held on Monday evening, the 14th, at the English Bap- tist Chapel, when the deputation from the Parent Society and others will advocate the cause of Christian Missions. The chair will be taken at half-past six o'clock. Collections will be made, in aid of the above Missions, at the close of each of the meetings. HENRY GRANT, WATCH § CLOCK MAKER, OPTICIAN, JEWELLER, SILVERSMITH, &c., BEGS most respectfully to return his sincere thanks to the inha- bitants of Cardiff and its vicinity, for the very kind and liberal patronage with which they have favoured him since his commence- ment in business and to announce: to them that he has removed from the premises lately occupied by him in Angel-street, to a more commodious and central residence, at No. 24, Duke-street (imme- diately opposite the office of the Cardiff and Merthyr Guardian newspaper), where he has spared no expense in fitting up the place, and rendering it perfectly suitable for carrying on the various de- partments of his business in a most efficient manner. lsoliciting a continuance of public favour, he begs to state that he has laid in an entirely new and elegant stock of WATCHES, CLOCKS, and JEWELLERY of every description. Watches, clocks, astronomical, nautical, optical, and other in- struments supplied of the best and most modern construcdon. Wedding, mourning, and other rings made to order. Jewellery from the first houses in London and Birmingham. H. G. is also desirous of stating that he has purchased a very superior Transit Instrument, which was used by the late Admiral Sheriffs, at the Royal Observatory, Malta, for seventeen years, which instrument is second to none out of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. He has also added to his stock a most excellent astro- nomical timekeeper. Chronometers rated; clocks, watches, jewellery, &c., cleaned and repaired on the premises, by experienced workmen, and on the shortest notice. JUST OPENED, THE LONDON HAT EMPORIUM, 22, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF, FOR THE SALE OF EVERY DESCRIPTION OF HATS AND CAPS OF THE MODERN STYLES, COMBINED WITH THE 7ERY BEST QUALITY TORN WILLIAIHS 191L isaw"- j RESPECTFULLY calls the atten- tion of the inhabitants of Cardiff aiid the surrounding country to his ex- tensive and well selected stock of HATS, CAPS, &c., having purchased the same in the first Loudon houses under very advantageous circumstances, nying to the very depressed state of .rade in the manufacturing districts, he s enabled to offer goods of the first style and quality at astonishing low prices. Ventilating Hats of various prices highly recommended for warm Weather. An Extensive Stock of Cloth Caps, Leather Ilat Cases, and Carpet Bags J. IV. begs to inform the public generally that it will be his study to keep such qualities only as may ensure their patronage and support. THE LOWEST PRICE ASKED FOR EVERY ARTICLE. 4;- OBSERVE!—East Side of the Town-Hall. HEALTH AND COMFORT. KENWAY'S WATERPROOF FOR BOOTS § SHOES. THIS COMPOSITION is the very best WATERPROOF ever I brought before the public, and is particularly recommended to sportsmen, farmers, gardeners, &c., as the boots and shoes, when prepared with it, will resist all wet, even snow, and will last three times as long as uuy others Sold in Bottles, at Is. 6d. each, by all agents throughout the United Kingdom. Full directions for use will be found on each bottle. N.B. Boots and shoes, when thus prepared, will take as good, if not a better polish than before. J. B, HOPKINS, Sole Agent for Cardiff. A SUPPLY OF PRIME AMERICAN HAMS, At Id. per pound. R. DAVIES, GROCER, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF, 0 EG S to return his best thanks to his Friends and the Public generally, for the very liberal Support he has experienced ing the six years he lias resided in the town. R. D. begs a1 so to announce to Families and others in Cardiff and its vicinity, that he has connected the GENERAL PROVISION TRADE next door to the GROCERY, and trusts from the Quality and:: Prices in each Department to merit a continuance of their favours. ANGEL INN AND POSTING HOUSE, CARDIFF. ■ JAMS CROSS EEGS to inform his friends, commercial gentlemen, and the public in general, that he has taken the above old-established house, which he has entirely renovated and hopes by civility and attention to their comforts to merit a share of their patronage. Superior wines and spirits; the stabling is new and complete, secure coaeh-kouscs and careful postboys. An omnibus to and. from the packets and railway station on each arrival and departure. Coaches from all parts stop at the above hotel, where refresh- ments areatwavs provided at moderate charges. 24th July, 1848. BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. To Linen and Woollen Drapers, Outfitters, Grocers, Oil and Coioarmen, Ironmongers, and Ship Chandlers. MESSRS. BERNARD, THOMAS, AND CO. | f AVE yeecived instructions from the assignees of Mr. John Lucas (Brawn and Lucas), a bankrupt, to SELL by AUC- TION (without reserve), in lots, to suit the trade and others, on Tuesday, the 8th of August, and following days, as stated below, the whole of the valuable STOCK-IN-TRADE, amounting to £ 1 500 or thereabouts, at cost prices, viz. The woollen and linen drapery, sail canvass, ready-made clothes, hats, AVII, he sold on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 8th and 9th of August. The grocery and provisions, with some stationery, and the oils and colours, will, be sold mi Thursday, the 10th of August. The ironmongery and ship chandlery will be sold on Friday, the' nth of August, and Monday, the 14th, and following days, until all is disposed of. Saturday, the 12th, will be devoted to clearing off the sales of the previous days, and settling accounts. Sale to commence each day at half-past eleven o'clock to the minute. Bills, at two months, with approved security, will bo- accepted tor all purchase* exceeding £5,[), The whole of the stock will be on view on Monday, the 7th of August, on whifeh day, by application at the premises., all further particulars may be obtained, or in the interim, by letters, addressed to Barnard, Thomas, and Co., Albion Chambers, Bristol, EDWARD MANT MILLER, Esq., Official Assignee^ publications. Just Published, Price Is., THE MEMOIR of the late REV. JOHN EVANS, LLWYN. JL YFFORTUN (under the patronage of the Carmarthenshire Monthly Meeting). By the Rev. Thomas John Willi;un- Myddfai. Lianelly: Rees and Williams. In, the Press, and will shorthj be Published, Price Is., THE POETICAL WORKS of IAGO EMLYN, including Prize and other Poems. Subscribers' names will be received at the Publishers, Messrs. Owen aud Roberts. CARICATURES. PICTURES FOR THE MILLION OF WALES. THE CELEBRATED EDUCATIONAL ESPIONAGE. LITHOGRAPHIC DRAWINGS, with letter-press, illustrative of the beginning of a Government scheme of Education for Wales. THE subjects are, I. THE ORIGIN OF THE COMMITTEE OF* COUNCIL. II. THE CHARGE TO THE SPIES. III. SV- MONS AND THE SCHOOLS. IV. EXHIBITION OF THE Wolf' V QUALIFICA HON OF WITNESSES. VI. EVIDENCE GIVEN VII. 1 HE UNLUCKY VISIT. VIII. TUK CAR AFFAIR, ix" ARTEGALL, OR WHIPPING THE BOYS. The first four are on separate sheets, and are now ready, price 2cK each. The five other subjects are on two double sheets, and will be out by the end of July, price 24d each sheet. To be had at B. L. Green, 62, Paternoster-row, London ogkes of the PRINCIPALITY, and the Welsh Periodicals, &c. ^J \IIE STANDARD OF FREEDOM for Saturday, July 2'MJ X contained copious details of all the events in Ireland smoo th,' passing of the Habeas Corpus Suspension Bill, with the latest in- telligence down to thcl. hour of going to press. Together with the other important news of the week, French, German, Indian Ame- rican, and Colonial, with Metropolitan and Provincial intelligent e Among the editorial articles will be found powerful leaders on the popular and stirring questions of the day, namely, the Fatal Posi- tion of Ireland. Whose the Cause of it? John Pym's Lettei, on Liberty and Bribery; the Irish Church Russian Machiavelism the State of Government Finance the Last Balance-Sheet • Mes- merism Extraordinary, and its Influence on the Ministry Prine,- Metternich's Correspondence with Lord John Russell; and other contributions on political and social topics. THE STANDAR.fi OF FREEDOM is not only one of the largest newspapers pub- lished in the Metropolis, but also one of the most ably-conducted weekly journals of the day. It is the uncompromising advocate of Political, Commercial, and Religious Freedom, Equitable Taxa- tion, and Retrenchment, Price 4id., or 4s. 9d. per quarter in advance, and sent to any part of the kingdom free of exp 9 The large and rapidly increasing circulation of THE STAND\1P>- OF FREEDOM renders it a most desirable medium for adv in all parts of the country. Office, 33o, Strand, London. V r^t MASONIC HALL, NEATII, AUGUST 8th, 1848. Ill f OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a Provincial G"r.U)r1, Lodge of Froem, sons will be held at the New Masonic Hal:, Neath, on Tuesday, the 8th of August ensuing, which L)dge all r present and past P. G. Officers, and all Masters, Past Master Wardens of the diherent Lodges, in the province of South \V • Eastern Division, are summoned to attend. The attendanct t Visiting Brethren, whether belonging to these Lodges or llut, r. respectiully invited. The Lodge will be opened at ten o'clock, a.m., precisely, and 11.. Brethren w ll walk in procession to attend Divine Service at twelve o'clock, returning to the Lodge in the same way, when the Ib will be dedicated by the P. G. Master. The Banquet will taU place at half after five o'clock, and Brethren who intend to be pr* sent are particularly requested to signify their intention, eitln r through their respective Lodges or otherwise, in writing, address v W. M., No. 472, Neatli, on or before Thursday, the 3rd (,1 August, By command of the P. G.M., J. L. WHITE, P. G. Secretary., EIGHTEENTH MEETING OF THE: BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT ( F SCTENCE, To be held at Swansea, Wednesday, the-9th of August, 1848. THE Nobility, Clergy, Magistrates, and all other Inhabr JL the Principality who intend to contribute to the FUND defraying the expenses of RECEIVING the BRITISH ASSUl, ATION, are earnestly requested to send their names to the L i Treasurer, Mr. J. G. JEFEITEYS,. Swansea, or to the Seen the Finance-Committee, Mr. J. JENICINS, 51', Wind-street, 8 sea, in order that the arrangements may be forthwith complete^ The following Persons have already announced their illtentiuc, subscribing the several amounts placed opposite their riailios:- J. H. Vivian, Esq., Singleton £ 100 0 C. R. M. Tablot, Esq., Margam 100 0 a The Mayor of Swansea, Parkwcrn 50 0 J. D. Llewelyn, Esq., Peniiergare 50 0 L. W. Dillwyn, Esq., S-ketty Hall 25 0 u Earl Cawdor 25 0 Sir John Guest, Dowlais House 25 0 ti Rowel Gwyn, Baglai-i House 21 0 Robert Eaton, Erynymor 20 0 6, W. It. Grove, Esq., LJl(;on 20 0 Messrs. Chambers, Llanelly House. 20 0 (j The R.ev, J. Traherne, Coedriglan 20 0 00 Henry Thorcas, Mayor of Neath 15 0 N. E, VaughLii, Esq., U'" 10 0 0 P. S. L. Grenfell, Esq., Maesteg 10 0 L. Ll. Dillwyn, E*q., 'Parkwcrn 10 0 U, Joseph Price, Esq., Glyn veil, n 10 0 ti T. Edw. Thomas, Esq., Glanmor 10 0 (V Thomas Grove, Esq., Danycoed 1. 10 0 II J. Gwyn Jeffreys, Esq., Norton Villa 10 0 0. Matthew Moggridge, Esq., the Willows 10 0 0s The Bishop of St. David's, Ahergwilly Palace, 10 0 0 Evan Morgan, Esq., St. Helen's .» lit 0 0 Starling Bensou, Esq., Gloucester-place 10 0 0 The Dean of Llandatf 10 0 0 Messrs, Callaad, Upper Forest 10 0 u The Right Hon. J. Nicholl, Merthyrmawr 25 0 0 Viscount Ada.re, Duraven Castle ». •. 25 0 0 It. J. Nevin, Esq., Llangeneeh Park 10 0 ,0 John j. Striek, Esq., Ynistanglws 5 0 0 T. B. Essery, Esq., Gloucester-place 5 0 -0; Win, Williams, Esq., Aberpergwm.. 5 0 0 Valentine Da, ies, Esq., Carmarthen 5 0 0 Edward Budd, Esq., London 5 0 0 Whyndham Harcling, Esq., Westminster 5 0 <1 J. H. Phillips, Esq., Wiliiaiiistoii, I-laverfordwest 5 0 0 Lady Mary Cole, Lanelay 5 0 tJ Thomas Walters, Esq., Picton-place 5 0 O" Messrs. Rolls and Hoare, Swansea 5 0 tI J. P, Budd, Esq., Ystalyfera 5 0 (I Henry Bath, Esq 5 0 0 The Bishop of Llandaff, TIardwicke House 5 0 0 J. D. Berringtou, Esq., Woodlands. 5 0 41 Q, G. Williams, Esq., Swansea 5 Q B. Iiill, Esq., Fountain Hall 50o The Rer. George Thomas, Llandaff Court 5 0 0 FlexerxeoJ. Beiisoii, Esq., London 5 0 <1 Rieh&rd H-. Miers, Esq., Ynispenllweh 5 0 ü TheRev. S. Davies, The Grange n n Iltid Thomas, Esq:, Ilill House 5 q (t M. i. Michael, Esq., Pieton-plaee 5 0 (t Captain Win. Jones, Glanbrane 5 0 0 R. D. Gaugh, Esq., Yniseedwin 5 0 0 John Richardson, Esq., Cambrian-place 5 0 P J, Bruce Price, Esq., Dyffryn, Cardiff 5 0 o Messrs. Leach, Richardson, aliid Co., Strand 5 0 0 Messrs. NioholsQn, and Sous, Sunderland 5 0 0 Joseph Martin, Esq., Glyneollon 5 0 0 Sums under £ 5 78 q. q A complete list of subscribers will be found in the Reception— room, Library of the Royal Institution. By order of the Finance Committee, JNO. JENKINS, IIonv Secrtarv. July 4th, 1818. T