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DOWLAIS. ON Monday afternoon the annual demonstration of the Sun- day-schools took place here. For a few hours shops were closed and all business suspended; parents, children, old and young scholars of all denominations joined together to swell the stream of a monster profession, the sight of which, toge- ther with the melodious sounds of the choirs of singers chant- ing happily along, could not but have produced to all lovers of order* morality, and religion a most pleasing and heart-stir- ring effect. Each school met early in the afternoon, and with its.respective minister and body of singers at its head proceeded through High-street to Market-square, and from thence through Market-street to the lawn of Dowlais House, where they were most received by Sir John and Lady Charlotte Guest, Miss and Master Guest, and other smiling young branches of sl,v,,ii o the family. By seven o'clock there were no less than 2.500 Sunday-school children assembled, and between ministers, teachers, parents, and children there were above 5,000 persons congregate .1 in front of Dowlais House. The whole scene pre- sented a striking instance of the energy and toil of the indefa- tigable teachers of the Sabbath-school of Dowlais. This day being also the anniversary of the Dowlais Auxiliary Bible So- ciety, the procession returned to the Market-square, which was* soon exceedingly crowded. On the platform were noticed the following :—Sir J. John Guest, Bart., M.P. Lady C. Guest; the Rev. Thomas Phillips; the Rev. E. Jenkins j the ll?v. Xiiiin Rev. D. Roberts Rev. J. Hughes Rev. T. Protheroe; Rev. Vi. n. Davis Rev. Edward Davis, M.A., Brecon &c. At the proposition of the Rev. E. Jenkins, se- conded by the Rev. W. R. Davis, Sir John Guest took the chair, and spoke as follows:—" My friends, I rise with the greatest pleasure before some thousands of you to the high honour of opening a meeting for a cause of such importance as this. The society we advocate this evening is of consequence to us all. By it we have the scriptures freely circulated amongst us, and Bibles distributed to ail parts of the world. I am proud to see such a vast collection of Sunday-schools be- fore me. The hour being late, it would be wrong in me to ex- oatiate when I see so many rev. gentlemen around me ready to do so. I beg to call the Rev. Mr. Hughes to address the meet- —Mr. Hughes spoke in Welsh strongly of the advan- tages derived from Sunday-schools, contrasting greatly their present condition and the manner the Sabbath was spent in this neighbourhood among the working-classes half a century The secretary, Mr. T. V. Jenkins, here read the report of the last year's proceedings, which stated that inconsequence of the unsettled state of trade in Dowlais this branch of the Bible Society had become bankrupt. It had been obliged to a-cceive the assistance of the Merthyr and Dowlais Choral So- ciety, which gave them a benefit by means of a concert of sa- cred music, and he was happy to say this relieved them from such distressing circumstances-.—Sir John Guest: During the last year I have no doubt that the uncertain condition of things Iic-e his affected your society, as it has every one else but I hwos that times of prosperity will again revive your funds, that the rich will give from their plenty, the widow her mite, and the poor man from his need.—The Rev. E. Davis, M.A., said I rejoice greatly to stand before such a multitude presided over bv the lion, baronet, and supported by Lady Charlotte, a zea- lous patroness of the Welsh and the Welsh language, and dis- L tinguished not only in this neighbourhood but throughout the principality. We are all met together nothing else than to cultivate the religion of the Bible. We bless God that this book is circulated throughout our beloved land, and to the po- pulation of Wales. We are bold to say that we arc so distin- guished here as throughout the nations of the earth. I am SHTY to hear that this branch is become bankrupt, but am sa- tisfied to see you exert yourselves, and that you will not be in debt to the Bible Society. Necessity has no law. But I hope there will be no necessity for such a mode of paying old debts a .more..May much prosperity attend your exertions.; I lure you will not complain of being in debt, and that the words of the lion, baronet will not be forgotten. I wish you all suc- cess in the great work in which you are engaged.—The Rev. T. Phillips,deputation from the parent society, spoke in Welsh, and as usual his .discourse brought him much attention and had .good effect on the large audience, who heard him, Mr. Phil- lips moved a. vote of thanks to Sir John Guest, seconded by Mr. T. Jenkins, and also to Lady C. Guest, seconded by Alr. J. Edwards, for their kind attention to the interests of the meeting, which were received by a show of a forest of hands from the audience. Sir John and Lady C. Guest subscribed £:j each towards the British and, Foreign Bible Society, when they retired amidst the greatest applause. The immense crowd then dispersed peaceably.