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STATE OF WATERFORD. The Rhadamanthus steamer is lying in the river at Water- ford. On Friclay morning the Duchess of Kent steamer arrived at Waterford, from Belfast, with a large detachment of four hundred of the 3rd (Buffs). The 71st Regiment is now on its way from Dublin to that city, and one is to be stationed in Besborough demesne for the summer, where a camp will be formed. LIMERICK.—Among the rifle shooters at Lahinch, two ladies are said to be the most expert. A few days since a young gentleman placed his hat on a wall at a reasonable distance, telling one of the ladies to hit the former if she could. She at once raised the rifle, took aim steadily, and struck the gentleman's hat with such effect as to spoil it for ever, to his particular chagrin and distinct disappointment. The Limerick Chronicle says All the military recruit- ing parties in this garrison have been withdrawn, the first station in Ireland to pick up active lads for the army. Government must have received some information respecting impending insurrectionary movements, as the military in several stations in Ireland are confined to barracks, and kept under arms, while all officers on leave of absence are required to join their corps. The army in Ireland this month, including enrolled pensioners and police, amounts to 45,000 men." # The potato disease is rapidly spreading1. The Limerick Heporter announces the arrival of Mr. Richard O'Gorman, jun., the member of the Irish deputa- tion, who remained in Paris to acquire knowledge in the erection of barricades. Mr. O'Gorman has been deputed frem head-quarters to inspect the clubs in the counties of Limerick and Clare. The Limerick Chronicle of Saturday says :—" Yesterday evening two police-constables demanded admittance into the Felon Club-rooms, Newcastle, when they were refused by the porters at the door unless they paid one shilling each and became members, which they refused to do. There are now two hundred and twenty members in the club." Mr. Butt, Q.C., who addressed the juries on behalf of Mr. Smith O'Brien and Mr. Meagher, in the recent -State trials, has been retained for the defence of Mr. Duffy, at the approaching commission.

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