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THE CONFEDERATE LEADERS. DUBLIN, JULY 23.—In reply to very partioular inquiries for Mr. W. Smith O'Brien, M.P., at his residence last even- ing, it was stated that the hon. and gallant gentleman had left town rather suddenly, without mentioning whither he was bound Several other leaders have likewise left town, on business connected with the threatened "rising," Mr. O'Gorman arrived in Limerick yesterday, on atourot. inspection among the clubs in that county and Clare He visits, Killaloe this day, says the Examiner, where he is p omised a warm reception. Mr. Doheny is runningriot through Tipperary, and Magee is revelling amid the would-be rebels of the county of Dub- is revelling amid the would-be rebels of the county of Dub- lin. Meagher is preparing high-flown appeals: to the God of Battles, and vowing that he will not register that- celebrated sword of his, which, by the way, is not yet forged. Subjoined are some extracts from the provincial repeal journals, which must be calculating on the impunity with which the Felonious" papers in Dublin have been per- mitted to circulate their treason :—• (From the Water:ford Chronicle. Verily, the crisis has at length arrived, and indications of a bloody struggle are almost daily supplied now in our populous cities, and anon in -sequestered districts. To-day, on the very apex of a lofty mountain, ten thousand voices shout out for repeal; and the next day are assembled at a moment's notice, in a small ill-garrisoned town, one thousand hale de- termined men armed with pikes, and athirst for vengeance. What will the time-serving, vacillating, double-dealing, cow- ardly Minister say to this state of things ? Forewarned by the Liberal papers of the provinces of the consequences that would inevitably result from his treatment of the remonstrances of the people, he still blindly and obdurately clung to his course, and another of the many curses of-his rule has fallen on us in the determination of the people to appeal to the sword, and glut their enchafed wrath in the life-blood of their oppressors. Oh! sad, bitter, withering day for this country that witnessed Lord John Russell's election to the Premiership. His was not the policy of a humane ruler; for thousands of her Majesty's faithful Irish subjects starved, died, rotted away, unpitied by the Premier, and unheeded by his parasites. On the head, then, of Lord John Russell will rest the consequences of this menaced and imminent outbreak; and children yet unborn will employ his hated name as the foulest known to the people in damn- ing execrations of the folly, the madness, and the tyranny of our rulers." (From the Limerick Examiner.) In short, terror is nowhere. The devil is raised. The people are at bay. Persecution, proceeding step by step from the day of John Mitchel's condemnation, succeeded in awakening resistance alone; and now coercion is carried from city to city, to inflame detestation and communicate and spread it, pretty much in the manner of the red cross of old." The Limerick Examiner announces the formation of clubs at Kilmallock, Charleville, and other parts of the county.


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