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"do. MM'WMHMWHMMWgn H 'im~nmiMn« w —IMIHI y EXCURSION TO WESTON-SUPER-MARE, Leaving CARDIFF at half-past six in the morning, returning from WESTON at a quarter to eight in the evening, ON WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2 N p, 1 8 4 S. THE STEAM-PACKET CHRISTINA SIN- CLAIR is engaged for an excursion to Weston- super-Mare, on the above-named day (weather per- mitting). The Christina Sinclair is a safe and quick steamer, nas ample accommodation, and is commanded by a respectable captain, and worked by a steady crew. No exertion will be spared to render this excursion generally acceptable, by punctually sailing and re- turning at tho time announced, and attending to the comfort of those who may be disposed to avail themselves of a source so con- venient for a day's rational and healthful enjoyment. A fine opportunity presents itself, on this occasion, to any who may wish to visit Exeter, or other places on the BRISTOL and EXETER line of railway, by proceeding per train which leaves Weston at 8h. 35m. a. m., seven hours may be spent in Exeter, and return to Cardiff the same day. The trip from Weston to Cardiff occupies from II to I hours.—; No intoxicating drinks to be allowed on board. Tickets, 2s. 61. each, to be had, until Monday evening, July 31st, of Mr. J. B. Hopkins, grocer; Messrs. Cory and Soil, ship brokers; Mr. Price, draper, St. Mary-street; Mr. Barry, jowellor, Duke-street. ii" THE PRINC E OF WALES IS INTENDED TO SAIL DURING THE MONTH OF AUGUST, 1848, FROM THE 13-Til SHIP DOCK, CARDIFF, Wcdr.es. Aug. 2 6 morn. Friday, „ 4 7 morn. Monday, 7 8f morn. I Wednes. „ 9 IIJt morn. Friday, ,,11. 1 after. Monday, „ 14 3t after. Wednes. 16 5 after. Friday, IS .6moyn. Monday, 21 St iiiorii. Wednos. 23 1°! morn. Friday, 25 .Iafter. Monday, 28 3} morn. Wednesday, 30 5 after. Friday, Sep. 1 6 morn. I PROM CUJIBTCttUUTO BASIN, BRISTOl.. Tuesday, Aug. 1 (ijj morn. Thursday, 3 8 morn. Saturday, 5 9 morn. Tuesday, 8 11 morn. Thursday, ,,10. If after. Saturday, „ 12 3t after. Tuesday, ,,15. 6 after. Thursday, 17 7 morn Saturday, 19 Si niorn. Tuesday, „ 22. 1P§ morn. I Thursday 24 i A after. Saturday 26 .11 after. Tuesday 29 6 morn. 7'hursday 81 7 morn. Saturday, Sep. 2. 8 morn. Fares-Cabin, 5s. Deck, 3s. Reduced fares—After Cabin, 4s.; Fore Cabin, 2s.; Children, half-price. Further information as to freight, &c., will be readily obtained by applying to A. Hingston, agent, at the Packet-office, Bute Docks, Cardiff; or to E. T. Turner, agent, No. 12, Quay-street, Bristol. Goods will be hauled from both warehouses to the packets, at the expense of the companies. Steam Communication betiveen NEATH and BRISTOL. THE FINE NEW IRON SCREW STEAMER, NEATH ABBEY, 50 Ilorse potver, JOHN WILLIAMS, COMMANDER, Will take in goods on the Back on Tuesdays and Fridays, and is intended to sail as follows" during the month of August, 1848, wind, weather, and water permitting, with liberty to tow. FROM NEATH. FROM BATnUItST BASIN, BRISTOL. Monday, July 3 7 morn Saturday, July 1 6 morn Thursday, 6 9 morn Wednesday 5 9 morn Monday, 10 1 after Friday, 7 10 night Thursday 13 4 morn Wednesday 12 morn Monday 17 7 even Saturday ,,15 5 morn Thursday 20 8 morn Wednesday 19 8 morn Monday 24 11 morn Saturday 22 10 morn Thursday „ 27 3 morn Tuesday 23 l^night Monday 31 6 £ morn Saturday „ 29 5 morn Passengers taken on board at Briton-ferry, if near the Rock- house, fifteen minutes after the advertised time of leaving Neath. Passengers from Neath landed at Clevedon, and from Bristol at the Mumbles (weather permitting), if required. FARES Best cabin, 7s. 6d. second cabin, 4s. children under "twelve years of age, half fare. Horses, 12s. 6d. cattle, 7s. 6d. dogs, 2s.; pigs, Is. 6d. sheep, Is.; gigs, 12s. phffitons, 15s.; carriages, 25i. Live stock shipped and landed at risk of the owner. Passengers from Neath to Briton-ferry, 6d. each, landing included. No fees to steward or stewardess. Refreshments may be bad on board at moderate charges. Agents—Thomas and Son, Back, Bristol; A. II. Buckett, Neath. August, 1848. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN BRISTOL, SWANSEA, ILFRACOMBE, and TENBY. T 1-1 E P 0 W E R F U L STEAMERS, LORD BERESFORD, Rob. Davis. Commander, and BRISTOL, Matthew Jones, Junior, Commander, Are intended to sail as follows, during the month AUGUST 1848, wind and weather permitting, FROM BRISTOL. FROM SWANSEA. Lord Beresford, Thursday and Satur- Lord Beresford, Tuesday and "Friday. day. Bristol, Wednesday. Bristol, Monday.. Wednes. Aug2 8 morn Thursday,, 3 8J morn Saturdav, 5 1.0} morn Wednes." ,9 12f after Thursday, 10 2 morn Saturday, „ 112 .I .4inorn Wadnes. ¡G. G morn Thursday, 17 8 morn fhtllrday," 19 9 morn Wednes. 23 12 noon Thursday, „ 24 2 morn Saturday, „ 26 4 morn Wedfies. ,30 7 morn Thursday, 31 7J morn Siturd,iy, Sep.2 g9 morn | Tuesday, Aug 1 8 morn Friday, 4 91 morn Monday, 7 :ll morn Tuesday, „ g .12 morn Friday, 11 3 morn Monday,. "Ii 7 morn Tuesday, 15 7 morn Fridav „ 18 9 morn Monday, 21 11 morn Tuesday, 22 11J morn Friday, 25. 3 morn Monday, ,,28 7.t morn 7'uesday, ,,29 71morn Friday Scpo I 9 morn •REDUCED FARES between Bristol and Swansea. Passen- gers from Swansea landed at Clevedon if required. FAV:ES :Best cabin, 10s.—fore cabin, DS,-children under twelve years of age, llalffare-sheep, Is —lambs, 9d.-horses, 17s. 6d.— fat.cattle, i.0s.—:store ditto, 8s.—cow and calf, 10s.—dogs, 2s. 6d. —pigs, Is. 6d.—fat pigs, Is. 9d.—gigs, 16s.—phaeton, 21s. 6d.—car- riages, 32s, 6d.—steward's fee, best cabin, Is. SWANSEA TQ IWRACOMB?. ILFRACOMBE TO SWANSEA. Lord Beresford, Monday. Bristol. Lord Beresford, Monday. Bristol. Friday. Monday, July 31 H morn Frida,.r, Aug. 4 7 morn Monday, 7 11 morn ^•Friday, "II 3 morn Monday, 14 .4niorn "Friday, >, '18 6 morn Monday, ,,21.IO morn Friday, „ 25 4 morn .Monday, „ 2S .1 2 k morn Friday. I Monday, July 31 :< 34 after Friday, Aug. 4. 5 after Monday, 7 3 after Friday, „ 11 1 morn Monday, 14 3 after Friday, "IS. 4 after Monday, 21 2i after Friday, „ 25 61 morn I Monday, „ 28 3 after REDUCED CAttES betwee Swansea and Ilfracombe. FARES Best cabin, 8s.—deck,5s. To and fro same day, cabin, lOs.-fore cabin, 8s.-children under twelve years of age, halfVfare -carriage, Tton, 25s.—gig, 15s.—horses, 17s. 6d. each- dogs, 2s. 6d.—pigs, Is. 9d.—sheep, Is.—lambs, 9d.—-fat cattle, 10s. —-store. ditto, 8s.-cowand calf, IDs. Goods, packages, parcels, 1k.c. forwarded to all parts without delay. Steward's fees for ladies gei)tlemeii, -Is. each-children,a-iid servants, 6d. FROM SWANSEA To TENBY. BRISTOL. Taiii'sd.vy, Aug 3 .6 j mom Thursday^ 10' 1J morn Thursday, ,,17 morn Thursday, ,24 1 mom Thursday" 31 ,5 morn I FROM TENBY TO SWANSEA. BRISTOL. Thursday, Aug 3 .4.} after Thursdav 10 .10.i after Thursday, ,,17 after Thursday. „ 24 .'•• .lO.f lhor. illor. ,iy, 21 3., after ^Thursday, 31 after FAItF,S:-After cabin, 8s.-fore cabin, 4s,-steward's fee, Is. N.B. Parties wishing to group for an excursion to Tenby can obtain a ticket for twelv.e persons, by applying to the agents, or to Captain M. Jones, Jun., on hoard-aftel" cabin.to and fro, £ 4 16s. —fore cabin, to and fro, £3-;steward's fee, ÎJs, N.B. The Bristol will discharge- and take in goods every Tues- day on the Grove. Refreshments may be had on board at moderate charges. Agents—John Barber, 24, New King-street, Bath—J. W. Pockett, SwanseaJ, Martin, Britannia Hotel, Ilfracombe—W. Cory, Fortescue Arms, Bamstaple-G. Morris, White Hart, Bishopsgate-street, London—and W. Bower, White Lion, Tenby. All letters- seeking information to be post-paid. All goo is, packages, parcels, &c., will be forwarded to all parts without delay, when addressed to E. T. Turner, agent, Steam Packet office, 12, Quay-street, Bristot HEALTH AND COMFORT. KENWAY'S WATERPROOF FOR BOOTS SS STIOES. THIS COMPOSITION is the very best WATERPROOF ever JL brought before the public, and is particularly recommended to sportsmen, farmers, gardeners, &c., as the boots and shoes, when prepared with it, will resist all wet, even snow, and will last three times as long as any others! Sold in Bottles, at Is. 6d. each, by all agents throughout the United Kingdom. tUf" Full directions for use will be found on each bottle. N.B. Boots and shoes, when thus prepared, will take as good, if not a better polish than before. J. B. HOPKINS, Sole Agent for Cardiff. A SUPPLY OF PRIME AMERICAN IIAMS, At 7cl. per pound. R. DAVIES, GROCER, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF, Til EGS to return his best thanks to his Friends and the Public I) generally, for the very liberal Support he has experienced during the six years he has resided in the town. R. D. begs a'so to announce to Families and others in Cardiff and its vicinity, that he has connected the GENERAL PRO VISION TRADE next door to the GROCERY, and trusts from the Quality and Prices in each Department to merit a continuance of their favours. JUST OPENED, THE LONDON HAT EMPORIUM, 22, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF, FOR THE SALE. OF EVERY DESCRIPTION OF HATS AND CAPS OF THE MODERN STYLES, COMBINED WITH THE VERY BEST QUALITY JOHN WILLIAMS I JOL RESPECTFU LL Y calls the atten- tion of the inhabitants of Cardiff aud the surrounding country to his ex- tensive and well selected stock of HATS, CAPS, &c., having purchased the same in the first London houses under very advantageous circumstances, wing to the very depressed state of rade in the manufacturing districts, he is enabled to after goods of the first style and quality at astonishing low prices. Ventilating Hats of various prices highly recommended for warm IVetitlier. An Extensive Stock of Cloth Caps, Leather Hat Cases, and Carpet Bags J. W. begs to inform the public generally that it will be his study to keep such qualities only as may ensure their patronage and support. THE LOWEST PRICE ASKED FOR EVERY ARTICLE. {(T OBSER VE !-East Side of the Town-Hall. HENRY CRANT, OPTICIAN, WORKING JEWELLER, SILVERSMITH, WATCHMAKER, c., BEGS to inform the nobility, gentry, clergy, and other inha- I) bitants of Cardiff and neighbourhood, that he has REMOVED from Angel-street to more commodious premises at No. 24, DUKE- STREET—immediately opposite the Guardian newspaper office- wheie he trusts to receive a continuance of those favours which his friends and the public generally have hitherto conferred upon him. His arrangements are not yet quite completed but in the course of a very short time he hopes to have the gratification of calling public attention to an entirely new and elegant stock of Jewellery, Plate, Watches, Clocks, Optical, Nautical, Mathema- tical Instruments, &c., &c. Cardiff, June 16th, 1848. BOOK-KEEPING. ROBERT PHILLIPS begs respectfully to inform the trades- men and public generally, that at the solicitation of several of his friends, he is induced to commence as PUBLIC ACCOUNT- ANT, WRITER, &c. Having been brought up to the business and holding the highest testimonials as to ability and integrity, he assures those who may favour him with their commands, that they may rely on the strictest privacy and dispatch. Tradesmen's books made up, posted) &c., at a reasonable sum per annum. Office, 37, Bridge-street, Cardiff. lIOPKINS'S IMPROVED BAKING POWDER. OBSERVE THE DIFFERENCE. IT has the advantage, in every respect, over all others yet intro- duced, and, at the same time, the necessity of haste in baking I as is avoided, as dough baked with this Powder can remain any rea- sonable time before baking, or be baked immediately it is made up. To be had, wholesale and retail, of the proprietor, and retail by WM. GLANVILLE, Pembroke Dock, and others. Agents wanted.. Cardiff, 18, Angel-street. IN PACKETS THREEPENCE EACH. MATHEWS'S PATENT BAKING POWDER. TJ ECOMMENDED by Medical Men as a substitute for Barm JL\i makes Bread without fermentation, in one minute light Pastry, Puddings, and Cakes, and saves expense, time, and labour. Important to families, emigrants, anclseamen, For details read the "PIiiiosopliy of Bread-making," price One Penny (20th thousand): Houlstonand Stoneman, London and all Booksellers. E. H. MATHEWS, Patentee, 13, Upper. Arcade, Bristol; and 5, Benet-place, Gracechurch-street, London. Sold wholesale in Bristol by T. and A. Warren, Redcliff-street; Birtill and Longman, Counterslip;Budgetts and Co., Nelson- street; and Tanner Brothers, Stephen-street. Retail Agent for Cardiff, J. T. Barry Carmarthen, C. B. Warren, Chemist; and bS all Chemists, Grocers, and Stationers, Agents wanted in every town in Wales. MR. M. S. O'ROURKE BEGS respectfully to announce to the nobility, clergy, and gentry, of Glamorganshire, Monmouthshire, and the adjoin- ing counties, that, encouraged by kind proffers of support, he has been induced to OPEN OFFICES for the practice of his profes- sion as a CIVIL ENGINEER, LAND AND MINERAL SURVEYOR, VALUER, AND GENERAL AGENT. The extended and varied opportunities which Mr. blL has had of acquiring a competent knowledge of his business, and his close attention to its branches for upwards of fifteen years, inspire him with confidence in being enabled efficiently to discharge any pro- fessional duties which may be confided to his care. Mr. O'R. is in possession of numerous credentials from persons of high station and scientific knowledge, bearing favourable testi- mony to his assiduity, zeal, and ability, in matters where his ser- vices as an engineer and surveyor have been engaged. Coiitmiinicatiohs addressed to 1, Charles-street, Cardiff, shall- have prompt attention^ • J uI Y lOth; 184.8. TO BE SOLD BY. AUCTION, BY MR. THOMAS DAVIES, At the house of Mrs. Mary Morgan, known by the name or sign of the Butcher's Arms, situate at Newbridge, in the county of Glamorgan, 011 Wednesday, the' 2nd day of August next, at six o'clock in the afternoon (by order of the assignee of the estate and effects of William Hopkins, an insolvent debtor), THE insolvent's estate and interest of and in all that FREE- HOLD MESSUAGE or tenement, smith's shop and premises, with other buildings in progress of erection, together with about half an acre of land, more or less, originally forming part of Coed Penmjaen common, situate at TRALLWN, in the parish of Eg- Iwysylan, in the county of Glamorgan bounded on the east by the Merthyr road, and on the west, by the Glamorganshire Canal; and having a part of the parish road passing through the said land. For further particulars, apply to William Price, Esq., Porthy- glo, near Newbridge (the assignee of the said insolvent's estate) or to Messrs. Short and Strickland, solicitors, All Saints Court, Bristol. WATCOLS, CLOCKS, JEWELLERY, &c. WILLIAM JONES, Opposite the Castle Hotel, Merthyr, and Castle-street, Tredegar, HAS determined to sell the above articles as low as the adver- tising shops the other side of the Severn, as the following list wiu show :— ALL WARRANTED TO PERFORM CORRECTLY. £ S. d. Detached Lever, with maintaining power, and jewelled 4 0 0 Do. to mark seconds and capped 4 15 0 Silver dial do. 5 5 0 Best finish do. 5 15 0 Do. jewelled in four holes 6 0 0 Do. with silver dial I. 6 10 0 Vertical movement with gold dial and case 8 0 0 Do. double back 10 0 0 Best lever movement do. 12 0 0 Eight-day clock in mahogany polished case 3 15 0 Do. with 13 inch dumb arch dial, canted case do 5 10 0 Do. in full column c ise, day of month hand 6 10 0 30-hour clock in oak case 4 5 0 Eight-day spring clock 3 0 0 Do. with glass to show pendulum 3 5 0 Do. inlaid with pearl 315 0 Second-hand watches in silver cases, from 010 0 Curb pattern gold guard, to weigh three sovereigns 3 0 0 Ditto do. to weigh four sovereigns 3 19 0 Fancy patterns 10s. extra Lady's coloured gold neck chains, froni 5 10 0 London and Birmingham best jewellery, in fancy rings, brooches, pins, seals and keys, &c., at a small advance on the manufacturers' prices. Fancy goods, cutlery, &c., considerably under former charges. Gold, Silver, Shell, and other framed Pebble Spectacles, to suit all sights and eyes. Well-seasoned home-made HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, FEATHER and MILPUFF BEDS, MATTRASSES, &c., ex- tremely cheap. READY MONEY! NO ABATEMENT. EIGHTEENTH MEETING OF THE BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE, To be held at Swansea, Wednesday, the 9th of August, 1848. THE Nobility, Clergy, Magistrates, and all other Inhabitants of JL the Principality who intend to contribute to the FUND for defraying the expenses of RECEIVING the BRITISH ASSOCI- ATION are earnestly requested to send their names to the Local Treasurer, Mr. J. G. JEFFREYS, Swansea, or to the Secretary of the Finance Committee, Mr. J. JENKINS, 511, Wind-street, Swan- sea in order that the arrangements may be forthwith completed. The following Persons have already announced their intention of subscribing the several amounts placed opposite their names :— J. H. Vivian, Esq., Singleton ilo() 0 0 C. it. M- Tablot, Esq., Margam 100 0 0 The Mayor of Swansea, Parkwern 50 0 0 J. D; Llewelyn, Esq., Penllergare 50 0 0 L. W. Dillwyn, Esq., Sketty Hall. 25 0 0 Earl Cawdor 25 0 0 Howel Gwyn, Esq., Baglan House. 21 0 0 Robert Eaton, Brynymor 20 0 0 W. It. Grove, Esq., London 20 0 0 Messrs. Chambers, Llanelly House 20 0 0 The Rev. J. Traherne, Coedriglan 20 0 0 Henry Thomas, Mayor of Neath 15 0 0 N. E. Vaughan, Esq., Rlieola 10 0 0 P. S. L. Grenfell, Esq., Maesteg 10 0 0 L. LI. Dillwyn, Esq., Parkwern 10 0 0 Joseph Price, Esq., Glynvellen 10 0 0 T. Edw. Thomas, Esq., Glanmor 10 0 0 Thomas Grove, Esq., Danycoed 10 0 0 J. Gwyn Jeffreys, Esq,, Norton Villa 10 0 0 Matthew Moggridge, Esq., the Willows 10 0 0 The Bishop of St. David's, Abergwilly Palace. 10 0 0 Evan Morgan, Esq., St. Helen's 10 0 0 Starling Benson, Esq., Gloucester-place 10 0 0 The Dean of Llandaff 10 0 0 Messrs. Calland, Upper Forest 10 0 0 The Right Hon. J. Nicholl, Merthyrmawr 25 0 0 Viscount Adare, Dura veil Castle 25 0 0 R. J. Nevill, Esq., Llangenech Park 10 0 0 John J. Strick, Esq., Ynistanglws 5 0 0 T B Essery, Esq., Gloucester-place 5 0 0 Win '■■Williams, Esq., Aberpergwm. 500 Valentine Davies, Esq., Carmarthen 5 0 0 Edward Budd, Esq., London 5 0 0 Whyndham Harding, Esq., Westminster 5 0 0 J. B. Phillips, Esq., Williamston, Haverfordwest 5 0 0 Lady Mary Cole, Lanelay 5 0 0 Thomas vValters, Esq., Picton-place 5 0 0 Messrs..Rolls and Hoare, Swansea 5 0 0 J. p. Budd, Esq., Ystalyfera 5 0 0 Henry Bath, Esq 5 0 0 The Bishop of Llandaff, Hardwicke House 5 0 0 J, D. Berrington, Esq., Woodlands. 5 0 0 O.G. Williams, Esq., Swansea ó 0 0 B. Hill, Esq., Fountain Hall 5 Q 0 The Rev. George Thomas, Llandaff Court 5 0 0 Florence J. Benson, Esq., London 5 0 0 Richard H. Miers, Esq., Ynispenllwch 5 0 0 The Rev. S. Davies, The Grange 5 0 0 Utid Thomas, Esq., Hill House 5 0 0 M. J. Michael, Esq., Picton-place 5 0 0 Captain Win. Jones, Glanbrane 5 0 0 R. D. Gough, Esq., Yniseedwin 5 0 0 John Richardson, Esq., Cambrian-place 5 0 0 J. Bruce Price, Esq., Dyffryn, Cardiff 5 0 0 Sums under £5 70 0 0 A complete list of subscribers will be found in the Reception- room, Library of tho Royal Institution. Bv'order oi' the Finance Committee, J NO. JENKINS, Hon. Secrtary. July 4th, 1848. SOUTH WALES RAILWAY. Sixth Call, X5 per share, making £ 28 paid. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that, pursuant to a resolution of the board of directors, the proprietors of shares in this company are required to pay the SEVENTH INSTALMENT oi £5 per share, on or before the 16th of August next, to any of the under-mentioned tankers Loi).doji-Nifessi- Glyn, Halifax, Mills, and Co. Liverpool-The Bank of Liverpool ,Nla:llchcster-Messr, Jones Loyd and Co. Gloucester-The Gloucestershire Banking Company Bristol and Exeter—The West of England and South Wales Bank „ Cardiff-The National Provincial Bank of England Carmarthen:—Messrs. David Morris and Sons Swan u -I he Glamorganshire Banking Company AllcdUsnot paid on or before the 16th August next will be charged with interest, at the rate of 5 per cent. per aiin Illn; and no interest shall be payable to any proprietor upon any amounts which he may have paid up, or which may have be jn paid up on any shares, so long as any call shall remain unpaid upon any shares held by him. By order, N. ARMSTRONG, Secretary. South Wales Railway Office, If9, West Strand, London, July 12, 1848. „ PRINCE'S HEAD AND CAMBRIAN HOUSE, WELSH BACK, BRISTOL, L. PUMMELL, (WIDOW OF THE LATE MR. W. PUMMELL,) BEGS to return her grateful acknowledgments to those friends and the public, who have so liberally encouraged her late has?- band, and trusts, by strict personal attention and moderate charges, to merit a continuance of their kind patrouitge and support. Well-aired beds with every accommodation.—Prime Spirits, Cider, home-brewed Beer, Porter, &c. JOHN KAYE'S PILLS, demonstrated to he the best family; and general medicine in use. The triumphs of this medicine in conquering disease are truly wonderful. There is scarcely a town, hamlet, or village in the United Kingdom, in which thoie are not families who bear willing testimony to the surprising eiE- eacy of WORSDELL'S VEGETABLE R EST OR ATI V Ji PILLS, prepared by John Kaye, Esq., of Dalton Hall, near Hud- dersfield. Nothing can be more adapted to family use than thc«,e- pills. Being warranted free from mercurial, antimonial, or other mineral substances, they may be taken with perfect safety, alike, by the infant and the adult. Their peculiar excellence consists in their blood-purifying .effects. When taken into the system. they. remove obstructions, and cause the fluids to flow in their natural order. They free the stomach from crudities and vitiated secretions., and, consequently, aid digestion, and relieve the head from oppres- siveness. Perfectly assimilating with that vital principle, the blood, a war of extermination is commenced against everything destructive; to health hence the wonderful cures, hundreds of which have been publicly recorded, of boils, sores, ulcers, scurvy, scrofula, and all cutaneous diseases. And, at the same time that this medicine ope- rates thus externally, a most important work is accomplished inter- nally. The blood being charged with a health-giving power, the liver immediately experiences its influence, and, all aerimoaknw- bile being carried out of the system, it is enabled to perform all its functions with tone and energy. Indigestion, flatulency, palpita- tions of the heart, nervous irritation, and all other symptoms arising" from the irregular action of the system, are removed in an inert- dibly short space of time. Let Kaye's Worsdell's pills be but fairly tried, and it will be acknowledged that it is not possible adequately to speak of their great efficacy. Thousands upon thousands who had long suffered 1 cutely, and in numberless instances given up as incurable, have been restored to that greatest of all blessings, sound health. A list recently issuecl contains about three hundred of the most remarkable testimonial ever published, The proprietor wishes it to be particulaily borne in mind, that while the adult members of families will find the use of these pins supersede the necessity of calling in a medical adviser, and operate as curatives, they are also invaluable as preventatives of those dis- eases to which children are subject. One or two of these pills (ac- cording to the age of the child), administered in a little jam or pre- serve, will be found effectual in suppressing fever, in clearing the lungs, and, consequently removing cough in aiding digestion, and in imparting vigour and activity to the whole constitution. CAUTION .-To prevent fraud, the Honourable the Commissioners of Stamps have ordered the words Worsdell's Pills, by John Kaye," to be engraved on the Government stanip and as further protection, Mr. Kaye's arms, and a fac-simile of his signature, are- printed on the directions wrapped round each box, and to imitate which is felony and the public are requested to obtain the pills from their agents. Sold in boxes at Is. 13d.. 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d. each. Agent for Cardiff, J. F. Arnold, Angel-street; Merthyr Tydvil, Robert Jones, High-street; Monmouth, Wm. Jenkins, Monrow- street; Swansea, John Sullivan, Castle-street; Carmarthen, J. T.- Jones, Blue-street; Haverfordwest, E. Edwards; Cardigan, Joseph Clougher, High-street; Neath, Rev. Daniel Evans; llrecon, S, Humpage, High-street; and by at least one agent in every town- throughout the kingdom, THE ORIGINAL HOWQUA'S MIXTURE OF 40 RARE BLACK TEAS AND MOWQUA'S SMALL LEAF GUN- POWDER. BY .i& 5," APPOINTMENT. TIHIE reputation of these teas is now so thoroughly estal h ) i1 I that it is unnecessary to dilate upon their peculiar qx u They have acquired a celebrity in a comparatively short period, un- paralleled in the annals of trade. Brocksopp, How, and Co." 2{3 and 234, High-street, Southwark, London, feel confident that the superiority of their articles and their standing in the tea market, will suffice to distinguish them from the puffing adventurers of the day. The Howqua's Mixture of 40 rare black teas is now reduced to bS. 8D. PER POUND CATTY PACKAGE, and the Mowqua small-leaf Gunpowder, to 8S. OD. PER POUND CATTY PACKAGE, half and quarter catties may be had. To meet the requirements of families in Great Britain, the mana- gers of Howqua's and Mowqua's estates have commenced shippinu ■ a SECOND GROWTH called SEMI-HOWQUA and SEMI- MO WQU A, which, while partaking of all the distinguishing qua lities of the originals, are, as being more economical, better adapted for ordinary consumption. Semi-Howqua per pound catty package 5s. Semi-Mow qua pearl leaf gunpowder, ditto ditto 7s. CAUTION.These teas are genuine only when contained in or- ginal Chinese packages, secured with the seals of Howqua &,1.41 Mowqua." B. H. and Co. also continue to supply their original and weli- known package teas at aU prices. THE CHEAPEST- AND BEST CCFFEI. Brocksoppand Co ..roast thai r coffees by powerful steam machinery, and prepare them after the French manner. Great economy and improvement of flavour are the results. Coffees prepared by this process being 30 per cent. stronger than those roasted in the ordi- nary way. Per lb,-s. d. Per lb.-s. d. Dsmerara 1 4 Fine strong Mocha. 2 0 Fine Jamaica 1 8 Finest rich old ditto 2 4 Packed in lead to preserve the aroma. N. B.-In reply to numerous applications received from private families, to be supplied with the above teas and coffees, the Com- pany most respectfully refer them to their appointed agents, this being the only medium through which they may be purchased retail. The trade can be supplied with the coffee in the berry, in quan- tities of not less than one chest, roasted on the peculiar and patented principle. Eggp An excellent living, if actively pursued, or a materia] addi- tion to income, with moderate exertion, is derivable from the ghle, of the above articles. Broeksopp, How, and Co. are now prepared to appoint agents in. every considerable town throughout the United Kingdom. Parr it* desirous of becoming agents must therefore apply immediately, iti order that their names may appear in the advertisements.' FtuI particulras of teri-As, with a price list, will be forwarded, by post, en application to Broeksopp, How, and Co., tea importers, 233 aad 284, Borough, London. .AGENTS FOR THIS DISTRICT:— Cardiff—Agent wanted Aberayron—W. Green, Pier-street Abergavemiy—W. II. Hurst, chemist, Neville-street Beaufort & Victoria Iron Works—J.Jones, grocer& tea dealer- Brynmawr—David Edwards, Stamp-office Brynmawr—John Jones, draper and grocer Brecon—Philip Bright, chemist, Medical Hall Cardigan—Joseph Clougher Carmarthen—Wm. Morgan, chemist, Lammas-street Crickhowell—Wm. Christopher, chemist. High-street Dowlais—David Lewis, chemist, High-street Eglwyswrw—J. D. Evans, draper and tea-dealer Ditto—R. Watkins, draper and tea-dealer < Halerfor(lwcst-T. Williams, chemist, 17, Matkef-strtet Ditto—Gwynne Harries, chemist, High-street .•-••• Llalldilo- Thoma,s James, bookseller and stationer" LlanrloveryRees Bishop, tea establishment, Stone-street; Milford Haven-.J. D.Mcnitt, chemist Monll1outhJ. Wightmån,bo()kselb', Ag'incöurt:'s(,Hláre Narberth— Jason Meyler, grocer and draper > Newport—J. Grout, stationer, High-street Ditto—John Thomas, chemist, 154, Commercial-street• Newcastle-Emlyn;—Thojnas & Evans, grocers & tea-dealert > Ditto—Samuel Jones, grocer and tea-dealer Ditto-W. I-ien, chemist, 1, Meyrick-street" Swansea—0. T. Wilssn, Castle-square" t Tenby—Richard Mason, bookseller Tredegu-Isaac Edwards, hafcfcor and te*-dealsri