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TREDEGAR. ON Monday, July 10th, a meeting was held at the vestry 0 0 room of the Calvinistic Methodist chapel, Tredegar, to con- 0 sider 'the propriety of petitioning Parliament for having 0 r, public-houses shut on the Lord's day, and closing them tstrlier oil the week-nights. The Rev. William Williams, Adulam, was voted to the chair. After a few remarks from the chairman in explaining the object of the meeting, Mr. Thomas Pughe said as there is a hill now before the House of Lords, for having every public-house shut till one o'clock on Sunday afternoon, and as he was given to understand that there was no specific hour fixed by the law to compel publicans to close their houses in the night, beer-houses ex- cepted, he would propose that they should petition that House not only for having public-houses shut on Sunday morning till one o'clock, but also at nine in the evening, and at ten o'clock every night in the week except Saturday, which should be an hour later on account of markets. Mr. Morgan Evans seconded this resolution. After this several $p(}k on the propriety of adopting the resolution. Mr. Lewis Lewis proposed as an amendment that they should petition Parliament to have public-houses shut all Sunday. The amendment was seconded by Mr. Lewis Lewis, miner, and afterwards on being put to the vote, was carried by a large majority. The meeting then separated. CONCERT.—On Monday, the 1 Oth iiist., a concert of sacred music was held at the town-hall by the Merthyr and Dowlais choral society. This choir of music, which consists of thirty in number, quite enraptured the numerous parties of rank aud distinction who were present, and who were not sparing of their applause and enthusiasm in favour of such a beau- tiful selection of harmony, which excited so much interest, and we may add, admiration. The proceedings, in our opinion, were beyond rivalry. Nothing can possibly surpass their masterly conception of the parts, whilst their melo- dious voices, pouring forth the fine music of Mozart, Han- del, and other eminent authors, in the most perfect and en- ergetic style, was a treat of rare excellence. More than a mere word of passing praise is due to the conductor, Mr. ll. .Beynon, for his unrivalled efforts in the management of the business, and for the excellent discipline he has over his pupils. The hall was well attended, and the plaudits of the audience demonstrated their delight and satisfaction. It was a source of peculiar gratification for us to have such a treat, and we beg to acknowledge our most unfeigned thanks to the society for this visit.-A Correspondent.