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CARDIFF. TAFF VALE RAILWAY.-—The traffic for the week ending July 15th, 1848, was £ 1,788 lis. 6d. (5OVERNMEXT INTERFERENCE. WITH RELIGION AND EDU- CATION.—-A lecture was delivered on this subject at the Bri- tish school room, Milliccnt-strcet, on Friday.evening last, by the Rev. Benjamin Parsons, of author of ",Anti Bacchus," "The Mental and Moral Dignity of Woman," and Education the Birthright of every Human Being," &c., &c. The chair was taken by W. Thomas Edwards, Esq., M.B., who in a short speech introduced Mr. Parsons to the meeting. Mr. Parsons commenced by referring to the diffi- culties of his position as a lecturer. He could only give his hearers a few arguments out of very many on the subject. He then entertained his audience for full two hours with all excellent lecture on Goveriiiiiezit,-Governmeiit interference with education and religion,—-and reasons against such in- terference. He was warmly applauded throughout. A eor- dial vote of thanks was moved and seconded, by Mr. Evan Jones and T. Hopkins, Esq.; and after a vote of thanks to the respected chairman, the proceedings terminated. Wre are sorry our limits will not allow a fuller report. THE SWANSEA MURDElt CASE.—So great was the excito- ment amongst the Irish after the condemnation of Martin and Leary for murder, that the principal witness, a brother of Leary, has been compelled to claim the protection of the police. On Tuesday morning, it being known where tho w it- ness was lodging, he was pulled out of his bed by a number of Irishmen and women, and an attempt was made to burn the clothes on which he had slept in the streets. He escaped from their violence with sundry scratches and went into the police station. At midnight he was escorted out of the town by Mr. Superintendent Stockdale. He is now supposed to be far from the violence with which he was threatened. SHIP LAUNCH.—A beautiful vessel was launched from the building yard of Messrs. Batchelor, Brothers, of this town, on Tuesday evening last. A large concourse of persons at- tended to witness the spectacle. The weather was exceed- ingly propitious, and the launch was an excellent one. The vessel is a barque of about 350 tons burthen, and owned by the Messrs. Batchelors. At eight o'clock she glided into the waters amid the acclamations of thousands. She is allowed to be a very handsome model. Her name is the iihondda, after the beautiful river of that name. TAIT VALE RAILWAY,—On Monday last the east branch of this railway and the staiths recently erected for the pur- pose of shipping coal more expeditiously, were brought into operation. Messrs. Geo. Insole & Son, who were the first, we believe, to ship coals in the Bute Docks, were the first also to take advantage of the beautiful machinery provided Z) y by the Railway Co. A complete cargo of coals w us shipped by them on the above-named day. We believe, with the Bute Docks and the Taff Vale railway, and the facilities they now respectively present to the trading community, Cardiff as a port stands unrivalled in the Bristol Channel. TAKE CARE OF Youit DOGS.—We find that the police have received strict directions by order of the mayor to de- stroy all dogs found at large in the streets of Cardiff un- muzzled, after the 26th instant. We caution all parties whom it may concern to be mindful of the canine race, as this exterminating warfare will be carried on without mercy. POLICE, MONDAY, JULY 17.—(Present the Mayor and James Lewis, Esq.)-.betsy, the wife of George Smith, for- all assault on Thomas Rces, police-constable, of Merthyr, while in the execution of his duty, was fined Xl 7s., in- cluding costs. Alfred Richards, James and Lemuel Anderson, charged with stealing ducks, the property of Robert Davies, tailor, were remanded to Thursday. John Barry, charged with pushing John Kerr into the water 9 from a vessel off Penarth, on Sunday, was discharged it appearing that he was a person of weak intellect.——Joseph Baker was charged with assaulting Jane Bazeley, widow, on the 16th inst. Defendant went to Mrs. Bazeley's house about twelve o'clock on the night in question, and asked her what she had to say about his wife and children, and with- out waiting for a reply struck her two severe blows on the Z, stomach and shoulder. Fined 5s. and costs. Several cases of drunkenness and disorderly conduct were disposed of, and some other cases adjourned to Thursday. POLICE COURT, THURSDAY, JULY 20.—(Present, the Mayor, James and Henry Lewis, Esq rs.) -Frederick Aus- tin was charged with stealing a quantity of bacon, the pro- perty of Mr. Edmunds, Mason's Arms, in this town. P.C. Morris, sworn: Was standing just by the house of Mr. Wliapham, Bute-street, on the morning of Saturday week. The prisoner and another man passed by him; they were coming from the direction of the town. Saw a bag ou Aus- tin's back; it appeared nearly full. I went up to him and felt the sack, when he immediately dropped it and ran off. The second man ran off to Whitmore-lane. Witness ran after prisoner for 200 yards, until he was tripped by a sailor. He then turned back and secured the bag; found one ham, one flitch, and one shoulder of bacon. The man was dressed as he now is, with the exception of his round jacket, which, I believe, was turned inside out. It was between two and three o'clock in the morning. He had a blue cap on.—Prisoner asked the policeman, if he knew him why he did not take him into custody when he saw him after- wards ? The policeman said that he was engaged with a drunken man at the time.—P.C. Rawlins was called, and positively stated, in answer to a statement from prisoner, that he had never been in conversation with prisoner, when P.C. Morris was present.—The prisoner was remanded, as Mr. Edmunds did not appear. RichardM-(Jlode was charged with stealing apples, from the orchard of Mr. Campbell, at Canton.—P.C. William Jones sworn: At four o'clock last Sunday morning, I was on duty just by the Town- hall; a person came up Angel-street; he called to me he had a bundle in his hand. I went to him, and he told me that three men had crossed the river by the bridge, with apples. In consequence of this information, I went to Noith-stieet, and saw Richard M'Clode running towards the turnpike-gate. He afterwards crossed the canal, and I found him lying down in a bush. I told him to come with me; he gave me a push as he passed the canal-bridge, and made a spring to the canal and dragged me in with him. He was wet all over. As a. material witness was not present M'Clode was discharged on his own re- cognizance. Edward Morgan, Thomas Knight, and. Henry Alexander, were charged with robbing Henry Withers of two half-crowns, and beating him with sticks and leaving him for dead, on Sunday last about two o'clock in the morning; the prosecutor did not appear. Morgan was bailed. The magistrates spoke in strong terms of the disgraceful house which Elizabeth Alexander keeps on the Canal. It is the vilest and most degraded, receptacle of every sort of infamous characters. Knight, was bailed but Alexander was remanded.-—Alfred liichard, Jame's Christopher, and Samuel Anderson were taken into 'custody on Sunday morning on the Bute-docks for stealing ducks. No direct evidence was produced against the prisohera. 0 Christopher and Anderson were discharged. Alfred Rich- ard was discharged on promising to go to the workhouse.


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