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THE EDUCATIONAL MILLENIUM. HERE it come. The darkness that has so long enveloped Wales is about dispersing. The great fountain of educa- tional light is about shedding its rays in profuse abundance so as to chase away the dark night of Dissenting' and Cam- brian gloom. The inexhaustible source of reports, pam- phlets, and letters is preparing to burst upon us with over- powering splendour. It will so dazzle our eyes as to dis- able us to perceive the horrid deformity of one-sided reports, and the insidious movements of educational chain-forgers. The golden age is about returning, and if there be a man who doubts our assertion we refer him to our esteemed con- temporary the Carnarvon Herald for Saturday last, where he will find the following:— Jehnger C. Symons, Esq., one of the three Cprrtmissioners, who were appointed to conduct, the inquiry intothe state ofedu- cation in Wales, is now residing at Llangollen, with a view to make himself acquainted with the Welsh language. This talented gentleman has been lately appointed by Government to establish and inspect schools in union workhouses in Wales, and the ad- joining English counties; and finding it. difficult to perform the arduous duties of his office in a satisfactory manner, without any knowledge of the language of the principality, he has now placed himself under the instruction of the Rev. G. Edwards, at Llan- gollen, in order to make himself acquainted with the Welsh language." We must really blame our contemporary for not putting this piece of intelligence in bolder type than he has. We cannot imagine how he expected to be pardoned for making it a minion affair. The important announcement resolves itself into several divisions. Mr. Symons resides at Llan- gollen—Mr. Symons intends to make himself acquainted with the Welsh language. Wonders," it is said, will never cease;" and assuredly the fact that Mr. Symons is going to make himself acquainted with the Welsh language must be added to the list. That a gentleman "who is so proudly learned as to know that it is not" easy to estimate its evil effects," should condescend to learn it is indeed, surprising. The language in question is a ''vast drawback to Wales," a "manifold barrier to the moral progress and commercial prosperity of the people," and a langutsge in which "there it no literature worthy of the namea language that dis- b 0 torts truth, favours fraud, and abets perjury," and a language which" is a disastrous barrier to all moral improvement and popular progress and yet Mr. Jelinger C. Symons, the hero of the Welsh Commission, condescends to learn a language so disastrously wicked and so fearfully iniquitous!. Even so. But why does the learned gentleman submit to such a pro- cess of self-pollution ? Why I because lie finds it difficult to perform the arduous duties of his office in a satisfactory manner without any knowledge of the language of tile prin- cipality Here at last is something to tax the ability of Mr. Symons. He found no difficulty in bringing false charges a. against our literature without any know ledge of the language. He found no difficulty in speaking positive as to certain effects, whilst he had no knowledge whateilei- of the cause. but after a few weeks' experience as inspector of workhouse schools, he finds it difficult-to get on—satisfactorily. He comes to a stand, and retires to the vale of Llangollen, and sits at the feet of the Rev. Gamaliel Edwards, to master the difficulty," of the million musical evolutions of the mono- syllables of the Welsh." We do not know why Llangollen has been selected. Per- haps Mr. Symons has been enchanted with its beautiful scenery. Possibly he dreads the acquisition of the Welsh as a formidable difficulty," and that he has wisely selected a spot where he may be daily cheered in his dreary task by the delicious harmony of Sweet Jenny Jones." Or, per- haps, disappointed in his State Education love suit, he, like Miss Ponsonby and Lady Ellenor Butler, has determined to retire in disgust for awhile, at least, from a work so hope- less. But if these surmises should not prove correct, and if Mr. Symons learns Welsh simply for the purpose of ex- pounding to us the beauties of State Education, why, of course, the Educational Millenium has dawned and if the Rev. Gamaliel Edwards is at all acquainted with the mys- teries of baptismal regeneration, we may soon expect to find the sun in the zenith, and the perfect day far advanced.



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