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IRELAND. THE QUEEN'S VISIT TO IRELAND.—The Dublin Evening Post holds out a hope that the Queen may visit this country after the prorogation of Parliament. GOVERNMENT PROSECUTIONS.—The ill-advised proceed- ings adopted by the law officers of the Crown in the case of Mr. Darby M'Gee, of the Nation, and Mr. Hollywood, one of the Club emissaries, have, by gross mismanagement in Z7, some quarter, been rendered altogether nugatory, and both these gentlemen are now left at full liberty to ply their vo- cation Z, until the spring- of 1849, unless in the mean time j they prove themselves 0 to be such arrant fools as to come under the range of the Attorney-General's long guns by uttering of seditious speeches within earshot of green-coated reporters.- Tiines. TRIAL OF MR. MEAGHER FOR SEDITION.—A letter from Limerick, dated Thursday, and published in Saunders' of this morning, says:—" Yesterday (Friday) the Limerick county grand jury assembled, when a bill of indictment was sent before them, charging Mr. Meagher with a misdenea- nour; and they announced that they had found a true bill.' Mr. Meagher was then called upon for his recognisance, which he entered into in Dublin on Wednesday, to appear and abide his trial at these assizes. Sir Colman O'Loghlen, as counsel for the traverser, applied for a copy of the indict- ment, to which he would be prepared to plead in the morn- ing. The counsel who appeared for the Crown made no ob- jection to the application. It is not at all probable that the trial will go on at the present assizes. Mr. Meagher will Z, exercise his right to traverse in prox. until next assizes. DUBLIN, JULY 15.—The Nation and the Irish Pelon ap- peared as usual to-day; but the sale of the latter by the news venders was prevented by the police. A notification appeared yesterday cautioning the newsvenders against selling felonious and seditious papers," as they would thereby render themselves liable to prosecution. The sale, of the paper did not take place to-day at the Felon office, as usual; but copies were to be had in other places, where the newsvenders and others contrived to obtain as many as were required. The Nation,-however, was-on sale as usual. SLIGO BOROUGH ETECTION.-O wing, it is said, to the interest of Lord Palmerston being thrown into the scale of Mr. John Patrick Somers, there is every probability of the Repealer winning the -day. At half-past three o'clock on Friday, and within one hour and a half of the poll being closed, the numbers stood thus :—Somers, 91; Ball, 79 j Hartley, 77. THE MURDERERS OF MAJOR MAITON.-Roscommon, Thursday, 5 o'clock, p.m.—You will be glad to learn that the Attorney-General's exertions at these assizes to bring Z, the persons guilty of the murder of Major Mahon and the Rev. Mr. Lloyd to condign punishment promise to eventuate most successfully and that the class of jurors summoned to attend the Crown Court are amongst the most respectable in this county. After twenty- gentlemen were challenged by the prisoner's agent, one of the murderers of Major Mahon, Patrick Hasty, was yesterday convicted of the crime, under an indictment for conspiracy, eleven of the jury being Ca- p 0 tholics, and only two jurors put aside by the Crown. To- day's proceedings will most probably close with the convic- tion of Thomas Commins, an accomplice of Plasty's. Except Mr. Smith O'Brien and two or three minor agi- tators, all the leaders of the Revolutionary party are now under prosecution, either for felony or sedition. Mr. Tho- mas P'Arcliy M'Gee, one of the writers for the Nation, and .L Mr. Edward Hollywood, have been arrested and admitted to bail, charged with uttering seditious speeches at a club meeting in Round wood, county Wic-klow, on Sunday, the 2nd inst.



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