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Uctigious Intelligence. LLANELLY SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION.—Friday, the 30th ult., was a day long to be remembered by the churches of this town. For many months past the Sunday School Union has been working great things among us, causing the different schools to be placed in a better attitude for efficiency; and uniting the different sections of the Church in one common brotherhood. Some time since the committee determined to bring the union more prominently before the public, and decided on a proces- sion and a public meeting. At one o'clock on Friday the dif- ferent Sunday-schools met in their respective chapels, and at two o'clock a procession, consisting of upwards of 2,000 chil- dren and adults, was formed, and proceeded through the prin- cipal streets of the town. In the evening the public meeting was held at the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, which at an early hour was well-filled. According to a previous arrange- ment of the committee three ministers addressed the meeting on given subjects. The teachers were addressed by the Rev. Mr. Hughes, of the Bethel chapel; the children by the Rev. R. Rees, of the Wesleyan chapel; and the parents by the Rev. T. Rees, of Siloali chapel. Also the Rev. Messrs. Spencer, Brown, Rees, and Roberts, took part in the proceedings, and the large assembly separated, having received a mighty impulse in their work of faith and labour of love. C OWER.—During the past week the quiet locality of Gower has been in a state of happy excitement occasioned by the visit of Thomas Thompson, Esq., and the hon. Mrs. Thompson, of Poundisford park, Taunton, to the chapels of the late hon. Baroness Barham, their esteemed and honoured parent. On Tuesday, June 29, they met the Sabbath school of Cheriton, Oldwalls, Nicolaston, and Bury's green, under the care of the Rev. W. Griffiths, at Bethesda chapel, when from two to three hundred sat down to tea, the provision being given by the con- gregation as a free-will offering, though Mr. Thompson had previously engaged to pay the whole of the expense. After tea a public service was held, and after singing and prayer, Mr. T. addressed the children from Matt. xxi. 16, in a most engaging manner. The Rev. W. J. Ford then addressed the teachers on the nature and importance of their work;" after which the Rev. W. Griffiths examined the schools on the great doctrines of Christianity, when every question was readily and satisfac- torily answered. Mr. T. said that as he had been denied the pleasure of being at the expense of the tea by the liberality of the people, he should present the chapel with a new pair of chandeliers, a gift most thankfully accepted by pastor and people. On the following Thursday, the sabbath school of Pillon Green, and Park Mill chapels, under the pastorate of the Rev. W. J. Ford, held their anniversary. The scholars met Mr. T. and his lady about three o'clock, and walked in proces- sion before the carriage to the chapel, singing "Hosannah;" and when the chapel door was opened the interior presented a cheering appearance. Three long tables spread out with a pro- fusion of tea things, cake, &c., over which hung two chande- liers, gracefully ornamented with flowers. In a few minutes the area of the chapel was filled, and the children were enjoy- ing their tea. Shortly after the friends sat down to the social repast. At six o'clock a public service commenced with sing- ing and prayer. The schools were examined by the minister, and Mr. T. addressed them in his own peculiar and interesting man- ner on Gen. xlviii. 16, Bless the lads." This address was fol- lowed by others to parents and teachers, and a few words by the hon. patroness herself by way of encouragement to the school. After the minister had returned thanks to the people .for their abundant'liberality, and singing and prayer, :he ser- vice concluded—a service long to be remembered, and; we hope it will be peculiarly blessed of God. In this as in the former instance, Mr. T. himself had engaged to meet the expense, yet such was the good feeling and liberality of the people that they came forward unsolicited, and met the expense themselves. So much for the voluntary principle. Gower is indebted to the late hon. Baroness Barham for its religious privileges to a very great extent, for by her chapels were built, schools formed, and ministers supported and it is pleasing to see members of her family imbued with her spirit, and taking so great an interest in the welfare of the people of Gower. May they be blessed, and made a blessing. T ENRY. An ordination service was held at the Baptist chapel, South Parade, in this town, on the 5th inst., when Mr. W. Phillips, late ofAccrington College, was recognised as the pas- tor of the church. On Tuesday evening the 4th, the service commenced with reading and prayer by Mr. J. II. Thomas, of Milford Haven, when Mr. W. Walters, of Preston, preached from Gal. vi. 14. On Wednesday at ten Mr. Anthony (Inde- pendent) read the scriptures and prayed. Mr. D. Pughe, of Pembroke-dock, delivered the introductory address on the na- ture and constitution of a Christian church. The ordination prayer was presented by Mr. J. II. Thomas, when Mr. H. J. Morgan, of Bethany, Pembroke-dock, gave the charge to the young minister, founded on the words Make full proof of thy ministry," and concluded with prayer. At six in the evening, Mr. Price, of Bristol College, pray-ed; Mr, Benjamin Thomas, of Narberth, addressed the church from Ileb. xiii. 22; and Mr. W. Walters preached to the congregation from Prov. xxiv, 11, 12. The whole of the services were truly interesting, and our prayer is that this religious union maybe ratified in Heaven. COED-Y-OY'MMF.R BRANCH BIBLE SOCIETY,—A meeting was held on Monday evening at Tabor Independent chapel, the Rev. W. Moses's, Mr. Philip Jones, a churchman, in the chair. Mr. 1). N. Thomas, the secretary, read the report, which showed that that branch had not done so much for the Bible society the last year as usual, but determined to do more this year. Brief but appropriate speeches were delivered by Mr. T. Williams, Revs, \V", Moses, YY.atkin Willi a ms, and O. Evans, in moving and seconding the various resolutions. The meeting was then addressed by the deputation, the Revs. Edward Davies, classi- cal stutor of Brecon college, and T. Phillips, of Hay, in speeches which told well on the congregation. It appeared that the inhabitants of that populous village are well supplied with the scriptures. MIDDLE MILL, PEMBROKESHIRE,—On Saturday, July 8th, the members of the Baptist church at Middle Mill presented the Rev. W. Reynolds with a purse of thirty sovereigns as an expression of their attachment and their esteem of his la- bours among them. The presentation was made by Mr. Thos. Morris, in a kind and fraternal spirit, and appropriately acknow- ledged by Mr, Reynolds. LIVERPOOL AND BIRKENHEAD,— On Sunday last, the 9th c inst., the Welsh Independents assembling at Tabernacle, Be- thel, and Salem Chapels, Liverpool, and Sion Chapel, Birken- head, held, their annual meetings in their several chapels. The Revs. W, Griffith Holyhead; D. Rees, Llanelli; E. Hughes, Holywell; n. Price, Denbigh; T. Rees, Llanelli; W. Am- brose, Port Madoc; E. Griffith, Llanegryn; J. Williams, Llan- ga..doc;. J. Roberts, Llanercliymedd W. Roberts, Pen Bont Fawr and E. Davies, Trawsfynydd, preached on the occasion. The congregations were large and attentive, and the sermons impressive, and it is to be hoped that much good will be the result. Notwithstanding the heavy pressure of the times we believe- tbut our fcllow-countrymen have in their several col- lections fully sustained their long-established character for liberality. THE MONTHLY MEETING of the Baptist connexion in the Cardigan district, was held at Cwmfelin-mynich, near Llan- boidy, on the 26th and 27th ult. On the evening of the first day sermons were preached by the Rev. Messrs. D. Davies, Bwlchygwynt, and J. Lloyd, Penpark and on the morning of the second day, by the Rev. Messrs. T. Thomas, and J. Lloyd; and in the afternoon, by the Rev. Messrs. D. Davies and J. Lloyd. The services on both days were numerously and re- spectably attended. RHESYCAE. The association of Congregational ministers and churches within the counties of Flint and Denbigh, held its annual meeting at this place on Wednesday and Thursday, the 5th and ffth instant. Besides a large number of the ministers within the above- named counties, there were present the Rev. W. Roberts, Penybont; E. Griffiths, Llanegryn E. Davies, Trawsfynydd W. Jones, Amlwch; and T. Pierce, of Liverpool. The public meetings were held in the open air, as the assemblage of the peo- ple was much too large for the chapel to contain. The sermons were delivered with great power and effect, and we sincerely hope will be attended with beneficial results to the church, the neigh- bourhood, and the respected minister of the place. The ministers present in the conference unanimously passed a vote of condolence with the Rev. Hugh Pugh, of Mostyn, in consequence of his late bereavement. The meeting of the association next year is ap- pointed to be held in Cliapel-street chapel, Holywell. HOLYWELL.—The Rev. Ellis Hughes, who has for many years laboured with much success in this town and neighbourhood, is about to remove, having received a unanimous invitation from the old Independent church at Penmain, Monmouthshire. His re- moval is a source of much regret to his brethren and the churches in general, as he was very greatly beloved and respected, not only by the friends at Holywell, but by all the ministers and churches of the county, and indeed throughout the whole of North Wales.



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