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NEWPORT. PUBLIC MEETING.—On Wednesday evening week, a public meeting was held at the Mariners Church to advocate the cause of sailors; the attendance was extremely thin, and evidently showed the want of feeling in behalf of the tempted sailor. On the motion of Mr. Turner, seconded by the Rev. Mr. Thomas, Baptist, minister, W. Jenkins, Esq., mayor, took the chair, and opened the meeting in a short speech, stating the object of the meeting, and expressing his fullest sympathy in the movement tending to better the moral condition of mariners. He then called upon the llev. I). Solmon to read the report, by which it appeared that the general attendance at the public services was gradually declining, and that it did not possess that sympathy which it merited. During the last four years the expenses in con- nexion with the chapel had been a little under £ 20, and that f,4 had been collected during that time for its support; leaving a balan.ce against the society of £ 15 The Rev. W. Thomas then rose and moved the first resolution, that the report now read be adopted," and was seconded by Mr John Sanders. The Rev. Mr. Allen moved the second resolution, that it is our duty to seek the instruction of the sailors, &c." Rev. Mr. Jones, of Chepstow, seconded it in a humorous speech, and as well as the first resolution it was unanimously adopted. Mr. E. Thomas, Anchor-hovse, moved the third resolution, "that the scrviets of tlose ministers and gentlemen of the committee be acknowledged, and that they be respectfully solicited to collfnue their assistance." Mr. Skinner seconded it, and it was adopted unanimously. Mr. Turner's services w. re also acknowledged in connexion with the place. A vote ( f thanks having been moved to the mayor for his kindly occupying the chair, the meeting separated. The collection amounted to about £ 4 11° COUNT TWZKRY AND HIS GANG AT N -.WVORT.—The above gang paid the town of Newport a visit on Thursday last, and pro- cured Williams's large room, Commercial-street, and 'issued a large number of circulars in the town and neighbourhood, under the attractive heading of "Legalised Distribution," setting forth an official ro.'ice (bearing the impression of the Crown) of foreign manufactures, under sequestration, which having formerly been sold by her Majesty's honorary commissioners of customs quar- terly at the Queen's Sale Rooms, Mincing-lane, now" released and redeemed," and conveyed about the country by a company of "competent individuals," to supply iil. wardrobes of ladies of rank and wealth upon "equitable principles." Mr. English, the superintendent of police, who is also inspector of hawkers' licenses for the district, knowing the Towzery Gang to he a company of unprincipled fellows, who, protected in some degree by tke Li- censed Hawkers' Act, are constantly on the move from town to town, opening "exhibitions" and -,¡ expoitj(Jns"of pretended foreign rarities," and "custom-house seizures," which are no- thing more than English manufactures, of the most rubbishing description, paid their establishment a visit on Friday morning; and on inspecting their licenses and advertisements, &c., discovered j several points upon which he could take proceedings against them. He, therefore, strongly recommended the competent individuals" to quit the town as soon as possible, which they at first refused to comply with but seeing Mr. English's determination, after a second interview with him, they paded up their really rare mer- chandise," and left by packet for Bristol, intimating that it was not their intention to visit any of the Welsh towns; but Mr. English forwarded information of them to several of the principal towns in the principality. The SUCQCSS which has, in so many cases, attended these vagabonds, shows how easily the public is to be gulled, ar.d induced to leave respectable shopkeepers to buy bargains" of itinerant swindlers. We are happy to know that the City of London Trade Vroteclion Society has written to Mr. English acknowledging his activity in this with tha.« klulness. City of London Trade Protection Society, zst July, 1848. Charlotte-row, Mansion-house, London, bIH,-I find your town has just been visited by a set of swin- dlers, known as "The Towzery Gang," of whom you will find some particulars in a circular which you will rec-eive with this. I shall be much obliged by your informing me where they go next, if ytu can learn it as I, shall then be able to frustrate their designs; T remain, sir, your obedient servant, ° E. F. L1:1::1\.8, Sec." To the Superintendent of Police, Newport. POLICE COURT, JULY 1Q.Tll, W, Jenkins, Mayor, Thos. Hawkins, and Thos. Hughes, Esqrs.)—Michael Reardin, Jamts Williams, Richard Stroud, Thomas liroc-hs, Jas. Williams, and John Mountain, charged with vagrancy, and sleeping on a lime-Jain at Pillgwcnlly, were discharged, with the exception of Mountain, who wris sentenced to one month's hard labour at T, as a rogue and a vi Cham- bers, charged with stealing china, was discharged, no prosecutor appearing against him.——ilurj t Lester, for being drunk and disorderly, was dispharged.—.— William Jones, for assaulting 1v¡,ry Morgan. Case dismissed. John Snelgrove. Pcjmer, for assaulting his wife Ann Palmer, was fined 408. and 14s. costs. C,, ei; o,'te Cook, charged with stealing a pair of boots, the property of Jonah Jones, of Lantarnam. Jonah Jones sworn I came to town on Saturday to. market, I went to a shoemaker's before going to market for a pair of boots I had left there to be mended. I then went to market and put the boots, iii-to my reticule^ and afterwards went to a person named Morgan's stall to buy potatoes I took the boots out of the basket to put the potatoes iii I left the boots under Morgan's barrow, and weut to another standing to buy a cabbage. I came back in about five minutes, and missed my boots; I asked Morgan if he. knew where were my boots;, he told me he had seen a woman take a pair of boots from off the ground; he described the woman to me. I went to look for a policemanfound P.O. Watkins, who found the woman walking about market. The police-constable asked her what she had in her basket; she said a pair of boots and some potatoes. I knew the boots, and gave her into custody; the boots produced are the same, they may be worth 2s. — Morgan, sworn I live at Barneswell. I keep a standing occasionally in the market. I did so on Saturday, Jones bought some potatoes of me. I did not see Jones put the boots under my barrow. I saw him go away. Prisoner came and, bought some potatoes of me. I saw her stoop down to pick up. the boots. She asked whose boots are these r" I said I do not know." She said Oh, they are my daughter's, she left them here then she took them away -with her. Jones came up in two or three minutes after, and asked where the. boots were, I told him that a woman had been there, and I saw her pick up a pair of boots, and take them away with her. I described the woman to him, and he went away. C. II. Watkins,. police-constable, sworn: In con- sequence of information I received I went with Jones to look for the woman. I saw her walking about the market. It was on Saturday. I asked her what she had In. her basket; she said a pair of boots and some potatoes belonging to an olet Avoman she was looking for in the market. The boots I produce are the same. The prisoner's statement was that she picked up the boots, and looked about the market to find the owner. I walked three or four fms roun Y Did not say they were h r laugh- ter's. Sh3 was bound over to appear at next Monmou;h assizes. — Stevens, charged with being drunk and incapable of tak. ing care of him e ?, AVIS discharged^ T banezer James, ch-trgeel with stealing lea, fro:n Rope chapel, was discharged.