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35cclcstajsttcal nilp. r- A MULTITUDE OF CHAPLAINS.—Prince Albert has now got five chiplain: the fifth having been just gazetted. We pre- sume th ;t he has one to each separate capacity—as Fiold-mar- sluiC Ch mcellor of the Duchy of Cornwall, Chancellor of Cam- bridge, Governor of Windsor Castle, &c„—all of them with separate functions, and all of them with separate salaries.— tfotfiw/ham Review. KNUOWMEN'T OF THE CATHOLIC CLERGY.—lt is said that, 0 -vin»- to the conduct pursued by many of the Irish Roman Ca- tholic prelates in reg rd to the question of repeal, and espe- cially in. allying themselves with the Young Ireland party, Government has taken into serious contemplation the long talked of measure of connecting the Roman Catholic clergy with the State by an endowment. The only obstacle to the proposal of an immediate adoption of such a measure is said to consist in the unsettled condition of the Papal power, and the consequent of ohtailling a firm basis for any agree- ment that might be made between the contracting parties.— Hants Independent. RICIIES THE "BISHOPS' -BAKE.—I will holdly assert, without fear of contradiction, even from any priest, if he be an honest man, that the majority of the bishops of the Church of England always are persons whose main object is to amass wealth and aggrandise their families. This is ^notorious fact; and in- deed, nothing but a constant standing miracle could prevent it from being so. For when every temptation is held out to our prelates to indulge any of their evil propensities, not only with impunity, but applause, and when they find a castle of servile people in the land, who admire the prelates, whether they are ■avaricious, luxurious, indolent, haughty, ignorant, rich, or useless—garhen the largest fortunes and most splendid dignities are liberally thrust into their bosoms—how could it be other- wise, as bag as human nature is as it is, than thit our bishops should be generally corrupt and fail short of the Christian rule ? -Let, er to the Archbishop of York.—BUVEHLEY. CLERICAL CONSISTENCY.—The following letter was written, as your readers will perceive,, in May last, in order to satisfy the scruples of the clerical conscience of its reverend author. 3eyond doubt the writer is perfectly correct Living or dead, Dissenters have p.o right to the ceremonies of the Church. They are intended for its members, and not for those who se- parate themselves from its communion. May all Dissenters ?eel the deserved rebuke administered to them, and may all clergymen act like the Rev. Hinds Howell Bride.^towe Rectory, May 20, 1843. "Sir, Mr. Shopland having applied to me to bury a child of yours, on inquiry, I fitid it has not been baptised at Church; while, hen, I protest most solemnly against being called on to red the jurial service of the Church over one who has never belonged to that Church; wlyle, then, I appeal to you on these grounds as a' professing Christian not to ask me to do what >u, under similar circumstances, wuld consider a grievous hardship I am forced ,0 add, that, as the law of the land at present stands, I must bury your child, if you are able to declare that the child lias, been baptised' in .forn^ and manner j-equired, f eaplose some ques- tions, to which I request answers in full, and that you will affixt your name to such answers. I use the word I baptised above bu I, for my part, do not acknowledge such baptism (as I understand your child has received) to be lawful according to Christ's ap- pointment. You, of course, must be well aware that I have no personal unkind feeling towards you or any other Dissenter in my parish; but in this, and such like cases, I must raise my voice against their most inconsistent practice of first separating from the Church, despising that Church throug h their lives, often malign- ing her ministers, and then demanding as a right the performance of one of her most foleinn rites.—I am, sir, youis faithfully, To Captain Stephens. HINDS HOWELL." The following are the questions :— First Question.—Who baptised your child ? Second.-Wlio was present? Third.—With what matter was it baptisecl ? "Fourth.—With what words?"

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