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IRELAND. ARREST OF MR. CHARLES GAVIN DUFFY.—About half- p-ist eight o'clock on Saturday evening Mr. Duffy was ar- rested, and brought to College green police-office, Dublin., charged under th, recent act with felony. Shortly after, the magistrate was in attendance, when the informations were 1-ead over, which wer-e 1106 objected to by Mr. DuIly, and he was committed for trial at the next Commission, which will be held oil the bth of August. Bail was offered, but refused. The police seized all documents in writing, books, and papers in the office and house, which remained in their custody. SURRENDER OF MR JOII MARTIN.—At ten on Saturday morning the proprietor of the Irish Felon, for whose appre-i tension a warrant had been issued on Monday last, volun- tarily surrendered to the police authorities. Mr. Martin was then conveyed to Newgate in the custody of Sergeant Pren- der and a couple of policemen, without the occurrence of any unusual excitement in the streets. Immediately after the surrender of Mr. Martin a body of police entered the oHice of the Felon, and seized all the copies of the paper ex- posed for salu, and carried them away, Those in the posses- sion of the news venders. met a similar fate, and orders have 1 .3 u been given to the Post-office authorities to prevent the de- spatch ef the FeLn through that department, so that, al- though the types and. presses have not been yet laid hold of, the journal is virtually suppressed for this week at least. Mr. Devin iteilly, another of the Felon corps, has addressed letters to tll(ll A tturney- General and the Under-Secretary, avowing himself the author of certain articles in the Felon, and tendering himself as responsible for them instead of All,. 11 Mr. Lalor follows the same course. The Nation and the Tribune teem with writings of a felonious ZD tendency. DUBLIN, JULY 9.—Mr. Dennis Rohan, the printer of the Tribune, was last night arrested, and has been committed to Newgate for trial. R'iel.ard Dalton Williams, of Mount Pleasant-square, and Kerrin Izod O'Doherty, of Hamilton-row, the proprietors of tie Tribune, were this day brought up on sworn informations before Mr. Tyndall, the magistrate at College-street police- office, for the publication of certain seditious articles in the Tribune newspapers of the 1st and 8th inst., and were com- mitted to take their trial at the ensuing commission (8 th of t August). Bail was refused. MISSION OF MR. MEAGIIER TO THE UNITED STATES.— The Confederates and their clubs have been working in secret since the passing of the Treason Felony Act. One portion of the plans of the Executive Directory, however. has transpired, namely the mission of Mr. T. F. Mjaghei to the United States. Tnere are various rumours as to tin object of this move. Some are credulous enough to believe object of this move. Some are credulous enough to believe that Mr. Meagher is to join an expedition o £ sympathisers; from s ime American port, to rescue John Mitchcl from the British authorities at Bermuda; others state that Mr. Meagher is to make a tour of the United States to organize clubs similar to those in Ireland, in order that the Irish confederates may be able to calculate the extent of their resources. or JOHN MITCIIEL AT BERMUDA.—We have just had a conversation with a gentleman who this day tra yelled in the company of one of the officers of the vessc'i which carried John Mitchel to Bermuda. Mr. MiteheJ ar- rived out in goud health, though in a rather depressed state of mind. Q.i his outward voyage he was remarkably silent ■and reserved, hat enjoyed good .health.—Freeman's Journal, THE arrival of Mr. Mitchel's brother in New York created a profoand sensation among the friends of, and sympathisers with, Ireland.



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