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CARNARVON. BRUTAL ATTACK.—One of the most unmanly and unprovoked acts that it has ever been our duty to record, occurred at an inn in this town, on the evening of Monday last. As a man who had just arrived from Anglesey was drinking a glass of ale, a young scoundrel, who is well known, burnt his face around the eyes with caustic, disfiguring the poor fellow in a shocking manner, and adding the danger of both his eyes being seriously injured, if not ultimately lost. Our informant recommended the poor man to ispply to the Mayor for redress. Accordingly on Wednesday, the offender, Richard Owen, was brought before T. Turner, Esq., mayor, and the offence bring fully proved, he was committed for trial at the ensuing assizes but on the application of Mr: Powell, who appeared for the defence, he was held to bail. Mr. Llewelyn Turner conducted the complainant's case.*—Herald, BANGOR AND BEAUMARIS Uxiox.—The Board of Guardians for this union held their usual fortnightly meeting in the Union i.ouse, Bangor, on Wednesday week. The chair was taken at the commencement of the proceedings by Mr. Bieknell, one of the vice-chairmen. The chair was taken at the commencementof the proceedings, by Mr. Bieknell, one of the vice-chairman. In reference to a report made by iNIr. Syinotis, as having inspected the school, and examined the schoolmaster, aud on being informed that that gentleman Was the Mr. Symons, of South Wales educa- tional celebrity, Dr. O. O. Roberts remarked that the Board of Guardians were fully competent to judge as to the employment and practical mode of educating both male and female pauper children in the yrorkhouse, so as to render them capable of becom- ing useful members of society, and enable them to earn their own hVing. He had long been impressed with the idea that the Welsh -Education Committee was a plant emanating from Somerset House, and the appointment of Mr. Symons to report upon the workhouse schools in North Wales was, in his mind, as convincing a proof of that fact as if that commission, when issued, had been endorsed, per Chadwick, Coode and Co.