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J10NTYPOOL. A BENEFIT SOCIETY OF THE RIGHT SORT.-A branch of the Christian Mutual Providence Society, established in London, has lately been formed in this town, designed chiefly to benefit the members of the churches and congregations; no person addicted to drunkenness or other vicious habits are admissible. The meetings of the Pontvpool branch are held in the British School-room, where there is not the slightest temptation, much less are the members compelled to purchase intoxicating drink, which is the case in many other benefit societies. Already about twenty persons have enrolled their names as members, while its prospects for the future are cheering. This society will assure to persons of both sexes, between the ages of four- teen and fifty, a weekly sum during sickness with medical aid; also an annuity commencing at sixty years or upwards, the payment of a certain sum at death, and an endowment for .children attaining the respective age of fourteen, eighteen, and twenty-one, and for adults at any specified age. We earnestly recommend the formation of branches of a similar kind throughout Wales, feeling confident the principles on which tl- the society is founded are sound, and its objects calculated to confer the greatest benefits on the community at large. The aspect of the present times especially indicate that provident habits are essential to promote happiness and rational pros- perity. Hitherto provident societies have been too frequently combined with other associations, injurious to the character and welfare of their members. They have counteracted moral and religious good under the misnamed object of benefitting society. The first annual meeting of this society was held in May last, when it appeared that during the first year of the society's operation, no less than 2,600 assurances have been effective, which is more than in any other kindred institution in the kingdom.