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The weather during the last few days has been very unfavour- able for harvest, and a vast quantity is waiting the scythe around i this town, especially in the iron masters' fields. The showery wevc- i fher of the last month or six weeks has very considerably iaereased the crops. MEAT.—The large quantity of animal food remaining unsold in our market on Monday indicates the scarcity of money among the working classes, though the railmenat Cyfarthfa are better employed for the last fortnight than they have been for many months. POLICE, JULY l.-(Held before H. A. Bruce, and Wm. Thomas,'Esqrs.)—Mr. George Williams, Clerk of the Board of Guardians at Llandilo-fawr, was charged by Elizabeth Morgan with being the 'father of her illegitimate child. A host of wit- nesses was examined, and the time of the court was taken up for five long hours, but the evidence was totally unfit for publication. lr. Smith was engaged for the complainant, and Mr. Frank Jas. for the defendant. Their worships said they were sorry to be obliged to dismiss the case. Richard Richards, puddler, Dow- Iais, an aged-looking man, was charged by W. Crawshay, Esq., on the evidence of Daniel Davies, one of his gamekeepers, with taking fish in complainant's fishery at Vaynor, this morning. Fined 6s. (id., and 3s. 6d. costs, and warned if he will be brought before the bench again, the full penalty would be enforced. Thomas Thomas was charged by Isaac Jones, with throwing a stone to his pasture land. Defendant's witness, Ebenezer Jones, swore that the stone did not reach the grass, the case was therefore dismissed.——Robert Phillips, hawker, was charged with the same offence, as was also Thomas Thomas; the former was fined 2s., and the latter 3s., and the sum of 3s. (id, costs eacli.Il(try Thomas, a single woman, from Rhymney, was charged with at- tempting self-destruction by throwing herself in Rhymney river. As the quarter sessions were held last week, the prisoner was locked up for four days and four nights, and during that time re- fused to take any nourishment whatever, although she was ex- ceedingly well treated by the medical man and the superintendent. She was committed for trial.—Three or four cases of bastardy and assaults weie settled out of court. Their worships iat till six o'clock. POLICE, JULY 3.—(Magistrate present, II. A. Bruce, Esq.) -BRUTAL ASSAULT AND ROBBERY.-—Isaac Jones, sinker, a Northwalian, was charged by Wm. Powl with entering his house yesterday, and robbing the complainant of C2. It appeared that the complainant was in his house on Sunday, enjoying the day of rest, when the defendant rushed in, most dreadfully abused him by putting his fingers in his eyes, which presented a most shocking appearance this day in court, and robbed him of £ 2. The wretch excused himself by stating that he went to Powl's house for the purpose of paying his addresses to his daughter, a widow but she HÙcl she never saw him before, as only three weeks have elapsed since he came to the place, and that she knew nothing whatever of him. He was fully committed to take his trial at the next assizes. ——ANOTHER BRUTAL ASSAULT AND ROBBERY. Keely, an Irishman, was charged by Patrick Lynch with having, in con- junction with another person unknown, and who is not yet appre- hended, violently knocked him down and assaulted him, on the 27th of June last, near the Quaker's yard, and robbing him of half a sovereign on the highway. He also was committed for trial at the next assizes. DRUNKENNESS.—John Hendren was charged by Sergeant Rees with being drunk and disorderly yesterday afternoon. Fined 5s. Paid. Thomas Davies, bailer, Dowlais, was charged by Sergeant Rees with the same offence. Fined 2s. 6cL Paid.