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NEWPORT. NEWPORT COURT OF EXCHEQUER.—GADDEREK V. IIAIMK. 1 his was an action to recover the amount of a bill of exchange, and excited great interest. There were many pleas on the record, but the principal one was that the ac- ceptance to the bill had been obtained from the defendant by fraud. It appeared that. the plaintiff is a person whoso place of business is at Craven street, Strand, and who is in the habit of discounting bills. He now sought to recover the amount of a bill of exchange for £200, drawn on the 20th ha of January, 1847, and payable three months after date. The defendant, Mr. Ilaime, was a dissenting minister, at Pillgwenlly, near Newport, Monmouthshire, who, in 1847, being desirous of raiting money on a bill of exchange, en- tered into negotiation with a person of the name of Gaddercr. the plaintiff, being in the habit of discounting bills, was applied to by Miles, to whom the money was ptiid by Gadderer. For the defence it was shown tliat Mr. Ilaime had seen advertisements in the Watchman, signed James Lomas, 33, Mount-street, London, offering to advance money to the amount of £ 7,000 for the use of chapels, &e. Mr. Haime in consequence applied for £200, and a correspondence took place, in the course of which Lomas professed his de- sire to render a service to one of Christ's ministers, and Mr. Haime's acceptance for £ 200 was sent to the address, but in return that gentleman never received a farthing. No. 33 was the post-office, where it was shown that a person calling himself Lomas called for letters addressed to him. and i-eo- ceived several. It was contended that there was in reality no man of that name, that the affair was managed by parties who had an office in Panton-square, with the name of Cobb over the door, and that the bill was obtained by a fraud to which Gadderer was a party. The jury, after a brief con- sultation, returned the following verdict" We find for the defendant; that he did not get consideration for the bill; that the bill was obtained by fraud and that the plain- tiff was aware that a fraud had been committed." Con- siderable applause followed the announcement of the verdict, which was instantly checked. "W E have the pleasure to announce that C. H. Stonehouse, Esq., Consular Agent for Russia, Prussia, France, Holland, Hamburg, Lubeck, Bremen, and Brazils, has received from Baron Lionel Rothschild, Consular General of Austria, the appointment of Vice Consul for that nation, for the port a>id district of Newport. TRADE, we are sorry to say, still continues very dull here. Owing to there being'no freight homo from the Mediterra nean, and the disturbed state of Denmark, we have very little shipping loading for those places. (Continued in the eighth page).