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GLAMORGANSHIRE QUARTER SESSION. (Continuedfrom lasttreek.) John Davies, aged 30, nvetier, having pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing a pair of shoes, the property of John Morgan, of Mer- thyr, was sentenced to one month's hard labour at Swansea. John Watts, aged 22, labourer, was charged with stealing a half-crown piece and threepence, of the money of John Scott, fruiterer, of Merthyr, on the 12th of June. The prisoner visited the. prosecutor's stall at Llandaff fair, took up some nuts, and af- terwards stole the money. There was another indictment against this prisoner. Verdict, Guilty. Sentenced to one month's hard labour at Swansea for each offence. Magdalen Jones, aged 20, single woman, was next charged with stealing a flannel gown from one Mary Thomas, of Merthyr. The gown was stolen from a hedge whilst put out to dry. Verdict, Guilty, with a recommendation to mercy. Sentenced to three weeks' imprisonment at Cardiff'. Daniel Sullivan, aged 28, an Irish labourer, was indicted for having stolen one pound of bacon, the property of Mr. Atkins, of Dowlais. Verdict, Guilty. Sentenced to six weeks' hard labour at Swansea. Margaret Barry, 23, single, and Mary Jones, were severally charged with having, at Cardiff", feloniously stolen nine sovereigns, two half-sovereigns, and two half-crowns, from the person of Ed- mund Harries. Verdict, Guilty. Sentenced, Margaret Barry to six months' imprisonment at Cardiff, and Maiy Jones to six months' imprisonment at Swansea. Thomas Morgan, aged 40, fireman, was charged with having stolen a red necklace, and other articles, of the goods of Mary Ann Jones, of Merthyr Tydfil. Verdict, Guilty. Sentenced to be kept to hard labour for three mouths. John Oleen, aged 28, boiler-maker, was charged with stealing wearing-apparel and 14s., the property of Mr. John Williams, a tailor. Verdict, Guilty. Sentenced to one month's imprisonment at Cardiff. John Gould, aged 22, labourer, and Elizabeth Gould, his wife, were charged with stealing various articles of wearing apparel and £1 Is. S jd., the property of Elizabeth Wasely. Verdict, Guilty against the female prisoner. Both prisoners were then arraigned upon another indictment, charging them with stealing a live duck, the property of Mr. G. Penrose. The husband in this case pleaded Guilty. Both prisoners were then sentenced —the husband to one month's hard labour at Swansea; the wife to three months' hard labour at Cardiff. Rosanna Jones, aged 53, was arraigned for stealing a wooden bucket, the property of Joseph Spear. Verdict, Guilty. Sen. tenced to one month's hard labour at Swansea. John Harvey, aged 25, was charged with stealing a shoe- maker's tool, valued at one shilling. Verdict, Guilty. Sen- tenced to one month's hard labour at Swwisea. David Recs, aged 21, collier, was charged with stealing a sil- ver watch, of the value of £ 2, from the person of Ilopkin Wal- ters. Verdict, Guilty. Sentenced to two months' imprison- ment. Mary Daly, aged 30, and Elizabeth Council, aged 50, were charged with receiving, in April, one glass bottle and a pint of shrub, which were stolen by the prisoner Robert Thomas, who pleaded guilty the day before. The robbery was committed at a public-house at Newbridge. Verdict, Guilty. Sentenced to l'i days' hard labour at Swansea. Elizabeth Griffin and Hannah Williams were charged with stealing, at the Bridgwater Arms, Eglwysilan, the sum of 3s., the money of Mr. T. Barnell, the landlord. After an able ad- dress from Mr. Grove, the jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty. Daniel Richards, farmer, was charged with receiving one sack of barley meal, valued at 10s., and one sack of bran, valued at os., the property of Mr. W. W. Young, of Neath. After an address from Mr. Grove for defence, and from Mr. Hall and Mr. Benson for prosecution, the jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty. The prisoner was then arraigned upon the other indictment, which charged him with stealing the meal and the bran. After the examination of many witnesses, Mr. Grove, in a lengthened speech, addressed the jury on behalf of the prisoner. Several witnesses were called, who gave the prisoner an unexception- able character. The learned chairman having summed up, the jury returned a verdict of Not- Guilty. David Itichards, 51, farmer, was next arraigned for stealing one sack of flour, valued £2; one sack of grudiycoius, valued at I Os. 6d. and one sack of bran, valued at .s., the property of Mr. William Weston Young. Messrs. Lloyd Hall and Benson conducted this prosecution also, and Mr. Grove defended the prisoner. A verdict of Not Guilty -NN-a,, then returned by the jury, which was re- ceived with clapping of hands, but was immediately suppressed.—Both cases excited very great interest in the town, and lasted several hours. Thomas Thomas, of Swansea, was charged with having stolen a quantity of cloth, the property of his employer, Mr. Marsden, draper, Swansea.— Joseph Hees was charged with receiving the same,, well knowing them to be stolen.—Verdict, Not Guilty. SECOND COURT. George Davies, shoemaker, was found guilty of stealing a pair of boots, tho property of Georgo Owen, of Cwmavon. Sentenced to three months' hard labour at Cardiff. Thomas Minn and William Jones pleaded guilty to the charge of having stolen certain wearing apparel, the property of Diana Nicholas. Sentenced to one month's hard labour. John 7 ho man pleaded guilty to having uttered base coin at Neath. Sen- tenced to four months' hard labour at Swansea. John ilore and Surah lloykmd were found guilty of stealing a pair of trousers from the shop of Win. Covington, tailor, Swansea, and sentenced to three months' hard labour at Cai'diif. Thomas Jievan was charged with stealing a watch, the property of William Gwynne, the mate of the Duke of Cornwall. A verdict of Guilty was un- hesitatingly returned by the jury, and a previous conviction Having been produced against the prisoner, he was sentenced, after making a long ram- bling defence, to ten years' transportalion. Lewis Williams, 30, collier, charged with stealing eight fowls, the property of William Jones, was found guilty, and sentenced to three months' hard labour at Cardiff. Elinor Davies, 5S, widow, charged with stealing a handkerchief, the pro- perty of Mary Jones, of C..ity, was sentenced to six weeks' at Cardiff. William Moore, found guilty of stealing at Aberavon, was sentenced, in consequence of a previous conviction, to seven years' transportation. John William, arraigned for stealing fowls, was sentenced to two months' imprisonment. The business of the Session terminated about nine o'clock.