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had universal suffrage and vote by ballot to do with the Parisian riots ? Universal suffrage and the ballot develop their results in the National Assembly, and not in the con- struction of barricades. Murderous fire and poison might be employed with a limited as well as universal suffrage. The ballot did not pour boiling oil and water on the National Guards. The insurrection issued from no policy recom- mended by an universal suffrage and ballot Assembly. The fatal policy was that of the Provisional Goveriiiiieiit. The Assembly sought to rectify the blundei, and tne icnific. ex plosion ensued. The State vessel was being driven in a wroii- cou-se, and the effort to save it well nigh cost the Assembly its wreck. What then is here to afford substantial reasons against reform None whatever, though the set- tled brain of Finality has conjured from it an immense bug- bja-. Iteform is necessary and must come, or Lie masses will "row dissatisfied. Iteform delayed, as it has been truly said, is revolution begun. The noble elephant at the Liver- pool Zoological Gardens was maddened into fury by the cruel treatment of his master. He crushed him, killed him, Nevertheless he was pacified by a few loaves of bread. If the loaves had been given earlier, his temper would no. have been disturbed, and the man would have escaped. Heform in England may be conceded too late to avert mis- chief. The disaffected will not be slow to avail themselves of the legitimate causes of discontent. Why provoke a con- test which must eventually end in the granting of political rights ? It is sheer wickedness. The God-send of Finality will not distract popular attention from the unenfranchised state of the millions of England. Half-a-dozen bloody insur- rections may vet happen, and no thinking man will even dream of attributing them to political reform. The relation of cause and effect will be traced and earnest right-hearted men will discover that popular tumults are the results of the mis-government of the masses, and not that of granting po- pular rights, as the God-send of Finality would have us believe.