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(Selected-for the PRINCIPALITY.) THE PRESENT POSITION OF CONSISTENT NON- CONFORMISTS IN REFERENCE TO WHIGS AND TORIES, &c. (Concluded from last week.) THE SUFFRAGE. THE Suffrage we hold is the birthright of man If it is not, then why not ? pray show us, who can ? But he that would show us undoubtedly must Take for his guidance the rule that is just; If he will consider I' c'll certainly see Partiality andjustice can never agree; To do unto others as we would be done bv, Is the only just rule on which to relv. We hold that the Suffrage then ought to be free To all who are honest, whoever they be To male and tofemale the right is the same, Both sexes alike equality claim Justice is not a respector of any Persons, or parties—of few, or of many Shows favour to none, but equity to all, The rich and the poor, the great and the small. Full freedom of suffrage could not injure any Male, female, rich, poor, a class, or a party But would tend to advance the true interests of all. And all would be happy, and prosperous withal. THE BALLOT. ALONG with the Suffrage, the Ballot we claira For our protectiofi in using the same; This old shield of secresy alone can defend The poor, the trader, the farmer, the friend, By means of the Suffrage and Ballot combined, True freedom in trade and religion we'll find Religion will flourish, and knowledge abound, No jobbing and meddling by the state all around All places of worship will then be well filled, The gaols will be emptied, and the ground will be till"tl. And plenty of employment and plenty of food Will then be the lot of !he industrious and good. EQUAL ELECTORAL DISTRICTS, ANNUAL PARLIAMENTS, QUALIFI- CATION OF MEMBERS, &C., &C. WITH the Suffrage and Ballot we too must obtain The following rights, as we firmly maintain, First, Equal Electoral Districts we claim, Then Annual Parliaments we also re-claim And as to the members, their qualification Shall only be that of their proper election Elected to serve, they should be free from all charge, And paid for the duty they have to discharge. THE ARMY AND NAVY. THE Army and Navy we then shall disband, No murder by law shall disgrace our land No bloody commanders, on sea or on shore, And none to obey such commands any more No soldiers, nor hangmen, by law to destroy The lives of their fellows—infernal employ"! To take away life for murder is murder,— A murder of far deeper dye than the former, Because 'tis enforced by the la of the land, Thus breaking by law God's holy command We are plainly commanded by Him not to kill, But to "lore our enemies," for that is His will, And pray for them too that they may be turned From their errors and sins to fear the Lo.-d And tell them to seek Him while He may be found, And to call upon Him while on praying ground. We will never more trust in any man's arm For safety and strength, in time of alarm We will trust in the Lord, and not be afraid, On Him we'll rely for defence and for aid We will trust in the Lord and we shall be safe, To us his protection He will freely vouchsafe Jehovah shall be our guide and defence, Through all our journeys until we go hence, From every fell foe the Lord will defend All those who trust in Him alway to the end. J. J.