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Regular Trader front London to Cardiff, Neivport, ^c. I TIIE SCHOONER GLAMORGAN, DAVID JONES, Master, IS NOW LOADING AT COTTON'S WHARF, TOOLEY-STREET, LONDON, FOR Cardiff, Newport, Mcrthyr, Dowlais, Aberdare, Aberga- venny, Brccon, Monmouth, Pontypool, Cowrbridge, Bridgend, and places adjacent, and will sail positively on Wednesday, July 19th, 1848. For freight, &c., apply to the master on board; Mr. J, Rowe, Modcrator wharf, Newport; Mr. Thomas Richards, Abergavenny; Messrs- Prosser and Co., Brecon; Messrs. J. H. and G. Scovell, the wharfingers, London; or to Mr, W, Bird, Cardiff. London, July 3rd, 1848. Ii I THE PRINCE OF WALES" IS INTENDED TO SAIL DURING THE MONTH OF JULY, 1848, PROM THE B»TE SHIP MOCK, CARDIFF. FROM CVMBERtAKI) BASIN, BRISTOL. Monday, July 3 Si morn. Saturday, July 1 *5$morn. Wednes. 5 6f morn. — Friday, „ 7 8 morn. Tuesday, „ 4 morn. -—• Thursday, 6 9 morn. Monday, „ 10 inoi-n. Saturday, 8 10J morn. Wednes. „ 13. l~i after. Friday, „ 14 2| after. Tuesday, 11 15 after. • :— Thursday, !S 3§ after. Monday, 17 *4? morn. Saturday, 15 *5 morn. Wednes. 19 H morn. Friday, „ 21 7 morn, Tuesday, „ IS *6f morn. • Thursday, 20 8 mom Monday, 21 9.} morn. |,Saturday, 28 9.J morn. Wednc's. „ 36 12 morn. —-1 Friday, 28 2i after. Tuesday, 2.j 'I2J after. ——:— Thursday „ 27 3* after. Monday, 31 *4] morn. Saturday 29 5 morn. To and fro from Cardiff-J uly 17th. To and fro from Bris- tol—J uly 1st, 16th, and 18th. Fares-Cahin, 58.; Deck, 3s. Reduced fares-After Cabin, 48.; Fore Cabin, 2s. Children, half-price. Further information as to freight, &c., will be readily obtained by applying to A. Kingston, agent, at the Packet-office, Bute Docks, Cardiff; or to E. T. Turner, agent, No. 12, Quay-street, Bristol. Goods will be hauled from both warehouses to the packets, at the expense of the companies. Steam Communication between NEATH and BRISTOL. THE FINE NEW IRON SCREW STEAMER, A N EAT H ABBEY, 60 Horse power, JOHN WILLIAMS, COMMANDER, WILL take in goods on the Back on Tuesdays and Fridays, and is intended to sail as follows during the mouth of July, 1848, wind, weather, and water permitting, with liberty to tow. FROJ NEATH. FROM BATlrPBST BASIN, P-AISTOL. Monday, July 3 7 morn Saturday, July I 6 morn Thursday, 6 9 morn Wednesday 5 9 m ri Monday; 10 1 after Friday, 7 10 night Tiiu, 13 4 morn Wednesday 12 2i morn Monday 17 7 even Saturday "j.5 S morn Tlitii-,(fay .I 8 morn Wednesday 19 S morn Monday 2t 11 mom Saturday 22 '0 mcrn Thursday „ 27 3 morn Tuesday 25 lgjnifrht Monday 31 Gimorn Saturday 29 5 morn Passengers taken on board at Briton-ferry, if near the Rock- house, fifteen minutes after the advertised time of leaving Neath. Passengers from Neath landed at Clevedon, and from Bristol at evc the Mumbles (weather permitting), if required. FARES :—Best cabin, 7s. 0;1. second cabin, 4s. children under twelve years of age, half fare. Horses, 12s. Gd. cattle, 7s. 6d. dogs, 2s.; pigs, Is. Gel.; sheep, Is.; gigs, 12s,; phsetons, los. carriages, 25s, Live stock and landed at risk of the owner. Passengers from Neath to Briton-ferry, 6d. each, lauding included. No fees to steward or stewardess. Refreshments may be had on board at moderate charges. Agents—Thomas and Son, Back, Bristol; A. H. Buckett, Neath. July, 1848. STEAM COMMUNICATION BETWEEN BRISTOL, SIVAYSEA" ILFRACOMBE, and TENBY. THE P O W E R F U L S T E A M E R S, n *~k'k LORD BERESFORD, Robert Davis. Commander, AND BRISTOL, Matthew Jones, Junior, Commander, A RE intended to sail as follows, during the month July, 1848, wind and weather permitting. I'ROM BRISTOL. FIlOM SWANSEA Lord Boresford, Thursday and Satur. Lord Beresford, Tuesday and Friday, day. Bristol, Wednesday. Bristol, Monday. Saturday, July 1 7 morn Monday, July 3 81 mol-1, y 4 Wednes. 5 8} morn Tuesd-.iy, 4 y m0r; Thursday „■ 6 £ > £ morn Friday, 7 l"j morn Saturday, „ S- 11 morn Monday, 10 lj-inoin Wednes. 12 2i morn Tuesday, 11 2 mom Thursday, 13 4 morn Friday, It 5J mon. Saturday, „ lo 6 morn Monday, „ 17 71 morn Wednes. „ 19 7 £ morn Tuesday, IS S m< rn Thursday, 2> 8imorn Friday, 21; 10 morr, Saturday, „ 22 10J.morn Monday, 24 12 noon Whines. „ 25 If'morn Tuesday, ,,23 1 morn Thursday, „ 27 3} morn Friday, „ 23 5 mom Saturday, „ 21) 6 morn Monday, ,,31 7J mora Wednes. Aug 2 8 morn Wednes. Aug 2 8 morn REDUCED FARES between Bristol and Swansea. Passen- gers from Swansea landed at Clei-edon if rçq uircil. FACES :—Best cabin, 10s.—fore cabin-, 5s.—children under twelve years of age, half fare—sheep Is—-lambs, 9d.—- horses, 17s. 6d.— fat cattle, 10s.—-store ditto, 8s.—cow and calf, 10s.—^dogs, 2s. 6d. —pigs, Is. Gd.—fat pigs, Is. 9d.—gigs, 16s.-plimton, 21s. 6d.—car- riages, 32s. (id.—steward's fee, best cabin, Is. SWANSEA TO ILFRACOMBT,, ILPBACOMB.?. TO SWANSEA. Lord Beresford, Monday. Bristol, Lord Beresford, Monday, liristol, Friday. Friday. Monday, July 3\ 5 morn Monday, July 3 4 aftei Friday, 7 8* morn Friday, 7'. 12i after Monday, 1-0 1 morn Monday, 10 5I mori; Friday, „ 14 3.J morn Friday, „ 14-. i| after Monday, 17 4 £ morn Monday, „ 17.. 31 aftei Friday, 21 7 j morn Friday, 21 «,$aftei Monday, 24. „IU morn Monday, ,,24 3.4 after Friday, 28 3' morn Friday, 28 | after REDUCED ,"A.ltES between Swansea and Ilfracombe. FAltBS :—Best cUbin, 8s. deck, 58. To and fro same day, cabin 10s.—fore cabin-, 8s.—children under twelve years of age, half-fart —carriage,, 30s.r— phseton, 2ós,-gig, 15s.hoJ;ses,I7s: dd. each- dogs, 2s. 6d.—-pigs, Is. 9d.—sheep, Is.—lambs, 9d.—fat cattle, 10s. —store ditto, 8s.—cow and calf, 10s. Goods, paclcagtis, parcels, &<i. forwarded to all parts without delay. Steward's fees for ladieJ a id ge itlemen, Is. each-children and servants, 6d. FROM SWANSEA TO TENDY. BRISTOL. FKOM TBNBY TO SW.\NSEA. BRISTOL. Thursday, July 0 8 morn Thursday, July 8 4 after Thursday, 13- 3 morn Thursday, ,13 ..12] aftei Thursday, 20 6|; morn Thursday, 21) 4 aftei Thursday, 27 3 morn- Thursday. ,,27 .12 noon FARES :—After cabin, 8s.—fore cabin, 4s.—steward's fee, Is. N.B. Parties wishing to group for an excursion to Tenby can obtain a ticket for twelve persons, by applying to the agents, or to Captain M, Jones, Jun., on board—after cabin to and fro, £ 4 16s. -ii)rc cabin, to and fro, £3-stewarcls fee, Gs. N.B. The Bristol will discbarge and take ingomh every Tues- day on the Grove. igSg" Refreshments may lie had on board at moderate charges. Agents—John Barber, 24, New King-street, Bath—J. W. Pockett, SwLiasea-J. Martin, Britannia Hotel, Ilfracombe—W. Cory, Fortescue Arms, Barnstaple—G. Morris, White Halt, Bishopsgate-street, London—and^.W. Bower, White Lion, Tenby. All letters seeking information to he post-paid. All goods,, packages, parcels, &c., will he forwarded to. all parts without delay,, when addressed to E. T..Turner, agent, Stoam Racket office, 12n aystreet, Bristol.. » TAFF VALE RAILWAY. FOURTH CALL OF £ 1 PER SHARE, MAKING £5 CALLED UP. ATOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Directors have il passed a resolution, making a further call of £ 1 per share on the New Ten Pound Shares in this undertaking and the proprie- tors of such Shares arc hereby required to pay the said call on or before Saturday, the 22nd day of July, 1848, to any of the under mentioned bankers •— Messrs. Glyn, Hallifax, Mills, and Co., London West of England and South Wales District Bank, Bristol Do. Cardiff Do 7\fewport Do Merthyr And in default thereof the proprietors will be charged interest at the rate oi 5 per cent. per annum from the above date until the said call be actually paid. No share can be transfeyred till this call is paid. The Company continue to receive payments in anticipation of calls, allowing £5 per cent. per annum thereon. E. KEN WAY, Secretary. Cardiff, June 27th, 1848, -0 HEALTH AND COMFORT. KENWAY'S WATERPROOF FOR BOOTS STIOES. THIS COMPOSITION is the very best WATERPROOF ever brought before the public, arid is particularly recommended to sportsmen, farmers, gardeners, &c" as the boots and shoes, when prepared with it, will resist all wet, even snow, and will last three times as long as any others! Sold in Bottles, at Is, 6d. each, by all agents throughout the United Kingdom. fgggp Full directions for use will be found on each bottle. N.B. Boots and shoes, when thus prepared, will take as good, if not a better polish than before. J. n. HOPKINS, Solo Agent for Cardiff. A SUPPLY OF PRIME AMERICAN HAMS, At Id, per pound, TO BUILDING CONTRACTORS. Til ARTIES desirous of tendering for the erection of the BETIIEL I CHAPEL, Bute Dock, Cardiff, are hereby informed that the plans, specification, &0., may be seen daily from ten till four o'clock, at No. 1, Bute-street, Cardiff, from the 7th to the 20th instant, and all tenders mustbesent in previous- to the 24th instant, under cover to the secretary, The committee will not engage to accept the lowest tender. GIO. SULLY, 1 Bute-street, Cardiff, 7th July, 1848, Secretary. 7, ANQEL-STRJEET, CARDIFF, JOHN AUBREY B EGS respectfully to announce that he has received a large 1.5 supply of the new season TEAS, which for strength and flavour far surpass any teas imported for many years. r J. Aubrey this day commences selling an extraordinary fine Congou at 4s. per pound. This is a thorough good Tea, ripe, rich, and fragrant, strong, rough, pungent, and J. A. challenges the quality against any other house in tlie, trade. J. Aubrey also begs to iufoem families, innkeepers, nird large consumers, that by purchasing 61 bs, at one purchase, they will effect a great saving, 61bs. sterling good Congou for one guinea. This is really a good breakfast tea. 61bs. fine Pekoe flavoured 24s. and 61bs. of the finest imported, 27s. All orders for Tea of the value of E2 will be delivered free, if within 12 miles. COFFEE—'finest Ceylon, Is. 4d, Finest Jamaica, Is. Sd. Finest Mocha, 2s. Raw and refined Sugars equally low. 7,-Angel-street, June 1, 1848. R, DA VIES, GROCER,, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF, T> EGS to return his best thanks to his Friends and the Public 13 generally, for the very liberal Support he has experienced during the six years be has resided in the town. It. D. begs a'so to announce to Families and others- in Cardiff and its vicinity, that he has connected the GENERAL PRO VISION TRADE next door to the GROCERY, and trusts from the Quality and Prices in each Department to merit a continuance of their favours. JUST OPENED, THE LONDON HAT EMPORIUM, 22, 111GU-STREET, CARDIFF, FJR THE SALE OF EVERT DESCivrrxroN OF HATS AND CAPS or THE MODBLLN STYLUS, COMMIXED WITH TUFT VISUY HEST UUAUT1 JOHN Wi^IaiJUES 11 !;I IIII I-ii RESPECTFULLY calls the nttcn tion of the mhabit-a-Bts of Cardiff aud the surrounding country to his ex. tensive and well selected stock of HATS, CAPB, &c., having purchased the same in the first London bouses u ider very advantageous circumstances, k wing to the very depressed state oi rarle in the manufacturing districts, he is enabled to offer goods of the first tyle and quality at astoni- low prices. Ventilating Hats of various prices highly recommended for warm Weather. An Extensive- Stock of Cloth Caps, Leather Hat Cases, (tad Carpet Bags J. W. begs to inform the public generally that it will be his study to keep such qualities only aa rijay ensure their patronage and support. THE LOWEST PRICE ASKED FOR EYERY ARTICLE, C(1' OBSEli VE !—East Side of the Toivn-IIall. TO CAPTAINS AND OTHERS FREQUENTING TIIE PORT OF CARDIFF. J. TTmrry, vV A. TCIDIAKER, G, DUKE STREET, HAVING Erectcd an OBSERVATORY, furnished with a Superior TRANSIT INSTRUMENT,, also engaged an experienced and competent Instrument Maker to work on the premises, is in- a position to .undertake the Repairing and Rating Chronometers,- and the Repairs of all kinds of Nautica1-, Mathematical*.Optical- and other Instruments^ iiv a superior manner, thereby obviating the necessity for sending, them to Bristol,. London, or elsewhere, as heretofore,. Nautical-, Mathematical, Optical, and other Instruments for sale. J. T. B, avails himself of this opportunity for thanking his numerous supporters for their liberal patronage, and will con- stantly make it his study to merit their continued favours. The Stock of English and Foreign Clocks, Watcher Jewel- lery, and Fancy Goods is continually receiving additions care- fully selected from the various manufacturers, and of the newest designs; Repairs in all its branches carefully executed.- Eight-day Dials, from E 3 5s. Eight-day Clocks with 1¡ah. 5s. TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. THE Advertiser has a vacancy for a YOUTH, as Apprentice JL to the Drapery trade, in an" establishment where he would receive every comfort, and gain a thorough knowledge of the business. Premium would not be an object provided he was well educated and in other respects suitable. Apply (if by letter post-paid) to C. D., PRINCIPALITY Office, Cardiff. IMPORTANT SALE OF LINEN AND WOOLLEN DRAPERY. DANIEL JOT HAM, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, WJILL commence SELLING OFF on SATURDAY, June W 24th, 1848 (to-morrow),the whole of his extensive and valu- able STOCK of Drapery and Hosiery, Haberdashery, Bonnets, Hats, and Caps, Ready-made Clothes, &c., at an enormous sacrifice. The amount sacrificed in the Stock will enable D. J otham to submit to the public the most extraordinary bargains ever offered in the town of Cardiff, in order to clear the whole before entering his new premises. Every article will be marked in plain figures, and no abatement made aftei-ivaetls. i The shop will be opened every morning at 9 o'clock, until the whole is disposed of. HENRY CrANT, OPTICIANf WORKING JEWELLER, SILVERSMITH, WATCHMAKER, BEGS to inform the nobility, gentry, clergy, and other inha- bitants of Cardiff and neighbourhood, that he has REMOVED from Angel-street to more commodious premises at No. 24, DUKE- STREET—immediately opposite the Guar'dictn newspaper office- wheie he trusts to receive a continuance of those favours which his friends and the public generally have hitherto conferred upon him. His arrangerrtents are not yet quite completed but in the course of a very short time lje hopes to have the gratification of calling public attention to an entirely new and elegant, stock of Jewellery, Plate, Watches, Clocks, Optical, Nautical, Mathema- tical Instruments, &c., &c. Cardiff, June 16th, 1848. JAMES KEN WAY, GROCER, NEATH, TS in immediate want of A FEMALE ASSISTANT, who is i thoroughly acquainted with the trade, and well versed in the Welsh language, A RESPECTABLE YOUTH is also wanted as an Apprentice. Neath, June 28th, 1848. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Extensive and Valuable MINERAL PnOPEflTYand InOS WORKS FOR SALE. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, THE VENALLT COAL AND IRON WORKS, SITUATE on the south side of the river Neath, about eight miles from the port of Neath, and fourteen- from the port of Swansea, with all the necessary appendages for carrying, on the smelting of iron, and an extensive shipping trade of stone coal and stone coal culm. The property comprises long leases of coal and iron stone, ex- tending over about 3,060 acres of land, in a ring fcncc, which are taken on favourable terms. The coal is anthracite, and three veins of an aggregate thickness of about 25' feet are effectually opened by level for the supply of 100 to 200 tons per' day. The iron-stone veins are abundant and rich, and sufficiently opened by level to yield an ample supply for three furnaces. There is also valuable Black Band extending over a large acreage. The works consist of an engine-house for a pair of engines, one fifty horse high-pressure blowing engine, two blast furnaces, with ail the necessary hot-blast stoves, casting-houses, foundry, finery, &C. &c. The works and colliery are in operation, and any per- son who may be desirous of purchasing will be treated with on liberal terms. Reports recently made on the property, by Messrs, Jobn Southan, of Biiston, and W. P, Struve, of Swansea, may be seen on applica- tion to Messrs.^ Jevons and Wood, Neath; Messrs. Llewellyn and Randall, solicitors, Neath: or to Messrs. Rowland, Ilaeon, and Rowland, solicitors, 38, Threadneedie-street, London. CAIUCATUItES. PICTURES rQR THE MäLUONOF WALES. THE CELEBRATED EDUCATIONAL ESPIONAGE. LITHOGRAPHIC DRAWINGS, with Intter-press. illustrative of the beginning of a Government scheme of Education for Wales, THE. subjects are, I, THE OIIIGIX OF THE COMMITTEE OF COUNCIL. II. THE CIIAHGK TO THE SPIF.S. III. SY- MOXS AND THE SCUOOLH. IV. EXHITUTIQ-X OF THE Woi,l-\ V. QUALIFICATION OF WITNESSES,. VI. EvxOUNCE GIVEN. VII. THE UNLUCKY VISIT. VIII. THE "CArt" AFFAIR. IX. AKTKGALL, OR WmrpixG THE BOYS. The first four arc on separate sheets, and are now ready, price 2d. each. The fi,ve other subjects are 01* two'douisio sheets, and will be out by the end of July, price 2Jd eaeh sheet. To be had at B.. L. Green, 62, Paternoster-row, London offices of the PRINCIPALITY, and' the Welsh Periodicals, &c. PROTESTANT UKIOM, FOR THE UEJEEIT OF THE WIDOWST AXD CIIILOUEX OF Pro- TISSTANTS- OF DENOMINATIONS. XIIIS Institution, which has bee\i established nearly fifty years, offers to- Ministers peculiar' facilities for providing; an AN- ITY for a WIDOW, of from £ 10 to' £ -50. Its capital of £ 22,000, which is yearly increasing, has been raised, not by shares borrowed, bearing interest; but, with the exception of a few Legacies-, from the subscriptions of its members. It will be seen by a reference to the annual reports, that the business of the soci- ety is conducted at a comparatively small cost; and as no profits are made by any pin-ties, aH- the advantages arising from improved ft nan cos are shared by all its members, either by increase of annuity or reduction- of premium the increase on the former amounting. in the last few years, according to length- of membership, to 20, 40, and 60 per cant. .The premiums are calculated on the most mode- rate scale, consistent with the financial safety of the Society. The law which provides that a member leaving no widow, the sum of fr'Mi £ 100 to £ 400, according to the amount of annuity" slnJl be .paid to his child or children, of whatever age,- is a guarantee that the sum he contributes must ultimately benefit his family, r. No fee is demanded on admission beyond one year's premium |; paid in advance, which is carried to the individual's credit, and his I beneficiary interest commences the moment such payment is made, r, To families, where there was no widow, various suns, from £ 100 to £ 320 have been paid, amounting, almost in all cases, to consider- ably more than the premium1 paid. Particulars may be obtained by application to the Rev. John Hunt, Secretary, 14, Brixton-rise, Surrey, who is to be seen at the Office, No. 7, Blomfield-street, Fins bury, every Tuesday morning, from eleven till- one o'clock. NEW WEEKLY JOURNAL. TIIE STANDARD- OF FREEDOM is a Newspaper of the largest dimensions allowed- by law, and the price only FOTTU- pkKCR-HAL-F»KXNT, or 4s. 9d. per quarter paid in advance. It is the uncompromising advocate of complete political, commercial, and "religious freedom; the fearless and honest opponent of our unequal and unjust system-of taxation, and of a lavish and- prodigal arix- tocratical expenditure.- Published in time to-be delivered in the 'provinces early 011 Saturday morning. A-SMCGND*EDITION it- also published 011 Snturdky rooming for circulation in the Metro- polis, and despatched by the mofningp trains- and a THIRD EDITION is :8«ued in the afternoofty comprising, the Latest News d,WIl to the lio,ir of going to-press. TO ADVERTISERS.-The immense circulation already ob- tained for the STANDARD OF FREEDOM, in all parts of the Kingdom, renders it at once a most eligible aftd advantageous me- dium-for the publicity of ADVERTISEMENTS.—Each Adver- tisement will appear in the-THREE EDITIONS, if the Office not later than THURSDAY Ev).;Ni\G. Ail Communications, to b^'addressed 335, Strand, London.— The Paper can-be supplied* by;. all Newsmen, in Town and Guuatry., • TY Y CYMRY. L Are# BIN SOUTH WALES EA TiNe HOUS E, 21, WELSH BACK, BRISTOL. CHARLES C UM BE It PATCH BEGS to inform his friends and the public generally, of Die ) many advantages the above establishment possesses for coir- mercial gentlemen and travellers, situated and being within ten minutes' walk of the screw and other steam packets"sailin"- to ail parts; also, the whole of the line of the South Wales coastinar cs (o and other vessels lying in the immediate ncighoourhoocl; those wno may favour him with a call .will find this a «reat ad- vantage, the premises having recently undergone a thorough revr- and additional bedrooms, &c., have been added, which will be 4vl commodious and cl.mfortab)e, and as they can be accommodated! a superior manner, and on most reasonable terms. C. C. flatter*! himself that ty strict attention to their comforts and' provi^n-.r every article of first quality, he sliall insure that share of m patronage which it will ever be his endeavour to merit. Hot joints from twelve till four.—Tea and coffee at any hor" —Good beds. "L tIt-dÐ The terminus within a short distance. Omnibuses ai d flies close at hand. London, Welsh, and other papers daily. WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELLcRY, &c. WILLIAM JONES, Opposite the Castie Hotel, Merthyr j and Castle-street,- Tred'ir SAS determined to sell the above articles as low as the adver- tising shops the other side of the Severn, as the following ro show :•— -o ALL WARRANTED TO PERFORM CORRECTLY f Detached Lever, with maintaining power, and jewelled 4 6 ') Do. to mark seconds and capped Silver dial do. "J- Best finish do. [' 'i Do. jewelled in four holes R L'r, 't> Do. with silver dial .• g \t) (> Vertical movement with gold dial and ca^e s' Do. double back Best lever movement do, .| ]. J-J Q Eight-day clock in mahogany polished case 3 Do. with 13 inch dumb arch dial, canted case do 5 1,) y Do. in full column c ise, day of month hand 610 1) 30-hour clock in oak ease 45 t) Eight-day spring clock 0 Do. with glass to show pendulum 3 Do. inlaid with pearl 3 1 0 Second-hand watches in silver cases, from. 0 i 0 n Curb pattern gold guard, to weigh three sovereigns 3 n I) Ditto do. to weigh-four sovereigns a 19 A Fancy patterns ICis. extra Lady's coloured gold nuck chains, froni A T) 0 London and Birmingham best jewellery, in fancy rings, hrooeh's, pins, seals and keys, &(! at a small advance 011 the msmutacture-V prices. Fancy goods, cutlery, eonsideraWy und-cr foAv- charges. Gobi, Silver, Shell, and other framed- P'-bblp to suit all sights and eyes. -0DIe -peaacies-, Well-seasoned home.made HOUSEHOLD FFRVTTrP" FEATHER and MILPUFF BEDS, MATTIIAnSES L tremely cheap. •> REAlVY MOSEY XO A-BATEMEXT. ETGUTHHNTH MEKTING OF TIrE BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT Or~- SCIENCE, To be held at Swansea, Wednesday, the 9h of August, rSJs. TIIE Nobility. Clergy, Magistrates, and all other Inhabitants the Principality who intend t«) contribute to the FUND r defraying the expenses of RECEIVING the BRITISH ASSOCI- ATION, ai-e earnestly requested to' send their nn.nes to the Loe;.4 Treasurer, Mr. J. G. Jfffrkys, Swansea, or to the Secretary t the Finance Committee, Mr. J. JKNKL.VS, .Wind-street Swan- sea, in order that tlve arrangements may be forthwith completed" The following Persons have already announced their intention of subscribing the several amounts-placed opposite their name J-. H..Vivian, Esq., Singleton £ 100 0 0 C. R. M. Tafblot, E-sq., bargain l-f0 0 0 The Mavor of Swansea, Parkwcrn ,50 q q L. W. Dillwyn, Esq., Snetty Hall 2.5 0 Earl Cawdor — 2.5 0 0 Howel Gwyn., Esq., Baglan I-lo 'use 21 0 0" \V. R. Grove, Esq., London 200 li Messrs. Chambers, Llanelly House 2u 0 'i» The Rev. J. Traberne, Coedriglan 20 0 0 J. Gwyn Jefheys, H$q" Norton Villa., 100(1 Matthew Moggridge, Esq., the Willows KJ Q y The Bishop of St. David's, will Palace. 10 0 0 Evan Morgan, Esq., St.-Helen's H) o o 9 Starling fteiison, Esq. Gloueesfer-ph-ee ]0 0 j Henry Thomas, Esq., Proswyifa, JQ 0 0 Messrs. Calland, Upper Forest. 20 0 f) The Bishop of Llandaff, Hardwicke House 5 0 0 J. D. Berrington, Esq., Woodlands. 5 q i) O. G. Williams, Esq., Iw,,tns,.t 50 B. Hill' E*q,, Fountain Hail 5 0 q The Rev.- George Thomas, Llandaff Court 51) I Florence J. Benson, Esq., London 50o Ricluud H, Miers, Esq., Ynispeullw-c-h 5 0 0 Samsunder £5 53 10 0 A complete list, of subscribers will be found in the Reception- room, Library of the Royal Institution. By order of the Finance ComnHtfciv F '< Nü. JEXBMXS, IIcn Secrfprv June 29th, 1848'. LLANDOVERY WELSH EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION. 1 Ta PUBLIC MEETING held at.tfiC'NationarSchool Roo^- J\ L'andovery, on Tuesday, the 2?rth of June ultimo, to adl. in. asures as niight be deemed' advisable to carry out the views of Thomas Phillips, Esq., of Bruuswiek-squure, Loudon, the Founder of the institution, and to take measures for the erection of the us- ec, sary premises. THE LORIY BISHOP OF ST. MVID'S-: IN THE CIIAIIi. The following resolutions were carried unanimously and 1-v eeueral acclamation :— J' "'J Proposed by the Rev. Joshua Hughes, and ccoidcd by Job- Jones, Esq., Cefntaes,—" That this meeting, duly appreciating- the munificence of Th->» mas Phillips, Esq.; who has Aev<iteda!.ar:"c sum to the-establis- mcnt of a Puhlic School in- South Wales, is -prepared to carrv the object of the munificent founder into full execution, to acquire a proper site, and thereon, to erect bu-ikiings for the'accommodation of the masters and scliohtrs. Proposed by the Mayor of Llandovery, and seconded bv the R w Professor Brown,— "That a committee be formed for that purpose; to be composed -princioally of gentlemen who may regard Llandovery-(Hlready con- sidere(I so by the founder-) as the best location for fueh an establish- ment, owing to-its ee^ltralpusttioa, tfie facility of et)unnnuica tioa I -h -,4 with other parts of NNales, and the beaH-h-iness and beauty of its iimmediate vicinity." 'Proposed by the Professor North, and seconded by Charles ;< q., That a committee be appointed"vith powc-tor.ddto then* n11:"Yl ber, and to take any steps wliic»they niaythmk advisable forr-'i^C funds,- procuring a site at or* near Llandovery, erec-iug snVT" buildings; asut securing- them when use of the public, and that all cTergvmeii who are subscribe fund bti members of tlve conmvittee. iC Proposed by Dr. Llewellin, and seconded by. Edward Jones ES1., Vniliiidre,—' That every subscriber amount of upwards -h i'I be entitled to become a trustee'for-the building of the above lnsti- rtution. Provided suclvtrustee slialf have the same qualification a that required for the trustees appointed under the deed of gift." -Proposed by the Yen. ArchdeaSou William?, and seconded by Join- | Morgan, Esq.,— That subscriptions- shall be irMc payable by four :ec«aI Iustal^ i-me.nts, one month's notice in writing by. povf'or, othc-r^itie to "bo given to such subscriber for payment oftlie'same." Froposcrd,by the Rer. Mofris Williams,; M.A^ and i cOncfed by:the R*ev 'John Hughes, "^icar of Fenbrj-n'-— th^thanks.ofthe injotiug be glv^rto t&e-thmftn^lfor'b^