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MINING INTELLIGENCE. The second quarter of the year, 1848, being this day brought to a close, we have, as usual, compiled a summary of the sales of copper ore, by public ticketing, in Cornwall and Swansea. The various sales in the county have amounted to 40,018 tons, producing the sum of 187,770 14s. 6d. being an increase over the previous quarter of 4,358 tons, but a decrease in the returns of E7,442 Is. ocl,-tlie latter having been 35,662 tons, and 1:195,212 15s. 6d. This serious falling off in the value of mining property in Cornwall is only to be accounted for in the ruinous depression of the standard, from £ 97 13s. to a little under £ 90 on a nearly like produce, and the consequent enor- mously increased profits of the smelters; for while our quotations of tile and cake copper will be found nearly the same at the end of March, as in our present number the average price of the ore has fallen from £ 5 lis. to £ 4 los. 9d.— while? in that of the produce, there is only the merest fraction of difference. As mining business is at present conducted, it Z, would really appear that the whole copper mining property of Cornwall, Devon, and Wales, was worked solely for the ad- vantage of the seven or eight wealthy firms conducting the entire smelting process. Many suggestions have been made for the loimation of smelting establishments by the mine adventurers themselves, who would thus at once secure the increased profits, and break up the effects of what at present must be considered a most grinding monopoly. Surely there is spirit and enterprise ex- isting among so wealthy a class, sufficient for the establishment of such, works and we should hope it only needs a bold start to be made, on a spirited, but judicious and economical, sys- tem, to see the project carried out to a successful and profitable issue. The above-named quantity of ores were purchased as follows:—. Mines Roval .Tons 2053 £ 8018 14 0 Vivian and Sons" 9818 46092 15 9 Freeman and Co 4881.21885 19 9 Greufell and Sons 5291 IS 9 Crown Company oaoIq 17 ? Sims, Neville, and Co 5766 24269 17 1 Williams, Foster, and Co 11403 63332 11 8 Schneider and Co 482 i 2015 16 6 Total.Tolls 40018 E 187,770 14 6 The amount of ores sold at Swansea, during the quarter, has been 9,895 tons, producing £ 84,454 7s.—being a falling off, as compared with the previous quarter, of only 468 tons in quan- tity, but, in money, £ 64,047 8s. Od.—amounting to 41 per cent. in quantity, and above 35 per cent. in value; the latter having been 10,363 tons, realising 1:148,502 5s. This extraordinary depression in the returns can only be attributed to two causes- one, the decreased quantity, which is, however, not in propor- tion and the other, the decreased price paid by the smelters for the ores, while no corresponding decrease has taken place in the market price of fine copper. The ores were purchased as follows:— English Copper Company .Tons 229 £ 364 13 0 Fryman and Co f Grenfell and Sons ••*• n-on 10 n Sims, Neville, and Co 00027 10 ?• Vivian and Sons. ^990 .22987 12 6 Williams, Foster, and Co. 2613 -21139 2 0 Mines Royal i? U t Schneider and Co Smith (Benjamin) ^0 19o- 5 0 Total TonS 9895 £ 81454 7 0 The copper ores from the principal foreign copper mines, sold during the quarter, and forming a portion ot the above, were— were— e Tons 3206 £ 33514 12 0 ^RAE 1863 151*9 0 6 AuSttaHa.v.. 564 7723 9 0 Santiago **(>3 4587 15 6 Chili; 95 •••••• 14;31 ?'•< New Zealaud 3 0 Total. Tons 6 I 62 C63330 5 0 Now, the foreign ores imported and sold at Swansea, during the previous quarter, was 7460 tons, producing £ 128,252 6s. 6d. showing a decrease for the quarter just ended of 1298 tons, and the sum of £ 61,922 Is. 6d.—thus accounting for the entire deficiency in the Swansea sales as to money but as the quan- tity, in this case, assimilates something nearer in proportion to the proceeds than in the total of the sales, it leaves the infer- ence as to the unfair diminution in price quite correct. The ores from the Irish mines, sold at Swansea, were as follows:—■ -:1' Bcrehavpn Tons 1592 £ 968} 0 0 Knockmahon" Ifi ™ 6 Baliymurtagh 4if •■•••• ? J! llolyford 11 1(H8 4 6 Gurtavallig • • ^7 S 19 6 Lackamoor 2G8 1- 6 Den-ycahan 43 180 12 0 Cronebane 46 145 19 0 Tigi'ony.. ••••• •• 1 29 5 0 Total ..Tons 3540 £ 19304 1 6 Total ..Tons 3540 £ 19304 1 6 This is a more cheering feature than any other part of the returiis-,iii increase having taken place of 921 tons; and, notwithstanding the depression in the prices, realised £ 10,724 2s. 6d., more than 2,619 tons did in the previous quarter. We trust this improvement will continue in the mines of Ireland; and now that the operation of the reduction of duties will come into full play, it is to be hoped a great im- provement in our mining districts, and the sales at ticketings, will be the result.ilint)zg ,Toze)-izctL