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NORTH WALES. Iliii'Dnr.AN.—On Tuesday, the 19th instant, as a labouring man was climbing the ruins of the castle in this ancient borough, in search of birds' nests, he somehow lost his hold, from a considerable height, fell upon the rocky ground beneath, and was killed upon the spot. He has left a wife and two children to deplore his loss., _A,Ios,ryN.-Q.-i Wednesday, the 20th instant, an explosion of coal-damp took place in the pit worked by the Messrs. Eyton. It appears that the pit was worked by night as well as by day, and the explosion took place about half-past ten o'clock. There were then four men below. Two of them managed to get near the air-pipe connected with a fan, and thus their lives ■Were preserved. Here they remained for a very long time, giving the usual signal appointed to signify danger; but un- fortunately no man attended the engine, and the watcher was an idiot, and moreover deaf! However some neighbours were attracted to the spot by the signal, an engine-man was pro- cured, and thus these two men were timely rescued from their perilous situation. The other two of course are dead; the pit >vas immediately closed in order to extinguish the fire, and was not opened when we received our last report. After the open- ing of the pit search will be made for the bodies, and an inquest held. NEWMARKET.—A. poor man in the neighbourhood of this place lost live of his children within the space of a month. They all died of scarlet fever. Out of six children, only one survives. HOLYHEAD.—On Wednesday evening the 2lst instant, Owen Hughes and William Thomas, two labourers employed in Enlarging the Graving Dock, met with an accident, which proved fatal. They were with others heaving on a winch, lifting the Dock Gates from, their position, when they were overpowered by the weight on the winch, the handles of which suddenly flew bauk and struck 0. Hughes on the head, and threw him off the stage, a height of about thirty feet, and causing his instantaneous death. W. Thomas was struck by the other handle, but was not thrown off the stage. His thigh, bone was shattered, and his frame so injured that his fellow-workmen were barely able to carry him to his home j)(-fore lie expired. Both were natives of Holyhead. The first has loft a widow and four children, the other a widow and one child, to feel the effect of the sad bereavement. CHESTER AND HOLYHEAD RAILWAY'.—Traffic for the Week s'ided June 17th, £ 1.111 14s, Id. 13ANGOR GREAT WOOL FAIR.—T^e chief and most attractive Mature of the great fair held on Monday, was the very low T&tes obtainable for wools, nearly one -half the ticket of last frow, 2s. 6(1. to 3s. ^'inual fair. Carnarvonshires from 2s. 6d. to 3s.; Angleseys, 4s. to 5s. the Welsh Ib, or five pounds English. A good of horses—but little business done. The few profitable pws sold brought good prices. There was a large attendance, "Ht save in wool no large amount of business was transacted. MELANCHOLY ACCIDENT AT LLANBERIS.— As we were going to press, we learned that a most melancholy accident occurred ^irly on the morning of Friday 011 one of the lakes at Llan- keiis. It. appears that a number of the quarrymen were pro- ceeding at an early hour to, their accustomed occupation in a "oat, when a sudden squall of wind struck and overset the boat; no fewer than six of the men, we regret to say, were Unfortunately drowned. The sole survivor, who could not swim, went clown with opened eyes, and perceiving some rough -■stones at the bottom, in the shape of an inclined plane, he scrambled up, and got into shallow water. When down he saw one of his companions having hold of another man's leg. The boat is a light racing gig, one of the competing boats at the cl 0 Regatta, and unequal to the impulse of a sail. The drowned ^onsisted of three married, and three single men,, and the af- Hicting catastrophe has produced a deep sensation at Llanberis, Miere the greatest excitement prevailed during the time the bodies were being dragged for. All of these have been got up, 'md an inquest was held on Saturday last, before E. G. Powell, hsq. The bodies were interred on Monday, followed to the Brave by a large concourse of mourning fellow-labourers. The deepest sympathy is felt for the surviving relatives in the Neighbourhood of the Quarries, while all must lament to some so deplorable a calamity, MAIL CONVEYANCE WITH %It is said that early next 5jlonth the mail bags will be transmitted from Dublin to Lon- 'lon, via Holyhead, instead of, as at present, through Liver- pool, This arrangement will ensure the delivery of papers and c*tters in London in 11 or 12 hours after leaving Dublin. The ^maining portion of the Chester and Holyhead line of railway, jhrough the island of Anglesey,is ready for being opened; and !l° steam vessels, just built on the Thames, will effect the pas- across the Irish channel in 3 hours.


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