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ABERDARE. SDDDEN DEATHS.—On Saturday, the 24th instant, two inquests were held at this place before R. L. Reece, Esq., of Cardiff. The first was on the body of Robert Peters, sinker, who, it appeared from the evidence, had met with his death in a pit he was sinking at Abernanf. It seems that he had been using blasting powder, which caused much foul air, and effected the deceased so much as to cause him to fall from the bucket while being drawn up. A verdict of accidental death" was returned.—The second inquest was held on the body of David Harry, labourer, who was found on the canal side witha blood vessel broken, which, it appears, was the cause of death. Verdict, Died-,by, the visitation of IIIRWAEX NEW VOLUNTARY ScHool,.—The promoters of this institution have issued the following notice with the view of counteracting the effect of the falsestatentCnts that had been di- ligently circulated in regard to its origin ami design :— It being erroneously stated by some parties that the school about to be established in this place is set on foot with sectarian views for sectarian purposes, and for the furtherance of sectarian ebjects, we, the undersigned, on behalf of the promoters of this school, do hereby most positively declare, that it is intended to be a free voluntary school for the education of all the children who will attend, without distinction of sect or party that the educa- tion administered will be conducted without any sectarian bias, and oti the most liberal principles, and we do hereby pledge ourselves that such will be the case. The names of twenty respectable inhabitants follow, with that of Mr. John Jones, secretary. We trust the issuing of this notice will have the desired effect.