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Ä/V"V"A"r' LONDON COIIN EXCllANGE.- MOJTDAY, JUNE 19.—The arrivals of English Wheat and Flour for our market last week were somewhat on the increase, though by no means large for the time of year. Those of all other articles of home produce were on a limited scale. From Scotland we received a few parcels of Barley, but no grain of any description arrived from Ireland. The foreign imports were extensive, viz., 11,248 quarters of Wheat, 23,181 ditto of Barley, 26,363 ditto of Oats, 12,588 ditto of Beans, 1,49.5 ditto of Peas, 159 ditto of Tares, 3,787 ditto of Linseed, 13 ditto of Rapesecd, 36 ditto of Bran, 139 ditto of Mustard Seed, 850 ditto of sundry seeds, including Indian Corn, and 1,840 barrels of Flour. The demand for all kinds of Wheat of home produce was steady, at an advance in the quotations realised on Monday last of from Is. to 2s. per quarter, and at which a good clearance was effected. The supply of foreign Wheat on show, notwithstanding the liberal importation of that article last week, was by no means large. Selected parcels moved off steadily at 2s. per quarter more money, while the value of the middling and infe- rior kinds advanced quite Is. per quarter. Scarcely any English Barley was brought forward, but the show of foreign samples was z, very extensive. Fine parcels''were in moderate request at late rates, but inferior grinding sorts sold at, in some instances, a fall of Is. per quarter. With Malt we were faidysupplied.Most descriptions moved off slowly, but we have no alteration to notice in value. Oats were in good .supply. Fine sound Corn produced late currencies, but the damp and otherwise weathered parcels were quite fid. per quarter cheaper, with a very inactive demand. A very large quantity of foreign Beans was brought forward, and which met a heavy inquiry, at a reduction in value of Is. per qr. All kinds of Peas were in moderate supply, and moderate request at last week's prices. Indian Corn and Meal were neglected, but not cheaper. Flour was in better request, but we have no improve- ment to notice in its value. QUOTATIONS. s. s. Wheat, red *3 to 5*i Fine 49 M White 47 57 Fine 49 M White 47 57 Fine 55 57 Flour, per sack (Town) 39 44 Barley 28 31 Malting 31 31 Malt, Ordinary 48 53 Pale 55 58 live 31 33 live 31 33 s. s Peas, Hog 36 to 38 Maple .36. 38 Boilers 37 38 Bes-ins, Ticks 32 42 Pigeon 44 50 Harrow 34 Oats, I-'eetl 10 22 Fine 22 25 Poland 20 23 Potato 2: 25 WEDNESDAY, JUNÈ 21.—The present week's arrival of English Wheat for our market coastwise, as well as by land cariiage. atid sample, has been but moderate. The attendance of buyers to-day was tolerably numerous while the demand for all descriptions was steady, at fully Monday's advance in the quotations. The best parcels of foreign Wheat—the supply of which was moderate- moved off steadily, at full rates of currency. In the middling and inferior kinds, only a moderate business was doing, at late figures. The imports of Foreign Barley continue large. That article was heavy on somewhat easier terms. Malt-the supply of which was moderate—moved off slowly, but we have no decline to notice in value. Nearly 18,000 quarters of foreign Oats have come to hand. Coastwise, as well as from Ireland, very few cargoes have been icported. The Oat trade was very dull, and prices receded 6d. per quarter. Indian Corn, Meal, and Flour, were quite as dear.


















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