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ministers present, not less than forty-six in number, expressed their great joy, and received with unfeigned gratitude to God (the hearer and answerer of prayer), the cheering and encou- raging news from Madagascar; and they, while placing the greatest confidence in the directors, trust that they will. not lose sight of that tried and blessed mission through other pressing .demands, engagements, &e.but they will, watch the events of providence, and make every possible preparation fcr the revival of the mission in that island. BsiTirESOA.—-The Calvinistic Methodists held their annual meeting at Jerusalem chapel, on the 10th, 11th, and 12th inst., when the following ministers preached. At half-past, six on Saturday evening, the llcv. William Morris, Flintshire, from the 11th chap. Hebrews, 7 v., and Wm. Roberts, Holyhead, from 1st chap. John, 23th v. At half-past nine, on Sunday, Win. Roberts, Holyhead, from the 4th chap. Jonah, 6th and 7th v., -and Wtu, Morris, Flintshire, from 3rd chap. 2nd Peter, 14th v. At two o'clock, Thomas Hughes, Machynlleth, 7th chap. Micah, 7th v. Win. Morris, Flintshire, 13th chap. Mark, 36th v. And at six o'clock, Robert Hughes, Gracrwen, from the 12 th. chap. John, 32nd v., and David Rowlands, Bala, 1st chap. 1st Peter, 8th v. On Monday morning at half-past nine, Robert Hughes, Gaerwen, 3rd. chap. Revelation, 20th v., and Thomas Hughes, Machynlleth, 22nd chap. Isaiah, 1 v. At two o'clock, Wm. Roberts, Holyhead, 2nd Psalm, 6th v., and Wm. Morris, Flintshire, from 19th chap. Proverbs, 20th V; And at half-past five in the evening, Wm. Roberts, Holyhead, 3rd chap. 2nd Timothy, 16th and 17th v., and'Wm. Roberts, Amlwch, from the 7th chap. Mathew, 14th v. The weather being favour-able the meeting was very numerously attended; and the various addresses were listened to with great attention and -decorum. 0 HOLYHEAD.—The Wesleyan District Meeting for North Wales, was held in this town during the last week, commencing on Monday and terminating on Friday evening. All the ministers stationed in North Wales were in attendance, also the Revs. T. Jackson, President of the Conference, F. A. West, from Manchester, and T. Jones, from South Wales. Sermons were delivered both morning and evening, every day m, y throughout the week. On Thursday the services were in the open air, when seven Welsh sermons were preached by differ- eat ministers, and an English sermon by Mr. West. The President of the Conference also preached in English on the jn'eeecling evening in the chapel. The weather proved very favourable; and all the services were numerously attended. listh the Welsh and English discourses are very highly spoken of as displaying talent, eloquence, and sound doctrine. The other denominations deserve the highest credit for the brotherly love they evinced in assisting to accommodate the ministers, the office bearers, and the many other strangers who were in attendance on the occasion. ANNIVERSARY OF THE WELSH INT) IMPENDENT CLTAPEL, PLOUGH, BAN CON.—-This anniversary was held on Sunday, the llth inst. At half-past ten a.m., two sermons were preached by Messr;3. Griffiths, Newport, and Rees, Liverpool; at half- past two in the afternoon, by Messrs Duncome and Rees, the former in English; and at six o'clock in the evening by Messrs. z, Griffiths anl Rees. The large and spacious chapel was crowded throughout the different services. PIVILII,o-i-v, --The sixth anniversary of the "Welsh Wesleyan Methodist chapel was held at the' above place, on Tuesday, the 13th instant, when the following gen- tlemen preached —At ten, a.m., Messrs. Williams, Nantyglo, iind Aubrey, Merthyr Tydfil; at two in the afternoon, Messrs. Lloyd, Crickhowell, and Aubrey, Merthyr; and at six in the evening, Messrs. Williams and Lloyd. Liberal collections were made at the close of the respective services for the liqui- dation of the debt on the chapel. 0.< the previous Monday evening, the Rev. Mr. Aubrey delivered a very elaborate lecture, to a large and attentive a'llieace, at the English Wesleyan chapel, Brecon, on the Binding of S,ttaia," with his usual eloquence and ability. LIBANUS, SEAU BRECON.—A quarterly meeting was held, at the Independent chapel, on Wednesday and Thursday the 14th. and 15th instant, when sermons were preached at six o'clock, p.m., on Wednesday, by Messrs. Williams, I-Itrig iclog, and Rees, Llauelly. Thursday, at ten, a.m., by Messrs. Davies, Llanelly, (Breeonshire,) Williams, HirwlUn, and Powell, ••Cardiff; an I at half-past two in the afternoon, by Messrs. Jones, R'lydvboiit, and RAs, Liverpool. Tag PAIITIFJUR.AU BAPTIST AS30:L\T!(),Thc above asso- ciation for the counties of Brecon, R idnor, and Montgomery, was held at Caersws, near Newtown, on the 7th and 8th inst., when the following gentlemen preached: — On Wednesday evening at six -o'clock, Messrs. Richards, Penyrheol, Brunt, Kwlchoarnan, anl Davies, Talywern; Thursday, at seven o'clock, a.m., Messrs. IIivard, Miesyrhelem, anI Bavies, Hrynmxwr at ten, a.m., Messrs. Williams, Pantycelyn, Price, Maesyberllan, and Evans, Brecon. At 2 p. m., Messrs. Evans, .iezreel; D ivies, Dolau and E.I wards, Brynmiwr and at six in the evening by Messrs. Morgan, Dolgellau; Jarman, New- bridge; and 'Williams, Cvvmdwr. The next association will be held in June, 1849, at Naiitytfin, Glyntawe, in the county of Brecon. ABKRDARE -0:1 the l-lth inst. a new Church in connexion with tli2 Baptist denomination was formed in Aberaman near Aberdare. Prayer was offered up by brother David Hopkin an address on the nature of a Ciirntiai Church was deli vereJ, and the Church formed by Brother Thomas Price, Aberdare, their late respected pastor. -Afterwards brother B. EnuH, Hirwaen, preached an excellent sermon from Acts ii. 47. BRISTOL.—The Welsh Calvinistic Methodists held their annual iq Bristol on the llth and lith inst. Set-mms were delivered on the occasion by the Itevs. E. Jones, Aberystwyth B. D.Thomas, Newport; J. Jnnes, Llanedi; and D. Davies, Tre- cr islle. The congregations were unusually large, the attention .good, and the effect-i (we hope) lasting. NEWPORT.—The Calvinistic Methodists held their annual met- ing at Newport, Monmouthshire, oil the 13th and 14th inst., when the Revs. M. Howells, Tredegar; J. Bowen, Pontypool; D. Jon- kins, Babell; J. Jones, Llanedi; W. Davies, Runiney; and D. Roberts, Bristol, addressed the congregation on the occasion. LLANPIHANGEI. ZOAU BAPTIST C tea-meeting was held at the above place of worship on Whit-Monday last. The attendance was numerous and highly rc-pect ible. As soon as the tea-drinking was over, two very admirable discourses were deliv- ered by the Revs. W. Owen, of Uak, and J. Jones, of Gladestry after which the party separated by singing Lord dismiss us with thy biasing," &c., all apparently highly gratified with the pro- ceeding's of the evening. OitDi.vATiox.—On Friday, the 2nd of Jane, the Rev. IVilliam Parry, late of Bala academy, was ordained to the pastoral office over the churches and congregations worshipping in ha Indepen- dent chapels, Lla.i-irmoii fat and Mynydd. 1 he services were conmenced by the Itov. W. Lloyd, of Wen. The Rev. D. Price, of Denbigh, delivered a very lucid introductory discourse; the Rev. 0. Owens, of asked the usual questions, to which appropriate answers we e received the Rev. I. Marries, of Mold, red the ordination prayer the Rev. \V. Jones, of Amlwch, delivered a judicious and affectionate charge to the young minis- ter and the Rev. M. Jones, of Bala, gave a faithful and appro- priate charge to the p:;ople.. Sermons were also preached during the day, and on the previous evening, by the ftovi. R. Parry, of Brynsieacyo 1 \V. Lloyd,of Wern \V. Roberts, of Pentrevoelas J. Ridgf, of Jerusalem; J. Harriet; D. Priee; and W. Joilei, The services at 2 and G o'clock were held in the open air, in a field adjoining the chapel, the congregation being too large to be accommodated in the chapel. This promising young minister commences hb ministerial career with very encouraging prospects of usefulness. PENTREVOELAS.—"BETHEL CHAPHL.—Tire Independents held their anniversary at the above place on the 4th, oth, and Gill inst., when E. Steplieii, uf Dwygyfylchi; W. Lloyd, of Wern; W. Roberts, of Penybont; W. Ambroie, uf Portmadoc and E. Evans, of Maentwrog, delivered very interesting and animated sermons to large congregations of attentive hearers. THE annual association of the Baptist churches in Pembroke- shire was held nt Blaeuffos, on the 13th and 14ili instant. At 10 -o'clock the first day, conference was held by the ministers and messengers. At 2, Mr. D-tvid Davres. of Tabor, 'priiye(I and Mr. Wm. Reynolds, of Muldlemdl, and Mr. W. 11. Davies, of Dowlais, preached from Luke xxiv. 5J, 51, and is. xliv. 3. -At Mr. W. Miles (Independent) prayed; and Mr T. Jones, Beu. lah, and Mr. H. Davies, Llangloffan, preached from lleb. i. 14, and 1 Pet-r i. 12. On Wednesday, at 7, Mr. B. James prayed and Nir. B. Thomas, Narberth, and Mr. David iiowen, Llanelly, preached from Luke xi. 13, and iiora. v. 17. At 10, Mr. T. Thomas, Bwlc'iygwynt, prayed and Mr. D. Jones, Velinfoel, Mr. S. Evans, Stilton's Marsh (in English), and Mr. D. Davies, Swansea, preached from Mat. vi. 19, 20, Rom. xiii.-ll, and Jer. viii. 22. At i, Mr. R. E\'ans, Verwick, prayed and Mr. D. Jones, Vilinfoel, and Mr. H. W. Jones, Carmarthen, preached 1 Peter i. 1 and Phil. iii. 8 and Mr. D. Davies, Cardigan (-In- dependent), closed in prayer. Twenty sermons were preached in ditfereut places in the neighbourhood on Tuesday evening. The .association was very numerous, considering the unpropitious state of tlis weather. GEJUZIM CH ANEL.—On the 14th and 15th inst., the new Bap- tist (fhapel, called Gerizim, in the parish of Sr. Dogmells, Peln-I brokeshire, tliree, in,Ies from Cardigan, was "opened for public worship. At 6, on Wednesday evening, Mr. Reynolds, of Middle- s-mill, and Mr. Davie.4, of LlanglotEin, preached. On Thursday, i-at 10, Mr-Davies, o £ S**aus*o> of Stilton's Mursh (in ¡. English), and Mr. Jones, of Velinfoel, preached. At 2, Mr. Davies, of Bwlchygwynt, and Mr. Davies, of Dowlais, preached and at 6, Mr. Thomas, of Penyfai, and Mr. Williams, of Llwyn- dafycld. The sermons at ten and two were delivered in the open air, as the chapel would not contain one-fourth of the large as- sembly present. The debt on the chapel the day previous to its opening was under £45 (the original cost being about £ 25o), and as a collection was made on that day, the balance cannot be large; and, doubtless, it will be so.on defrayed. The friends here (as well as the Baptist church at Cardigan) are under great obligations to William lieos, Esq., solicitor, Haverfordwest, for his urba- nity and liberality towards them in the execution of the deeds. SWANSEV BIBLK ASSOCIATION.—On Tuesday last the anniver- sary meetings in connexion with this auxiliary were,held in this, town. The deputation was Mr. Sanger. In the morning, the public meeting was held at the assembly rooms. J. LI. Diilwyn, Esq., mayor, in the chair. The speakers were Revs. Mr. Aektofn, W. Jones, T. H. Harries, T, Sanger, Esq., Dr. Howells, and Rev. T. Dodd. In the evening the adjourned meeting was held at the British and Foreign school room. Mr. Stroud in the chair. The speakers were Revs. Samuel Phillips, D. Evans, W. Howells, and Mr. Sanger. The collections, we understand, were better than usual. INDKPENDENT COLLEGE, BRECON.—On Wednesday and Thursday last, the annual meeting and examination of the above institution were held at livecoii. After the lengthened notice which we gave of this and our other collegiate establish- ments a few weeks ago, it may not be advisable to roe-Lir to the subject so soon but there are a few things which justly call for more than a passing allusion. The Rev. Philip Smith, B.A., of Cheshunt College, and the Rev. Caleb Morris, of Fet- ter-lane, attended on behalf of the Congregational Fund Board. There are many excellent features in Welsh character, and Welsh societies, and Welsh institutions, to which we are so much accustomed, as to have become insensible to their worth and beauty. And we do not recognise their full value until we are placed in a position to observe the want pf them in others whom we respect. However unsatisfactory the general circumstances of the college may be, the two gerttlcmen above named mentioned two facts which we venture to look upon as signs of a healthy state of, thin-s, and a promise of bl'ighter days to come. One was the large attendance of ministers in the committee meeting, which showed that a deep and general interest was felt in the progress of the institution. The num- ber of the collections showed also that this feeling was shared in by the churches, as the aggregate amount of subscriptions, though not large, is spread over a vast surface: every church sending its mite to swell the amount, A few of the students have made very praiseworthy efforts to promote the prosperity of the College by pecuniary contributions and sympathy. We allude with peculiar feeling to a fact mentioned by the Rev. Noah Stephens, Sirhowy; in his church they have a special prayer meeting, to implore the blessing of the Most High upon the institution. If the same course be faithfully and earnestly pursued by all the churches, we venture to predict for the Col- lege much and increasing usefulness.—-Mr. Smith conducted the examination in the classics and mathematics. Dr. Davies,. Froodvalc, in Hebrew and the Rev. Caleb Morris in theology and metaphysics. The Rev. Wm. Rees, of Liverpool, presided on the occasion. The progress of the students was satisfactory, and creditable fo themselves and their teachers. Ave, beg to remind our readers that the students are making special efforts this year to increase the pecuniary resources of the institute, and to command them to the kind sympathy of the churches. We cannot enlarge just now. An important subject "bearing upon the colleges will form the basis of a few remarks next week. Commun icated.