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CARMARTHEN. UNION-STREET INDEPENDENT CHAPEL.—On Thursday, the 8th instant, the Rev, William Rees, of Liverpool, delivered a highly interesting lecture in Water-street chapel, (in aid of liqui- dating the debt incurred in building the above place of worship, on the life and times of the Rev. William Williams, of Pentycelyn, the Watts of Wales. Independently of the deep interest awakened by a recollection of that talented and devoted man, whose simple, pious strains have contributed so much to form and cheritth the religious sentiment which characterises the Welsh people, the well-earned celebrity of the lecturer attracted a crowded auditory, which completely filled the commodious build- ing kindly lent for the occasion. The proceeds of the lecture amounted to nearly;C40. ACCIDENT.-On Tuesday last, an accident from the incautious use of fire-arms, occurred to a lad about ten years of age, second son of Mr. Thomas Lewis, gun-maker, of this town. It appears that his father had left the shop for a short time, and during his absence the lad took a pistol from the glass case, and went out to the fields close by with the intention of shooting small birds. Having fired a few shots unsuccessfully, a person of the name of Charles, who happened to be in one of the fields, very foolishly advised him to put a heavier load in the pistol, which he did, and on the next discharge, the pistol, as might, have been expected, recoiled very much, and the lock cut the poor little fellow's cheek, a severe wound was also inflicted just above the right eye by the muzzle. Mr. John Williams, surgeon, was speedily in attendance, and found the wounds of rather a severe nature, the requisite remedies were applied, and the chiid is getting on as well as can be expected—Carmarthen Journal. SUPERINTENDENT OF POLICE.-On Tuesday last, Mr. Kentish took the usual oath on-his appointment to the office of Superin- tendent of Police, before E. H. Stacey and Samuel Tardrew, Esqs., and at once entered on the duties of the office. LARCENY.—On Tuesday last a person of the name of John Howell was committed to the county gaol for trial at the ensuing Quarter Sessions, by G. B. Jones, Esq., charged with having stolen a pair of trousers, the property of William Howells, Cross Inn. THE TRIPLE MURDER AT LLANVBYDDER.—Mary Hughes, the woman who was placed on her trial at the July Assizes, 1847, charged with the murder of her three children, and who, it will be remembered, was ordered to be confined, on the ground of insanity, during the Queen's pleasure, was removed on Tuesday last, in compliance with an order from the Secretary of State, from the county gaol, where she has been confined ever since her trial, and conveyed in the custody of Mr. George Stephens, governor of the gaol, to the Lunatic Asylum at Devizes, where she will remain during her Majesty's pleasure. The unfortunate creature still preserves the same quiet demeanour as was observable at her trial, and scarcely a word escapes her lips.—Carmarthen Journal.



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