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CWMAYON. DREADFUL ACCIDENT AND Loss OF LIFE ON THE CWMAVON AND PORT TALBOT RAILWAY.—On Monday afternoon a dreadful accident, attended with loss of life under distressing circumstances, occurred on this line. The fol- lowing are the particulars:—As the Redruth" engine was proceeding with a long train of coal and iron down to Port Talbot, when opposite Velindre, near Aberavon, one of the rails, which had become loose, sprung up, in consequence of the weight of the engine pressing on one end. This had the effect of diverting the engine from the main line, and causing it to run over a precipice twelve feet deep. The en- gineer and stoker had a most providential escape the for- mer, with great presence of mind, jumped down the preci- pice, and within a few inches of him fell the engine with a tremendous crash. The stoker jumped off on the other side; but a third person, Who was allowed to ride with the engi- p zD neer, fell with the engine, and under the fire plate. The steam immediately escaped, and the poor fellow was in some parts completely boiled. Ten minutes elapsed before the parties who afforded assistance could extricate the sufferer from his position. lie was instantly carried to the Rising- Sun public house, where every attention was paid him, but he died within two hours from the time of the accident. The name of the deceased was William Garrett, a rollerman. He maintained the character of a very quiet and inoffensive man, and leaves a widow and 13 children to lament his un- timely end. There were no less than 2.i men riding on the trams at the time of the accident, and there were many hair-breadth escapes. Had the engine been at its ordinary speed, there is little doubt that the accident would havo been attended with the destruction of at least all those who sat on the first trucks. No fault whatever is attributed to the en- gineer. Hundreds from the Margain Tin Works and the neighbouring works ran to the scene of disaster. We feel gorry to add that two of Messrs. Llewellyn and Son's hauliers, who had only just arrived from Ynispenl}wch, were severely scalded from their knees down, by fallin" into a pool of boiling water during their humane effort to assist in the extrication of Garrett from his awful situation. The deceased had been from an early hour in the morning making arrangements for the funeral of a fellow-workman, o an, whoso remains were taken up to Merthyr. He was on his return home from paying the last tribute to his friend when the accident occurred. The engine, is greatly damaged, and is still lying on the spot where the accident took place.— Swansea Herald. THE COPPER \|INERS' COMPANY.—A correspondent of the Mining Journal Nyrites-Iteference has been lately made to the stoppage of the works of the Governor and Company of Copper Miners in England, as having arisen in eonser queiiee of a misunderstanding between Mr. Talbot (one of the landlords) and the Bank of England (the new occupiers and I believe the facts to be supply these—- viz., that there was about £ 15,000 due for rents and royalties to Mr. Talbot, in respect to the works; that, when the Bank of England took possession, and began to work up and consume everything distrainable, Mr. Talbot insisted, in vain, on being, and was compelled to extreme mea- sures in order to effect a settlement, and hence a short tem- porary stoppage. The Bank has now been brought to its bearings, and things go on again for a. season. It is only right the proper shoulders should bear the burden of a step involving such serious consequcncec to the work people. Mr. Talbot cannot be biaiiie(I.-Aberavoii, June Jth.-A SUE- FERER.



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