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EDUCATION IX WALES. TO THE 11EV. HEXRY GIUFFITJIS: lUtE-SIDKN'T OF BRECON* COLLEGE. DEAR SIR,—The Smalltalk that has lately so abundantly!, prevailed, thcinsimllttions that have been so industriously circulated, and the direct charges that have been preferred against you, in connexion wit i the normal school, the edu- cational movement in Wales, and the Government Commis- sioners, must be iiiv apology for mtrndiug- upon your at- tention in the columns of a newspaper. It is very evident to all who listen to the rumours of the day, an 1 read the columns of the PRINCIPALITY, that you arc virtually charged with being a traitor to, your country, a renegade from your prindplcs, and a betrayer of the confidence reposed in you by your brethren by counteracting in secret what you appear to advocate in public. Many of your best friends have wit- nessed with regret the painful scenes that have successively occurred during the last six months; and have read with sorrowful emotion's the conflicting statements that have been made In reference to the part you have acted. I canuot blame you for not condescending to notice anonymous charges, and- unautlienticated insinuations. Tour parentage, your educa- tion, your varied acquirements, your energy and high posi- tion ought to 1 e a sanicient guarantee on your .part for up" rightticss and plain-dealing, and ought to ensure on the part of others towards you that, Open and respectful-treatment: which is..due to a gentleman and a scholar. Tue high esteem- in which I have held your eharaçtcr ever I since you, were elected to the presidency ot a college, in the management and success of which I-have taken a deep in- terest, induces.me to furnish you wi ll an opportunity ot de- feuding yourself, and of obtaining the verdict 0" your coun- trymen ;L the pgtrt you have taken, which I hope will be in your favour; without which, as you-well know, v u cannot successfully and comfortably occupy your present position. I beg,,therefore, that yon will be km-1 eiiougU, tor the sake of the pub'ic and" yourself, to give full, open, and straiglit- rVrw.ird'an:vV-:eva- to the fcllo^ing (Tuostipus 1. Was there an understanding between you and the friends of Government Education at Brecon, that the meet- ing held at your house ill January last was for the purpose of considering the propriety of having another normal school, and was there a resolution to that effect adopted by the meeting? If so, how do you reconcile that with the uprightness which characterises honest and straightforward men? 11 2. Are you the champion hacked by a number of respect- able ministers," whom Dr. Campbell threatened us with in the Banner some time ago ? 3. Are you engaged now in maturing a plan to obtain a normal school in connexion with the Government ? and in thwarting the measures pursued by the executive committee at Swansea ? These are some of the things which are now publisnea on housetops, in connexion with your name. I trust that you "will not deem it derogatory to your dignity as a man anu a minister of Jesus Christ to give a decided answer to each of the questions. I may appear somewhat magisterial in pro- posing these questions for your consideration, but I am con- fident that you will give me credit for good intentions in the matter, and that I have taken this step, not from any ill-will towards vou, but from an ardent desire to promote your comfort and the public good. You will, perhaps,, allow me to make any friendly remark on your reply that will occur to me, as being necessary to elicit truth and a proper under- standing; and I have to request the editor of the PRINCI- pality not to allow any one to meddle with us until we shall have done. I am, dear sir, yours truly, Llanelly, June 17, 1848. DAVID IIEES.




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