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TO THE EDITOR OF THE PRINCIPALITY. Sin,-The correspondence in your last has proved your point against Mr. Commissioner bymons with regard to the decision at Llangadock. It is sufficient proof against his Report altogether that he has shown himself so ready tos maKe such a false statement respecting the whole body of Calvinistic Methodists. One fact of this sort it sufficient tp shake the credit of whatever he may write. I am extremely glad that we have had sufficient evidence against the validity of the account given by the editor of the Silurian of a lireconshire monthly meeting. For the ho- nour of Calvinistic Methodism I am glad that there was no foundation for the over-joyous expressions of that paper con- cerning the determination of the monthly meeting to seek Government grants for education. Of course the libelled parties in Breconshire have put the editor aright ere this. Have you seen any paragraph in which he has recalled his words ( Let it be known for the honour of truth that the Silurian is no authority. Let Mr. Symons know this. Let the Privy Council know this. Certainly the editor must have travelled very far beyond the bounds of truth when he could dare to assert that the memorial was ever seen at a monthly meeting at Llanlihangel Nantbran. What on earth could have induced him to invent the falsehood that the memorial was signed by all the ministers and deacon present on the occasion ? if the editor in'self-defence will nave the audacity to affirm that it was "accepted oy 14v' monthly meeting with as much formality as any other reso- 0 lution—neither of which being moved, seconded, and put from the chair—and that it is a piece of Jesuitry now to talk of its mere individual signatures, then let him be treated 0 with the contempt which every honourable mind must feel towards such a daring perverter of truth. The Silurian has) been guilty of parturiunt monies, which we now see to 09 nothing more than naseitur ridiculus mus. I for one have not the least objection for the tutors of col- leges not only to enjoy their own opinions but to endeavour to spread them, for of course they ought to be true to their own consciences. Why should they not endeavour to influ- ence others to adopt their views if they can find men pliabliJ enough to yield ? To be sure it is an inconsistency for them to hold situations on the voluntary principle, and then talk about its weakness and put forth every nerve to render it still weaker than it is by seeking''Government money. I think that it is much to the credit ef the tutor who has boldly avowed his principles. I respect him for his manli- ness,'but I think it a violation of the laws of modesty to read lectures on mildness to an opponent, as if the other party was a model of kindness. There is something irreverent iu employing strains of piety, as a set-off to either side of a com troversy, when human intirmities are shared tolerably equal on both sides. It is really too bad for gentlemen tc give a grave (advice to you to avoid a tendency to impute motives to persons," after they had rendered themselves iguilty cf tho same sin the moment before for what can such words as the'following mean?—" This in forii iatigit" will I fear provo a bitter disappointment to some who have evinced an over- hasty desire to condemn." Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones." ■ I trust that you will not be intimidated by the hint that your circulation would not be so little if you, were to he leal