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TO ADVERTISERS. The large and increasing Circulation of the PRINCIPALITY renders it a most advantageous medium for Advertisements of all <ir-<criptiorts. The terms are moderate:—six lines aud under, five shillings; and fourpcnec for each additional line. A considerable reduction is made on Advertisements repeatedly inserted. TIIE LARGEST CIRCULATION IN WALES. fltarbiff gftrfttrtefenwnts. JVest of England Tailoring Establishment, 10* SMITH-STREET, CARDIFF. WILLI \M LEWIS, TAILOR and DRAPER, has a vacancy FOR TWO APPRENTICES. TOWN OF CARDIFF. TO BE LEr, TITII IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, a good FAMILY HOUSE and SHOP, in a commanding situation, suitable for any business, situate in Broad-street, near the Cardiff Arms. For particulars, apply to Mr. Whiteing, No. 40, Union-street. HENRY CRANT, OPTIC I AX, WORKING JEWELLER, SILVERSMITH, WATCHMAKER, (KC., BEGS to inform the nobility, gentry, clergy, and other inha- bitants of Cardiff and neighbourhood, that he has REMOVED from Angel-street to more commodious premises at No. 2-i, DUKE- STREET—immediately opposite the Guardian newspaper officc- ivhcie he trusts to receive a continuance of those favours which his friends and the public generally have hitherto conferred upon him. His arrangements are not yet quite completed but in the course of a very short time he hopes to have the g-ratification of calling public attention to an entirely new and elegant stock of Jewellery, Plate, Watches, Clocks. Optical, Nautical, Mathema- tical Instruments, &c., &c. Cardiff, June 16th, 1818. IMPORTANT SALE OF LINEN AND WOOLLEN DRAPERY. DANiEL JOTHAM, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, WILL commence SELLING OFF on SATURDAY, June 24th, 1848 (to-morrow),the whole of his extensive and valu- able STOCK of Drapery and Hosiery, Haberdashery, Bonnets, Hats, and Caps, Ready-made Clothes, &c., at an enormous saerrRcc. The amount sacrificed in the Stock will enable D. Jotham to submit to the public the most extraordinary bargains ever offered in the town of Cardiff, in order to clear the whole before entering his new premises. Every article will be marked in plain figures, and no abatement made afterwards. The shop will be opened every morning at 9 o'clock, until the wh o! e is disposed of. 0 R. DAVIES, GROCER, HIGH-Sl'REET, CARDIFF, BEGS to return his best thanks to his Friends and the Public generally, for the very liberal Support he has experienced during the six years he has residecUn the town. R. D. begs a.1so to announce to Families and others in Cardiff and its vicinity, that he has connected the GENERAL PROVISION TRADE next door to the GROCERY, and trusts from the Quality and Prices in each Department to merit a continuance of their favours. JUST OPENED, THE LONDON HAT EMPORIUM, 22, HIGII-STREET, CARDIFF, FOR THE SALT; OF EVHIIY DESCmrTtON OF HAT'S CAPS OF THE JIODJillN STYLES, COMBIXKli WITH THE VEltY MEsT QUALITY JOEH WILLIAMS I N-i loppp- mm T> ESPECTFULLY calls the atten- JLVtion of the inhabitants of Cardiff and the surrounding country to his ex- tensive and well selected stock of HATS, CAPS, &c., having purchased the same in the first London houses under very advantageous circumstances, wing to the very depressed state of I.ade in the manufacturing districts, he is enabled to offer goods of the first ,style and quality at astonishing low prices. Ventilating Hats of various prices highly recommended for warm Weather. An Extensive Stoch of Cloth Caps, Leather Hat Cases, and Carpet Bags J. W. begs to inform the public generally that it will be his study to keep such qualities only as may ensure their patronage aud support. THE LOWEST PRICE ASKED FOR EVERY ARTICLE. D:Î OESER VE !-East Side of the Totvii-Ifall. TO CAPTAINS AND OTHERS FREQUENTING THE PORT OF CARDIFF. J. T. BARRY, WATCHMAKER, 6, DUKE STREET, HAVING Erected an OUSEltVATORY, furnished with •» Superior TRANSIT INSTRUMENT, also engaged an experienced and competent Instrument Maker to work on the premises, is in a position to undertake the Repairing and lla ting Chronometers, and the Repairs of all Mathematical, Optical and other Instruments, in a superior nnnller, thereby obviating the necessity for sending them to Bristol. London, or olsewhore, as heretofore, Nautical, Mathematical, Optical, and other Instruments for aale. J. T. B. avails himself of this opportunity for thanking his numerous supporters for their liberal patronage, and will con- stantly make it his study to merit their continued favours. The Stock of English and Foreign Clocks, Watches, J ewel lery, and Fancy Goods is continually receiving additions care- fully selected from the various manufacturers, and of the newest designs. Repairs in all its branches carefully executed. Eight-day Dials, from k: 3 5s, Eight-day Clocks with Maho* gauy Cases, from £ 1 as. J. HtPWELL, MANUFACTURER OF HOSIERY, GLOVES, OE.VTLEME.V'S ELASTIC SHIRTS AX I) DRAPERS, CHILDREN'S :SOCKS, &e. At AVIS, 8t. JtfarystrG&t, coraer of IVharton-street. J II., in .returning lus sincere thanks to his Friends and the • Public generally for tjie v.ery libcpal siypport lie lias are- ,tcivocl since he has been in .C.aps^iffbegs to inform his customers and friends generally, that on his last visit to England he .availed iiii iself'of in excellent oppoi-tttiiitv o," buying alnjut 1,000: of Cheap. Cotton Stockings of all sorts aud "sizes, which ■will be sold—women's, from 3d-, .per pair—men's from 4d. good'tp 1ft. 4d., usually sold in the manufactory for 2s. The whole to be cleared out in a month. J. II. is in COWBRIDG.E market every TUESDAY • NEW- BRIDGE every WEDNESDAY; and C%lllDIF,Fivery SATURDAY. Goods made to Ortfer at Me Sfrpj-test Notice. THE LARGEST STOQK OF WORSTED & yARNS!, } MERINOS, COTTONS, &c. ,In W cbs, always na .hand. Gentlemen's Summer Clothes kept. ikk4u4k.1, Calico, Prijits, &c., &c.in g^cat variety. ESTABLISHED FORTY YEARS. JOHN B. HOPKINS, GROCER, S>c„ 18, ANGEL-STREET, CARDIFF, B ÉGS to offer a good CONGOU TEA, 3s. 4:1. superior ditto, |j 3s. 6cl, tine PEKOE kind, 3s. 9d. finest ditto, 4s.; GUN- POWDER, from 4s. 6d. upwards; good Ceylon COFFEE, IS., Is. 2d.; Plantation ditto, Is. 4d., Is. 6d. Jamaica, Is. 6d., Is. Sd,; Mocha, Is. lOd. to 2s. with every article in the GROCERY line of first-rate quality and equally low terms. June 13th, 1848. ESTRAY FOUND, at CARDIFF, on Wednesday, the I?th of May last, A CIIESNUT MARE PONY, Supposed to have strayed from some of the neighbouring moun- tains it is rising seven years old, twelve hands two inches high, light mane, and witch tail, with a white stripe down the fore- head, and four partially white fetlocks. The pony can be had upon the owner paying the expenses of finding, keeping, and proclaiming, on application to TN E. MORRIS, Appraiser, Lewis-street, Cardiff. Cardiff, June 9th, 1848. NOTE.—Unless claimed within twenty-one days from this date, the pony will be sold without further notice or delay. 7, ANGEL-STIIEET, CARDIFF. JOHN AUBREY TJEGS respectfully to announce that he has received a large 13 supply of the new season TEAS, .which for strength aud flavour far surpass any teas imported for many years. J. Aubrey this day' commences selling an extraordinary fine Congou at 4s. per pound. This is a thorough good Tea, ripe, rich, and fragrant, strong, rough, pungent, and J. A. challenges the quality against any other house in the trade. J. Aubrey also begs to inform families, innkeepers, and large consumers, that by purchasing Gibs, at one purchase, they will effect a great saving. Gibs, sterling good Congou for one guinea. This is really a good breakfast tea. Gibs, fine Pekoe flavoured 24s. and 61bs. of the finest imported, 27s. All orders for Tea of the value of t2 will be delivered free, if within 12 miles. COFFEE—finest Ceylon, Is. 4(1. Finest Jamaica, Is. 8d. Finest Mocha, 2s. Raw and refined Sugars equally low. 7, Angel-street, June 1, 1848. ° • To the Nobility, Clergy, Gentry, and Freeholders of the County of Glamorgan. MY LORDS & GENTLEMEN, F-[IHE HIGH-SHERIFF having fixed the corencrship election I for Thursday, the 22nd instant, I trust the numerous Free- holders who have promised me their support, will attend at Bridg- end, to record their votes on that day. The active exertions müC1e on my behalf, by so many influential parties in the county, demand my warmest thanks, and inspire me with confidence that I shall be successful in attaining the proud position I aspire to. I have the honour to be your most obedient servant, JAMES W. RUSSELL. Merthyr Tydfil, June 15tli, 1818. The following gentlemen resident in the district of the Eastern division of the county of Glamorgan, for which a coroner is to be elected, have formed themselves into a committee to further the election of Mr. J. W. Russell; and they will feel obliged by the support and influence of the Freeholders and others in the other parts of the county to forward their views. Anthony Hill, Chairman. Robert T. Crawshay Henry Charles E. J euks, Dowlais L'wis Lewis David Evans, Banker Samuel Davics Edward Morgan John Ansell D. W. Jaines C. J. Powell E. Watkin, Scale Thos. Davies, Mill-street. Thos. Shepherd Edward Purchase Edward lioaeh J. C. Wolrjgc Walter Morgan George Roach To the Nobility, Gentry, and Freeholdors of the County oj Glamorgan. LORDS AND GENTLEMEN, THE office of Coroner for the Mertliyr district, having become vacant, by the decease of Mr. Davies, I hereby offer myself a candidate for the coronership. I can write and speak the native language of my country, without ofrendingth ears of the Cymry, I understand, too, the living acceptation of the million musical evo- lutions of its original monosyllables. I am sufficiently conversant in the English language, to speak it, to write it, and to understand it, without the aid of an interpreter. I was admitted a Licentiate of the Hall, and a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, in London, in October, 1821. If, in the exercise of your privilege to determine for the benefit of the majority who shall be Coroner, you should be of opinion that the qualifications entitle me to be the elect of your choice, you will enable me to subscribe myself, Your faithful and honoured servant, ■WILLIAM PRICE. GIIEDYF Gwn, OIm GWAS GWIIHYD UN DIAS." Pontypriydh, May loth, 1848. TO THE NOBILITY, GENTRY, AND FREEHOLDERS OF THE COUNTY OF GLAMORGAN. Lords and Gentlemen! Having offered myself .as a candidate, for the vacant coroner- ship, comit-m civility requires, that [ should address you, on the day of election, to thank many hundreds of you, for the honour, I have sought of being the elect of your choice, as well as to give some explanation of my conduct, so different from my com- petitors. First, I hare offered myself to your notice, as a faithful, and honoured servant, provided, those who exercise the privilege of, I- th, of the majority of my countrymen, tltou-gJd n1Y qualifications merited that distinction. -4s it appears, from the clubbed announcements, in the public papers, that this appointment, like every other appointment, in Church, and State, is to be filled up, by interest, favour, and |- affection, under the present physical force system of government [I hereby disclaim, at oxce, all pretensions to be honoured, by an appointment, that may be conferred, on a German, a Russian, or a Portuguese, who are all ignorant of our language, manners, and primitive institutions. Hut, notwithstanding the majority of the master, electors, are thus arrayed against the birthright privileges af the Cymmerian race, there is a large minority of the electors, that think, and act, differently, who have come for- ward, and offered me, their votes, and interest, uneanvassed. Let these, and others, who may be unknown to me, be assured that I feel truly grateful to them, for the honour they would confer on me, in respect of the future, and for the interest of the Cymry. As scores of the electors have found fault with me, for being j so late in declaring offer myself a candidate, for the coronership, in any part of the, county, where the next vacancy shall happen. ■Heme, these shall not find fault with me again, by observing If we had known, before we promised, such a one, me would have voted for you." As the rationale of this fault-finding is revolt- ing, and. intolerable, in one's opinion, for almsin<>- a public pri- vilege, I ska'I have no occasion to repeat the fo-lowl/tg observations made, at the time, to all such persons, What If you had pro- mised the devil to set the county must you, do it, and give yotq- promise to the devil, as a reason for firing? Is notth^t an insult tç your understanding Ni bydh Avah gyngor, ATifydlt wrtli WILLIAM P BICB. Pojiti/pridh, June 20th, 1848. V E..M3 ItO KE-D 0 K. TO BE LET, f A COMMODIOUS iiOUSE for l^uri&ess or otherwise, adjoin- iug the Temperance Hall, in the flourishing and wcdUp.-o-' 11 1 Y.t teeteel .town of Penibroke-Bock. For ^arttjuUrs, Apply .to J^rs. f Williams, in possession. jf ,1'embroke-Dock, Juno 21st, 18.48. WELSH EDUCATiONAL INSTITUTION, LLANDOVERY. THOMAS PHILLIPS' FO UNDA TION. THE FIRST EXAMINATION of the Pupils of this Institu- tion will take place at the School-rooms, oil Tuesday, the 27th instant,. The Examination will he public. The Lord Bishop of St. David's, and the Professors of Lampeter College will be present. Proceedings will commence at ten o'clock in the-forenoon. After the Examination, a PUBLIC MISETING will be held, to adopt such measures as may be deemed best to carry out the views of the founder, and to erect the necessary premises, when the attendance of all friends of the Institution is earnestly requested. A PUBLIC DINNER will be provided at the Castle Hotel. Llandovery, June 9th, 1848. A Plan for the Promotion of the Fine Arts in South Wales. MR. A. WALKER, PRINT SELLER, 2, RUTLAND-PLACE, SWANSEA, BEGS most respectfully to inform the nobility, gentry, and clergy of South "Wales, that he has selected from his splendid stock of ENGLISH ENGRAVINGS, the best of them, amount- ing in all to 180 guineas, which will be .divided into 110 prizes, and disposed of after the plan of the London Art-Union, by 2o0 sub- scribers at 10s. 0d. each. The drawing will take place at the Vic- toria Rooms, Swansea, on the 17th of August, 1848. Subscribers' names received at Mr. Wm. Ilees's, Stamp office at Mr. J. S. John Eton's, carver and gilder, High-street, Swansea; and by Mr. A. Walker, who will do himself the pleasure of waiting upon his friends and patrons of the Fine Arts in the various towns in South Wales personally, when. they will have an opportunity of entering their names in a subscription book prepared for that purpose. THE PHIZES ARE AS FOLLOWS: A complete set of Raphael's Cartoons on India paper, very scarce, elegantly framed—21 guineas. Haddon Hall in the days of yore," by Taylor one of the most beautiful engravings produced in England; in a superior oak and goht frame and glazed-D guineas. A Proof Impression of Wilkic's "VilJage Festival," elegantly framed Üioak and gold, and glazed—9 guineas. The Last Supper," by Leonardo du Vinci. This is one of the largest engravings on this subject, and beautifully engraved in c line; oak and gold frame, and glass—6 guine:12. "The Destroying Angel," by John Martin. This is one of the most extraordinary productions of this great living artist; oak amI gold frame, and glass-6 guineas. "The Tethered Ram," by Edwin Landscer. This is a splendid production, and worthy of that great mater; oak and gold frame, and glass—6 guineas. "The Challenge," by Edwin Landseer. This engraving takes a prominent place in all the collections of engravings in this coun- try oak and gold frame—6 guineas. "The Canterbury Pilgrims at the Tabard." This is a fine speci- men of Mezzotinto engraving, with about 50 figures; oak and gold frame, with glass—6 guineas. The Tribunal of the Inquisition." Oak and gold frame, and glass—4 guineas. Three Roman engravings, beautifully coloured in oil, in massive gilt frames, (very scarce)—7 guineas. With one hundred Prizes at 1 guinea each. » Making in all 110 Prizes. The Prizes will all lie exhibited for four days previous to the day of drawing. All subscriptions must be paid previous te the day of draw- ing and all parties who obtain Prizes must take them away at their own expense. OBSERVE !—The lowest Prize is worth one guinea, and amount of subscription only 10s. Gd. THE ORIGINAL IIOWQUA'S MIXTURE OF 40 RARE BLACK TEAS AND MOWQUA'S SMALL LEAF GUN- POWDER. BY APPOINTMENT. RPIIE reputation of these teas is now so thoroughly established, | that it is unnecessary to dilate upon their peculiar qualities. They have acquired a celebrity in a comparatively short period, un- paralleled in the annals of trade. Broeksopp, How, and Co., 233 and 234, High-street, Southwarlc, London, feel confident that the superiority of their articles and their standing in the tea market, will suffice to distinguish them from the puffing adventurers of the (lay. The Howqua's Mixture of 40 rare black teas is now reduced to 6S. 8D. PER POUND CATTY PACKAGE, and the Mowqua small-leaf Gunpowder, to 8S. OD. PER POUND CATTY PACKAGE, half and quarter catties may be had. To meet the requirements of families in Great Britain, the mana- gers of Howqua's and Mowqua's estates have commenced shipping a SECOND GROWTH called SEMI-HOWQUA and SEMI- MOW QUA, which, while partaking of all the distinguishing qua- lities of the originals, arc, as being more economical, better adapted for ordinary consumption. Semi-tlowqua per pound catty package os. Scmi-Mowqua pearl leaf gunpowder, ditto ditto" 7s. CAUTION.-—These teas are genuine only when contained in ori- ginal Chinese packages, secured with the seals of" Howqua and "Mowqua." B. n. and Co. also continue to supply their original and well- known package teas at all prices. THE CHEAPEST AND BEST COFFEE. Broeksopp and Co. roast their coffees by powerful steam machinery, and prepare them after the French manner. Great economy and improvement of flavour are the results. Coffees prepared by this process being 30 per cent. stronger than those roasted in the ordi- nary way. Per lb.—s. d. Per lb.—s. d. Demerara. 1 4 Fine strong Mocha. 2 0 Fine Jamaica 1 8 Finest rich old ditto 2 4 Packed in lead to preserve-the aroma. pre N. B.—In reply to numerous applications received from private families, to be supplied with the above teas and coffees, the Com- pany most respectfully refer them to their appointed agents, this being the -only hic(iiiiiii through which they may be purchased retail. -The tirade caii be supplied with the coffee in the berry, in quan- tities of not less than one chest, roasted on the peculiar atui patented principle, M iggr An excellent living, if actively pursued, or a material addi- tion to income, with moderate exertion, is derivable from the sale of the above articles. Broeksopp, How, and Co, are now prepared to appoint agents in every considerable town throughout the United Kingdom. Parties desirous of becoming agents must therefore apply immediately, in order that their names may appear in the advertisements. Full particulras of terms, with a price list, will be forwarded, by post, on application to Broeksopp, How, aud Co., tea importers, £ 33 and 234, Borough, London. AGENTS FOR THIS DISTRICT Carcliff-Agent wanted Aberayron—W. Green, Pier-street Abergavenny—W. H. Hurst, chemist, Neville-street Beaufort & Victoria lioii Works-J.Joiie. grocery, tea-dealer Brynniawr—David Edwards, Stamp-office Brynmawr—John Jones, draper and grocer Ilreeon—Philip Bright, chemist, Medical HalL Cardigan— Joseph Cluugher 'Carmarthen—Wm, Morgan, chemist, Lammas,street Cnckhowell— Wm. Christopher, chemist, Iliglvstrc^t Dowlais—David Lewis, High-street E»lwyswiw—J. D. Evans, draper and tea-dealer Bitto—R. Watkins, draper and tea-dealer Haverfordwest—-T. Williams, chemist, 1,7, Market-street Ditto—Gwyr.ne Sarries, chomist, High-street Llandilo—Thomas James,.bookseller and stationer Llandovery—liees ,J.3ishop, tea e^tabii.shni&Sit, Stone-street » Milford Haven—J. 1). Merritt, chemist Monmouth—J. Wiglitman, bookseller, Agincourt-squarc -Narbortli-, Ta.oii Meyler, grocer and draper Newport-J. Grout, stationer, ^ig}i-stre.et :Ditto.-J ohn Tho$iias, cheipist, "Newcastle-hmh n—Thomas.ife 'Evans, grocers &,tea-dfi,i$srs :J)itto—JSamuel Jones, groeer and tea-dealer Ditto—W. Laen, chemist, i, McyricJk*sstr:eet ,k Swansej»r-C. T. Wilson, Castle-sqiuu-e Tredegar—Isaac Ed\vaj;j.ls, ,t., PICTURES FOR THE MILLION OF WALES. THE COMMITTEE OF COUNCIL, THE COMMIS- SIONERS, AND THE REPORTS! SHORTLY WILL BE OFFERED FOR. SALE, BY ALL POOICS r.r.T. r ■■ IN PICTURES FOR TIIE MILLION OF WALES, or a ?c:-i s of Lithographic Drawings, accompanied with -approrr letter-press, intended to illustrate, as well as commemorate. t:. good, the wise, and the kind, intentions of ail parties concern.. <: in the late espionage, under the name of 4 COMMIS- SION ON EDUCATION IN WALKS. PRICE 2d. EACH. London: Published byB. L. Green, G2, Paternostcr-row. The first numbers are ready, aid will he supplied by the P .;t>' Ushers of the PRINCIPALITY, and of the Welsh Periodicals. On Saturday, July I, will bo published the first Number ei THE STANDARD OF FREEDOM. Printed Oil the largest sized paper allowed by hw, price Lid., O 4s. 9d. per quarter, paid in advance. rpHE STANDARD OF FREEDOM will be the advocate I Political, Commercial, and Religious liberty.—In the Political field, a wide diffusion of political power—a great augmentation <ti the Electoral body, will be insisted upon as the .only means for calming a. growing agitation—for satisfying a justifiable discon! —and for causing the Commons House of Parliament to become real, and not as it now is a false and deceptive representation people. The absolute necessity of a rigid and searching financial reform, of great retrenchment and reduced taxation, wIll h, « forced.-—-As to Commercial freedom, it will stoutly maintain thi territory that has already been gained from restriction, prohibit! and monopoly, and will urge the progress of free-trade to its 4, mate triumphs.—As the champion of Liberty, it w>l! occupy high and unmistakeable ground. It will contend for the inalienable right of every human being to form, to express, to vanec, every opinion which does not encroach upon the right- < others—for the absolute and entire emancipation of religion fnnil rho frowns and favours of the State.—As a Family paper, the STAN- DARD OF FREEDOM will aim to blend the useful with tie 11:- teresting.—As a Weekly Journal, it will be distinguished by tL" copiousness aud accuracy of its will prove, in the strict sense of the term, a raper for the People—devoted to their social, political, and moral elevation. All communications for the STANDARD OF FREEDOM, must be directed To the Editors, 3aÖ, Strand." Post-office and money-orders must be niade payable to JOHN CASKELL to wle. :l also advertisements may be sent, directed as above. Orders for th » STANDARD OF FREEDOM will be rceoived by all News ders in town and eountry. NORMAL COLLEGE FOR WALES. Aaron Crosfield, Esq., Treasurer. Rev. David Evans and J. M. Buckland, Esq., Swansea, Ilv.r:, Secretaries. Evan Davies, Esq., A.M., Principal. Mr. Edward Roberts, Agent. TIllS institution is intended for training and preparing school- masters and mistresses for Wales, and is to be established and supported by exclusively voluntary effort. Its character will ha altogether unsectariau, and its discipline will combine religions and" secular training upon the principles of the British and Foreiuu School Society. The estimated sum required for the land, COIJCL" model school, furniture, library, and scientific apparatus d for 100 students, is about £ 6,000; but £ 2,000 more would be nu- sary to extend its advantages for a corresponding mimbtr of female teachers an object greatly to be desired, if adequate funds be sup- plied for both purposes. The agent (Mr. Edward Roberts) is authorised to solicit aiuUv- ceivo donations and subscriptions, or the intended sum mav tie communicated to the honorary secretaries, and paid ihrougti-enhi r of the following Banking Companies to the credit of the Trea- surer, A. Crosfield, Esq., Swansea, viz. :— The Glamorganshire Banking Company, Swansea, The West of England and 'South Wales District Banking Com- pany, Bristol, or pany, Bristol, or Sir R. C. Glyn and Co., bankers, London, Amount previously advertised ». £ 820 Additional Donations. £ Ii. d. Davies, D. (Rev.), Cardigan i. 500 Edwards, Thomas, ditto. 5 0 0 Evans, T. H., Llangloffan 500 Friend, A, L. 13., Swansea o 0 0 Ditto, W. T., ditto 5 0 0 Jones, David, ditto. 50 John, Miss S., ditto 5 0 O hey, G. P., ditto. 5 0 0 Lewis, John, ditto. 5 0 0 Lloyd, Thomas, Cardigan .5 0 0 Loader, (Rev ), Thomas. Monmouth 10 0 0 Michael, W. IL, Swansea. 5 0 0 Mortimer,— (Rev,), Selra 500 Phillips, David, Swansea 5 0 0 l'hillips, William, Cardigan 5 0 0 PiU.vcir UITY paper, Cardiff, 10 0 0 liees, Morgan, Cardigan 5 0 0 Sundry sums under £ 5 each 27 0 0 Thomas, Samuel, Llangloflan 5 0 0 Whitehouse, John, Dudley 5 0 0 Williams, J., Onllwyn 5-010 Williams, B., Llangloffan 5 0 0 WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELLR-RY, &C, WILLIAM JONES, Opposite the Castle Hotel, Merthyr, and Castle^street, Ti-et FT AS determined to sell the above articles as low as the adver- IJL tising shops the other side of the Severn, as the following li»t. will sliony ALL WAUJiAXTF.n. TO PEITFORM COUTTECTLY. £ 8. d. -Detached Lever, with maintaining power, aud jewelled 4 0 t!S Do. to mark seconds and capped 4 15 Silver dial do 5 5 i) Best finish do. 5 "15 0 Dn. jewelled in four holes 60 0 Do. with silver dial 6 10 Vertical movement with gold dial and case 8 0 II Do. double back 10 0 0 Ikstlevermovêmcntdo. l () y Eight-day clock in mahogany polished case L> ij Do. with 13 inch dumb arch dial, canted ease (ti) 10 I) .t ) Do. in full column o ise, day of month hand 6 10 W •30-hour clock in oak ease 4 o'U Eight-day spring clock 3 0 0 Do. with glass to show pen(luluni. 3 5 0 Do. inlaid with pearl 315 () Second-hand watches in silver eases, fromM. 0 10 0 Curb pattern gold guard, to weigh three sovereigns 3 0 0 Dlttn do. to weigh four sovereigns -3 19 t) r aivcy patterns 10s. extra Lady's coloured gold neck chains, from 5 10 (I ton don and Birmingham .best jewellery, in fancy rings, brooche-, phis, seals and keys, <5fcc., at a small advance on the manufacturers' prices. Fancy goods, cutlery, &c., considerably under former charges. Gold, Silver, Shell, and other framed Pebble Speetaeh-s. to suit all sights-ami eyes. Well-seasoned home-made HOUSEHOLD FURNITURF FEATI-IEtt and XILPUFF EJ)8, MATTRA">§E3 &c m- tremoly cheap. HEADY MONEY:! XO ABATEMENT. £2,Q()(),. £:3,000, E4,000, m £ 3,000. TRUST MONEY, ready tp he .advanced upim apjiroved set it- rity, wit;h a Policy of Assurance,. Apply, post-pai L, to MR. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, .Commission Agent, near the Machipe, Newport, Monmouthshire, who has th.: letting of Brunswick Cottage, near the Machine, another Cothic.. 011 the Cardiff road, ffyrrperiy occupied by Mr. John James, eorn- merchavit, and a third ljlouse in Pock-street, Newport, lately iu possession ,pf Mr. C. Cairns.. 8th June, 1848. y LAND, AGENCY AND REGISTRYMFFICE.J- FTIHE nol#&j- and landed gentry, aqd the pr-ofe JL are tflcst respectfully informed that^n qtfice for the above pose has been openodiby a very competent agricultural gentleman, fit No. t>, Northumhcrland-cuiirt, West Strand, .London,, *|iere a registers .kept #f agricplt.p^l servants of every trades from which prop ejiacrs cftn have, a oMce M any time, ijy writing >to the offi r- 'The *batgee <eo$rgr jo £ jeemtiiitttten ate very moderati* %L very to suit the employed wlio inay enter their na^e^ c.