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TIEK movement among the Roman Catholic clergy in favour of repeal still continues. An address to the Queen has been signed by 121 clergymen of the archdiocese of Tuam. It thus conelucles We most humbly and respectfully pray that your Majesty will, in the exercise of your royal prerogative, call to your councils men honestly disposed to do justice to Ireland by causing the rope d of the act of union, and restoring ra Ireland her ancient and inalienable right to 3, domestic legis-" lature." ° SUBSCRIPTION TO BGRY ATTORNEYS,—There WAS a barrister of the name of Parsons at the bar, in my earlier practice, said O'Connell, who had a great deal of Jerry Keller's humour. Parsons hated the whole tribe of attorneys—perhaps thev 'had not treated him well; but his prejudice against them' was eternally exhibiting itself. One day in the "hall of the Four Courts, an attorney came up to him to beg his subscription towards burying a brother attorney who had died in distressed circumstances. Parsons took out a pound note. Oh, Mr. Parsons," said the applicant, "1 do not want so much. I oniv ask a shilling from each contributor." 0 ii, tlk c it take it replied Parsons "I would most willingly subscribe money any day to put an attorney under ground." u But really, Mr."Par- sons, I have limited myself to a shilling from each person." For pity's sake, my good sir, take the pound and bury twenty of them."—Baun.fs Recollections of O'Connell, STATE OF THE TIMES.—The times are so bad that a -GROAT number of pawnbrokers have notices that they will not take in pledges, it being next to impossible to get rid of unredeemed property.