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A TRILOGY OF BOOKS ABOUT WALES: ITS HISTORY, LEGENDS, FOLK-LORE, &c. BY MARIE TREVELYAN. I. Dedicated by gracious permission to her Royal Highness The £ >tiche.fs& of Tor];. GLIMPSES OF W&L3?, LI. KWU CHARAC- TER. Crown Svo. 4G3 pages, vellum cloth, illuminated, price 6s.; gilt Gs. "There are stories of ancient supersti- tions and customs, of poets and musicians, of pioneers of dissent, of offol some of which are new i., n"r1 "0"17" £"J'1 AI.} l;U uö, i:.tJlJU, 1.1'0 VV VL VLU., are told in a spirited style. Spirited- also are the pictures of religious festivals, of the old Welsh Tory Gentleman, the Welsh farmer, the hiring fair, the Eisteddfod, and other national products and institutions."—Saturday Review. Glimpses of Welsh Life and Character has been a theme of admiring conversation since the first day of its appetrarice. MaU, OnrrlUr. No longer can it be said that 'gallant little Wales' is without its historian. Altogether a delightful book."—Brighton, Hemld. II. Dedicated by permission to the Right HonUe. Lord Windsor, Lord Lieutenant of Glamorganshire. ROM: SNOWDON TO THE SEA: Stirring Stories of North and South Wales. Crown Svo. 432 pages, cloth, emblazoned, price 6s. gilt edges, 6s. bci. This is one of the best collect of Welsh bales we have yet seen. It is a book which every lover of romance should purchase."— Newcastle Chronicle. Rich in the traditions, folk-lore, and romances which have been woven into stories by this able authoress."—Sheiffeld Independent. The stories are told with much patriotic en- thusiasm, and are gay with a local colour, which adds greatly to their realism. GiX-rvsr. These tales have the additional merit of being a real contribution to an understanding of Wales and its people.Newcastle Leader. III. Dedicated to the Immortal Memory 0] Llewelyn ap Gruffydd, last Native Prince of Wales. THE LAND OF ARTHUR: Its Heroes and Heroines. a and Heroines. Crown 8vo. 440 pages, cloth, illuminated, price 8s. gilt edges, 6 s. Gd. "We warmly commend the book. Get it at once. It is as interesting as a fine novel, and in- finitely more instructive. Here is a text-book for day schools on Welsh patriots and warriors. Let the Cymru Fydd' Sociefy help its circulation beyond the Principality. The work will teach th.3 Saxon that the Celts are the original inheritors of this country—the grand old Britons." —Dundee. Courier. "There is much that others besides historical students will find of interest in i,1,i u > ac- count of the early annals of the Daily Telegraph. Never deficient in spirit and colour." -Clasyow Herald. "This volume completes the Trilogy of booics about Wales, and all readers of 'Glimpses of Welsh Life and Character,' and 'From Snowdon to the Sea,' will promptly avail themselves of the opportunity to renew acquaintance with an author whose intense enthusiasm and wide range oi his- torical and traditionary lore are matched by a singularly fascinating and picture 7:e sfyle."—- Manchester Courier. Any one who has read and loved George Borrow's works will find in Miss Tn elyan's books the record of a later Wales up to C,-ti. She has a keen and enthusiastic eye for local character and tradit-Loi-t. lo-Day. Marie Trevelyan has again shown her anxiety to celebrate, in a fitting style, the notable per- sonages and inoidents of the earlier history of Wales."—Brighton Herald. "Full of old-world romance and chivalry."— Christian World. Miss Trevelyan writes gracefully, and this is a book that on its merits will commend itself not only to West Britons,' but to Britons in the widest sense—whether of Celtic, Saxon, or Norse descent." -Aberdeen Daily Free Press. HER MAJESTY THE QUF,ET, H. R. H. THE PRINCE OF WALES, H. R. H. THE PRINCESS OF WALES, H. R. H. THE DUCHESS OF YORK, H. R. H. THE DUCHESS OF TECK, Have been graciously pleased to accept copies of thi above three books. J London: JOHN HOGG, 13, Paternoster Row, E.C.